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10 Tips to Help You Find a Quality Man


The quest to find a special man can be challenging for us all. Often, it feels as if we’d have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding “The One.” Not only are there so many things vying for our attention and time, but there’s also the complicated dance of finding someone who we desire who also desires us and is available— on every level. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

10 Tips to Help You Find a Quality Man

We talked to Dana Michel, a relationship expert and the founder of MarriageMaterial.co, a new site that crowdsources the best match for you, based on your list of desired characteristics. She was inspired to launch the service after meeting with a friend who told her that, on their fourth date, the guy she was seeing wanted to know if she was marriage-minded. He asked because he took their relationship seriously, and he didn’t want to waste his time if she felt differently.

Michel became intrigued. She began asking friends, family and colleagues about their dating history and discovered that, not surprisingly, opinions on the topic were split by gender. While men were upfront about their intentions, women often held back because they were scared that asking for commitment would make them appear desperate or shrewish.

Men frequently replied, “If you don’t ask it early, you could end up wasting your time.” Women, on the other hand, were more reticent. One woman summed it up when she said, “Yes, I would like to be that direct. Lots of women would, but we’re afraid it will make us seem too pushy or that we’re moving too fast.”

Michel’s goal is to build a community of self-assured members who don’t want to waste time with people who aren’t looking for “the one”. “The fact that we call it ‘Marriage Material’ puts a stake in the ground,” Michel said. “This isn’t a website, it’s a service. And, what makes this service unique is the supportive network offered to members.”

We asked her to provide actionable tips to help us all find a quality man. Here are some of her expert tips to help you find someone special:

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  1. I do believe that finding the man of your dreams is all about timing. You might meet someone you have a deep connection with but you just met on a train on your first trip to Cambodia. Just imagine how is that relationship going to go through? Proper timing is not just about meeting that person, I think it’s also about the determination of the two of you to be together.:D

  2. Gabrielle Williams

    I read this out of pure curiosity (I’m married), and boy am I glad I’m not single anymore! Dating is so complicated nowadays!

  3. Courtney Watson

    BE HONEST –> Hell yes. I wish guys would be honest too! I can’t tell you how often I’ve dated a guy for two or three months only to find out he’s nothing like he pretended to be.

    • Beth

      Be thankful that you only wasted a few months, though. I married a man and only found out he was a completely different person from who I thought he was several years and a child later, when he decided he had had enough of marriage and was willing to be somewhat honest about who he really was. It was partly my fault though, I guess, because I accepted and made excuses for any bad behaviour on his part. I don’t intend to do that ever again!

  4. Sarah Evanston

    GREAT tips! This article made me realize that my problem with men is that I have a ‘type’, and it never works out. I like sensitive guys, but I keep mistaking insecurity for sensitivity, then putting up with the guy being annoyingly jealous and insecure. The sooner I stop dating guys like that, the sooner I’ll find my soul mate.

  5. “Be your true self” –> so obvious and true! I never understood why people pretend to be someone else, seems counterproductive unless you’re only looking for a month-long relationship… and even then — it’s just too much work!

  6. These tips are really useful, thanks! It reminds me that I need to make a list of every trait I want a man to have so I don’t waste time with men that don’t work for me. So important to have specific criterea. If I make time for a list when I go grocery shopping, you’d think I’d do it for my life partner!!

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