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3 Amazing Ways to Resurrect Your Wardrobe

How to make your wardrobe look 10 times more expensive, without buying anything new.


We’ve all been there. Hurriedly fumbling through our closet looking for an outfit we feel sexy in. Something that’s unique, feels new and isn’t boring. Well, that’s about to become a thing of the past. After checking out these three tips, you’ll be an expert in fashion transformations. Here are my top three tips, with advice from the best tailor in Manhattan, Nick Torres from Beyond Bespoke Tailors.

3 Amazing Ways to Resurrect Your Wardrobe

Nick Torres of Beyond Bespoke

Hilary’s Tip #1: Notice how designer clothing looks so amazing? It’s mostly because of the way it’s cut — ie. the tailoring and fit. But you don’t need to buy designer duds to look that good, we promise. You can make your clothes look designer by tailoring everything you have that doesn’t fit perfectly.

Nick’s Tips: Designer or not, when you get something new, make sure the shoulders fit. This is the best advice I can give you. Shoulders tend to be the most expensive alteration in tailoring and may require 2 or 3 fittings. If the shoulder position fits you perfectly, the rest is just a few nip and tucks away!

3 Amazing Ways to Resurrect Your Wardrobe

Bring a blazer to life with custom cuffs

Hilary’s Tip #2: Be your own designer. Make that boring jacket more interesting by adding satin cuffs or leather elbow patches, or cut that long dress short and add french lace around the bottom. You’ll end up with a unique piece nobody else has — and that you can take credit for!

Nick’s Tips: Designing your own clothes is always fun and with the right eye you could create some amazing one-of-a-kind timepieces. Adding gold buttons to a simple black blazer could take the blazer from boring to WOW in 7 minutes flat.

Hilary’s Tip #3: Did you lose weight? Give your roomy “pre-vegan-you” clothing a chance by tailoring it into new life (and a cinched waistline!)

Nick’s Tips: Almost everything can be resized to fit a smaller version of yourself. While rummaging through your old wardrobe look at pocket positioning this may be the only thing that will hold you back from tapering your larger clothing. It the pockets are to close to the seams that need to be taken in you may lose those pockets.

Bonus Tip: Buy designer items on eBay (here’s how) for cheap, and customize them with the help of a great tailor, like Beyond Bespoke.

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Reader Discussion: 6 Comments

  1. ” Designing your own clothes is always fun and with the right eye you could create some amazing one-of-a-kind timepieces. ”
    –that’s exactly how I started my designer path! Lol, at nine years old, I took my mom’s jewelry and took things apart and put it back together to create new things (not good advice tho… mom was pretty mad!).

  2. I can totally relate to this post. My weight tends to fluctuate a lot lately and I have a lot of pieces that I cannot wear for some time and that is a total bummer because I love all the things in my wardrobe. Tailoring my clothes and designing them at the same time is a grand idea. Keep these kinds of posts coming 😀

  3. Thank you for posting this. This is a must-read to all the ladies out there. Tailoring is an important part of your wardrobe budget. Everyone is shaped different and your clothes should fit you like they were made for you. Although there are some lucky or persistent people who don’t need much tailoring, it’s a very useful tool for most of us.

  4. I love the satin cuffs idea!

  5. Courtney Watson

    Great tips! Especially the french lace one… I’m going to try that!

  6. Amazing tips. Being stylish and Fashionable really isn’t as difficult as some people think. All you need to keep in mind is to wear what makes you feel good and wear only that, which you can carry with a correct attitude.
    Fashion keeps changing, and so must you, if you wish to keep up with Style.

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