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6 Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Bigger

Don’t know what to wear? How to make your wardrobe ten times more hip without going shopping.


The Dress

6 Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Bigger

Try layering a shirt over your dress, for a totally fresh look

Have a closet stuffed with dresses that only make appearances for specific occasions like weekend brunch, spring weddings and corporate gatherings? I sure do. Being active in a sorority during college teaches young women a lot of valuable things such as networking skills, leadership, time management—the list goes on. One bonus of being active in my sorority was that there was always an event happening. These events provided the perfect excuse to throw down some major cash on new dresses perfectly suited to the theme of formals, networking events, mixers and more. So, what’s a girl to do with all of these worn-only-once dresses?

First, try layering them under a circle or A-line skirt. The key here is to make sure the skirt has enough volume to cover the extra fabric of your dress, and voilà—you have just expanded your blouse collection! Any shirt-dress owners in the crowd? Easily turn a fitted t-shirt dress or maxi into the skirt portion of your outfit by throwing on a knotted chambray shirt or boxy crop top. This outfit-hack is perfect for the girl on the go.

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Reader Discussion: 61 Comments

  1. Cherry

    After having a college roomie who had zillions of outfits that she just dropped on a chair after wearing until the chair would fall over onto her bed, I’ve felt that a person needs great self-discipline to manage a large wardrobe…something I don’t think I have but wish I did.

  2. Abby Sire

    Am I the only one who wants a complete wardrobe of an anime/cartoon character? A closet full of identical clothes and the only time you will change what you wear is when it’s a special occasion. Just imagine same clothes different day for several years….

  3. Patricia Montague

    I don’t want my fashion sense to be labeled predictable 🙁

    • Carla Peters

      History repeats itself. Its the same with fashion styles. Everything is predictable Patricia.

  4. Carrie Bleau

    Awesome post! I wear way too many neutrals and I’ve been looking into switching things up a little.

  5. Sherry Manust

    You make it look super easy #fashion

  6. Kelly Gonzales

    Too many options make simple decisions more difficult. Thanks for these helpful tips.

  7. Evelyn Harris

    I’m terrible with mixing and matching so this article gave me great ideas!

  8. Kimberly Holder

    You just proved that fashion is all about taking an idea ang making it my own…

  9. Eloisa Clay

    Bookmarked for future references!

  10. Katherine Donnelly

    Well, I realized that I don’t NEED A LOT, I just need VARIETY!

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