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10 Destination Hotels and B&Bs for Animal Lovers


Traveling as a vegan can be hard, especially if you want to travel in style. But if I’ve learned anything from running Unicorn Goods, the world’s largest ethical vegan catalog, it’s that you don’t have to sacrifice to live by your ethics. Luckily, now there are lots of comfortable and downright luxe accommodations for vegans in some of the world’s most desirable destinations.

To prove it, I’ve rounded up my top 10 vegan-friendly destination stays in America from the Caribbean to California.

10 Destination Hotels and B&Bs for Animal Lovers

The lobby / library at The Stanford (100% Vegan) Inn… keep reading for more!

All of of these hotels, retreats, and bed & breakfasts go out of their way to accommodate vegans. Either they are 100% vegan or publicly vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Yup, that’s right. You can have your (vegan) cake and eat it too. No sacrificing.

To get you ready to go, you’ll need your travel gear,  resort wear, and, of course, a good read. We’ve got you covered for vegan clothing and fashion edits that are travel-worthy and packable. Oh, and can you take me with you? I pack light.

10 Destination Hotels and B&Bs for Animal Lovers

Many of the spots on this list also have an on-site animal sanctuary

But first, here are a few vegan traveling tips:

  1. If you stay at a place that is vegetarian but not 100% vegan, be sure to let them know when you book. A simple note like, “Hi! I’m really looking forward to staying with you soon. I wanted to let you know in advance that I’m vegan and don’t eat eggs or dairy. Thank you for being so accommodating!”
  2. Look up vegan restaurants in the area in advance. Happy Cow is a great resource.
  3. Bring some vegan snacks in case of an emergency. Thrive Market is a great resource, or Vegan Cuts.
  4. Stay away from activities that may abuse animals, like horse back riding. You don’t know how the animals are treated, and you don’t want to inadvertently support animal abuse. Think whale watching and birding, which are more or less noninvasive and respect the animals.

Now on to the destinations:

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As the CEO of Unicorn Goods, the world’s largest ethical vegan catalog, Cayla is passionate about helping people live a cruelty-free lifestyle. She is a serial social entrepreneur motivated to make the world a better place. In past lives, she launched a print magazine for Nashville’s creative class, the South’s first certified organic restaurant, and a creative coworking space.


  1. Hi Cayla,

    thanks for these beautiful travel tipps. It might interest you and your readers that there exists a hotel association that is completely committed to purely vegan and vegetarian hotels.
    http://Www.veggie-hotels.com is listing more than 500 accommodations in 65 countries. From simple B&Bs to luxury 5 star hotels. Much love from the VeggieHotels team in Berlin/Germany!

  2. Sarah Ubitel

    I really like the happy cow app. Very useful!!

  3. Teresa Tanner

    Great guide, Kayla! Makes me wish I didn’t have to work, and be a full time traveller. Maybe in another life. 🙂

  4. Nancy Musselman

    I have wanted to visit Farm Sanctuary for a quite a while. Read about Farm Sanctuary a few months ago here on Urbanette, and then I saw it on Jon Stewart’s show. I began transitioning to a vegan diet at that time. This week, we finally made the drive up from Philadelphia, and even got to volunteer during our stay at the B&B in Watkins Glen, NY!

    The staff is so friendly and knowledgable. The animals are living the lives that all animals deserve. As a new vegan, I was very happy to get new information about plant based living. Definitely a must see place!

  5. Helena Stevens

    I stayed at Velo Bed and Breakfast during our stay in Eugene for a friend’s wedding last year. Funny thing is, we found the place via Happy Cow! How random that you mention both in the same article! 🙂 I’ll just say that this is the perfect place to stay in Eugene. From the moment we walked through the door we felt welcomed. The rooms are perfectly appointed. Every detail has been well thought out. It is one of the most comfortable and immaculate places we have ever stayed in. Misha’s breakfast is not to be missed. 🙂

    • Thanks Helena, for your nice comment about Velo B and B!

      I wanted to let Urbanette readers know that Velo is a completely vegan accommodation with the one exception of infrequently served eggs that only come from our rescued chicken, Cocoa, and our rescued duck, Frances. Vegan breakfast is the default, and eggs are never served at breakfast when we have vegan guests. I always cook the egg items in a separate pan that is used only for that purpose. All other items at Velo–bedding, shampoos, soaps, lotions etc, as well as dessert–are always completely vegan.

      My husband and I are committed vegans (I have been vegan for over 30 years) and we use Velo as a “teaching moment” to show people how delicious vegan food can be. Guests also have the opportunity to see and meet our various rescued farm animals, including Peanut the super friendly 1800 lb steer that I saved from a slaughterhouse 16 years ago along with three other calves. Peanut is a great ambassador for veganism and guests love him!

      We invite you to check out photos of our vegan offerings at: http://velobandb.com/photo-gallery/

      We hope to see you soon!

      Misha and Rob
      Owners of Velo B and B

  6. Mary Johnston

    We actually visited Farm Sanctuary in December 2015 but I am behind in my reviews. This was an outstanding, well run sanctuary for animals where you can actually interact and enjoy the animals. It was fun to watch how playful some of the animals with us. I loved that it gives us more time with the animals than we would get at a zoo. We loved it so much we have referred several friends here and they also very much enjoyed their visits!

    • Cheryl travers

      Animals in zoos are not having a great life
      They are no rescued they are behind bars
      By humans for humans
      Farm sanctuary
      Saves !!
      A new concept for humans since we are so selfish
      But there are a fewe gene Bauer who is kind living and created such a place
      It’s grounding
      But please so not tell your friends and compare such a beautiful place to a ZOO

  7. Sibel Jenkinson

    Hi! I’m on vacation in Lorne, and I just downloaded the Happy Cow app after reading this article. I opened it thinking it wouldn’t have any data stored for the area which is 2 hours out of Melbourne. I was wrong! Works well outside of the city! It knew about every vegan and vegetarian restaurant or health food store that was nearby. This is going to be extremely helpful in converting my diet to vegetarian to vegan! Thank you. 🙂

  8. Thank you for such a magnificent round up of vegan friendly B&B’s. I stayed at the Dreamcatcher Guest House in May 2015. My friends and I stayed there for 4 days. Rooms are quite large, grounds were clean and nice. Super close to the beach. The vegan breakfasts were amazing! A great place to stay in San Juan. 🙂

  9. Rosemary Robles

    Those places mentioned above is heaven on earth for animal-lovers. One will surely get to interact with tons of different animals. The price is worth a lifetime in unforgettable memories. That was just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 😀

  10. Really adoring these recommended places… Thanks, Cayla. I see that you’ve traveled a LOT. Can you please give us some tips for surviving when we are abroad, can’t read the menu/speak the language/are stuck in a meat-eating village, etc.? LOL Sounds like the worst case scenario, but I swear it happened to me in India!

    • That’s a great idea for a future piece! I’ll keep that in mind! Be on the lookout.

  11. Doris Tate

    We just went to the Farm Sanctuary last week and all I can say is, go if you can, because this place is awesome. From the beginning of our tour to the end, we were treated nicely. Blows the zoos away!! I only hope that someday in the future I am able to come back. It’s a great place to take kids family anyone that loves animals. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

  12. Dorothy Harris

    Thanks for the suggestions! What I’d like to know is which cities have NO completely vegan restaurants? Just so we know to never go there. 😉

    • Hmm. Interesting! I’m happy to help if I can. To my knowledge, all of these places have veg-friendly restaurants in the area, in addition to serving veg-friendly food at the hotel or B&B. Do you mean cities in general, other than the ones listed here?

  13. Leah Helms

    Loving these recommendations. One would wish they could visit them all. 🙂

    About Thrive… I have ordered about 5 times and each and every time I get exactly what I ordered, safe and sound very well package to protect your products.

    I have seen some reviews that weren’t good… Which is odd to me. Cause they seem to give me a free gift each time I order. How about that. 😀

  14. Dana Rosatti

    Oh my god! all of these suggested places seem like a MUST-VISIT to me! So glad to see there are vegan friendly B&Bs out here in the USA. Let alone B&Bs, in most small towns I’ve had trouble finding vegan restaurants.

  15. Felicia Stewart

    Thanks for the great information. 🙂 I always use Happy Cow when I travel. I love that it shows the vegan options nearby, always useful when I’m travelling. It works smoothly and pairs perfecty with Google Maps navigation. This app relies heavily on user input, so please take some time to add the missing options in your location. I already did that. It’s just a few easy steps and it can help fellow vegans and vegetarians!

  16. This list is so valuable for the vegans who travel out of town. Regarding places that weren’t mentioned here, but you want to stay at, I would suggest to call ahead to ask if there are any vegan options available. We’ve had especially good luck with high-end restaurants… The chefs made us such incredible vegan dishes that made the meat-eaters around us wish they had ordered vegan too! 🙂

    • Great suggestion! It’s always a good idea to call ahead of time and give the restaurant a heads up so that they can accommodate your vegan diet.

  17. Matilda Parker

    Whenever I travel somewhere new, I always print a HappyCow list of all the veg restaurants in that area… In addition to that list, I’ve just bookmarked this wonderful article so I can use it for my upcoming travels. Many thanks!

  18. Elin Hanks

    Absolutely amazed by the places you’ve recommended in this magnificent piece. Thank you so much. Regarding Happy Cow; good info but extremely limited Only works if you turn Location/GPS on on your phone. And only shows places that are local, so unable to use for planning a trip away somewhere. :-/

  19. Sabrina Wellington

    This article is great for traveling and getting to know where you can actually eat and stay, as it’s difficult to find vegan places in most towns. Millions of thanks!

  20. Kim Hartford

    Wonderful piece! Never used to Happy Cow app but I have used Happy Cow’s website to help my boyfriend on ihs business trips. It is very helpful to have the list with you, but the other great thing is that I could copy and paste the listings in an email to him. I highly recommend reading the reviews on the site, which is great for specific dietary needs. 🙂

  21. Evelyn Sandler

    Hello Cayla! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guide. Regarding apps, I’m not too tech-savvy, but I’ll give it a try. Thank you for your time and the amazing information you’ve provided for us!

  22. Andrea Mitchell

    How about an app about vegan bath and beauty products that also doesn’t have any cancer causing agents in it. Anyone know of one?

    • I’ve heard good things about Think Dirty (http://www.thinkdirtyapp.com/). However, if you need vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free body products, we also have these on Unicorn Goods. We also have personal shoppers who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for if it’s not listed on the site.

  23. Brenda Nelson

    Great list! It beats every other Vegan B&B and hotel recommendations I’ve found on the web. I’m printing this so I can check it out next time I’m travelling. Cheers! 🙂

  24. Nicky Bryan

    What a wonderful travel guiide! All of those places look and sound heavenly! I have not travelled with the Happy Cow yet, but it’s convenient and easy to use. The information has been very accurate in New York!

  25. Daisy Clarke

    Oh my god. I lived in Austin for 4 years, and never once heard of Park Lane Guest House. I wish I did.. It seems like a great mix of rustic and exotic! Next time I’m back in Texas, this is where I’ll be staying. 🙂

    • Marina Henderson

      Unlucky! You missed out on such a wonderful experience. That place is magical! I loved everything about our stay, and wished we could have stayed longer! I had the best sleep that I had in a while during our stay (& maybe a few naps). The breakfast was pretty tasty as well! It’s the perfect spot to stay if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle but also a very short walk to tons of awesome restaurants and shops! I know will be back again!

  26. Alice Harris

    I love this so much I want to swim in it. I was scared to click on this because I was almost certain it would be full of actually-not-very-animal-friendly attractions. Pleasantly surprised! You have hit this one out of the park. I’m happy that you didn’t put things like dolphin encounters or elephant rides. Thank you for this beautiful piece of writing! 🙂

    • Hazel Collins

      Agree! Those places may be fun for other people, but they are definitely not fun for the animals. I’m on your side sis. I’m so happy to see someone writing about more responsible animal attractions and promoting more responsible tourism options. Cayla you opened up a whole new continent to consider with this post.

  27. Hi Cayla! What a lovely guide. I really enjoyed reading your reviews and recommendations of these stunning places! Loved each and all of them, and wish I could visit them all and Pepper Tree Retreat is definitely going on my bucket list! 🙂

  28. Beautiful recommendations Cayla, thanks! I’m a HappyCow user too. It was great for my last vacation, came really handy and works well now for home too. Found out about many vegan places in town that I didn’t know existed until I used this app. 🙂

  29. I saw about Farm Sanctuary on Urbanette before, and ever since then I’ve been dying to visit! The only thing that kept me from visiting is I’m leading a very busy life here in Vegas, planning weddings and events, as you know summer is the wedding season, I haven’t had any spare time to take time off for myself for a getaway. But we have a wedding the upcoming weekend, and it’ll take place in New York, and as the planner, of course I am invited, so I’ll take this oppurtunity to visit the Farm Sanctuary and stay a day or two, while I can, because it’s literally on my way anyway! 🙂

  30. Jenny Garett

    This is exactly what I needed to read. I have been stressed about this for a while and beating myself up for not really finding a great place for me and my pup to have an awesome bond. Hope you don’t mind that I print this out,and read it over and over. Thank you for sharing this! It gives me some sense of peace & I plan on visiting them. Looking forward to more inspiration from this Mag.

  31. Hello Cayla, may I just say I LOVE you for all these amazing recommendations?!! In 5 weeks, I’ll be in San Francisco with my boyfriend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. The Stanford Inn By The Sea is just the kind of place that we’ve been looking for! Definitely booking NOW!

  32. These are some very unique and amazing recommendations, Cayla! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Super tired of going to all these luxurious places with not many vegan options to offer.

    I use HappyCow app too. I like it but I don’t seem to be able to get this app to distinguish between restaurants and grocery stores. It would be nice if I didn’t have to weed through everything to find the restaurants.

  33. Loving your article, Cayla. Already set my mind on visiting 3 of the places you’ve recommended. Thank you for the detailed reviews. I love it!!

    Speaking of Thrive, I just placed and received my first order with Thrive Market and couldn’t be happier. I live an hour away from a large enough town that has a Whole Foods and the small town I do live in barely has a healthy selection. I checked the prices against Whole Foods & Fred Meyers, and Thrive Market was cheaper than both of their sale prices. Took a week for shipping, which I was fine with and came right to my doorstep and believe me I live way out of town. I plan on ordering every month to supplement the organic items Costco doesn’t have without the driving around. Also my food was expertly packed.

  34. All of these places that you have recommended seem very beautiful and comfortable. Just the kind of place I’d like to stay at during my travels.

    I don’t know about the Thrive Market, will check it out for sure, but I’ve tried the Vegan Cuts snacks, and OMG!! Delicious!! How I’ve been using this and another nut butter we received is to remove one peel off of a banana. Spread a stripe of peanut butter and then eat. I’ve had the opportunity to try several of their peanut butters over the last few years and their sugar cookie/snickerdoodle one is my favorite!!

  35. Great guide!! Really in love with Someday Farm Vegan Bed & Breakfast, from the way you described it and the photos I’ve seen. the food looks DELICIOUS and love a getaway in the country! I wasn’t planing on a trip anywhere til mid August, but I’ll check their website to see when I can book! Thank you.

  36. Lovely places in your article. Would love to visit some of those one day – if I could I would visit all but, not enough time… I have a few things to say abput Happy Cow… This app shows you many options for vegan and vegetarian friendly places. I love it but it does not have all the options in my area. However they tend to be very popular places so you know you are getting the nicer restaurants with the really good food. 🙂

  37. What a wonderful guide! Very timely. Hubby dearest and I are going on a Florida trip soon, and I’ll definitely book us a weekend at Deer Run Bed & Breakfast. It seems so pretty, and I love the fact that it’s vegan and eco-friendly! Thank you so much. Keep these guides coming!!

  38. Wonderful suggestions, and you are well spot on about Thrive! I’ve been a Thrive member since December and so far love them! My shipments come in 2/3 days. I’ve saved so much money, especially on the bath/beauty products and supplements. Overall I think they are great. Personally I can’t be trusted to not spend a ton of money each week on snacks and fancy things that I don’t need, especially during my travels. So it’s been totally worth it.

  39. Hi Cayla! Thank you for this fantastic article. So many gorgeous places I haven’t heard of. As a matter of fact, I’m downloading the Happy Cow app as I’m typing this comment. Hoping to find some nice recommended places results for my area. Thank you again! 🙂

  40. Hello there! Thank you for this amazing piece. I’ve used the vegan cuts snacks, and loved them. I would also recommend them for those who are interested. And in my opinion Happy Cow is the most valueable app ever! I use it all the time when traveling. Easily the best app around for a vegetarian or vegan on the go!

  41. Big thanks. These tips and recommendations are very useful while traveling, for vegans. I discovered several wonderful vegan restaurant in Florida last year via Happy Cow. It made eating out in a city that I was stranger in much easier.

  42. Thanks for the tips! I am trying a 2 month Thrive Market trial. Hoping my experience will be pleasant. I guess time will tell. 🙂

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