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6 Ways to Minimize Stress

Learn how to control stress. Don’t let stress control you.


5. You can cry if you really want to

Repressed feelings are often intense and destructive — like monsters that slowly eat us from the inside. We have to let go of our emotions when we feel like it. Modesty and professionalism should not stop us from expressing our feelings, but keep it balanced – nobody wants to be known as the office lunatic. Sure, crying not only helps release toxins from the body, and it is also liberating, but have some discretion. Cry under your desk or in the supply closet, and feel free to punch the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom to get some anger out. Just release your emotions before you attempt to discuss your frustrations with co-workers.

6. Laugh all day, at least at yourself

6 Ways to Minimize StressFinding humor in simple things is not synonymous with being mischievous. Instead, it means accepting the fact of life that we are imperfect and we put ourselves into awkward situations every now and then. When those awkward moments happen, try and let yourself appreciate how funny awkwardness actually is. It’s hard “not to take things so seriously,” but laughing at yourself is easier than it seems – and you can still take life seriously at the same time. There are lots of ways to have fun, and stay productive. So laugh – it’s a contagious de-stressor.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how to deal with stress. While we can’t control every stressful situation that surrounds us, we can certainly control how we let stress control us and our emotions.

What are other ways you’ve been successful at keeping stress at bay throughout the day?

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Reader Discussion: 128 Comments

  1. Benjamin Goodman

    As a busy working husband, aside from my kids to go home to, I found one good outlet to release my stress, and it is thru NBA. I spend maybe half to an hour of my time playing NBA on my Xbox and I somehow feel relax after. I am also thankful that my wife understands this. #goodwifeandgodgame

  2. Judith Jones

    When I am stressed, I feel like my body is restless and so I just indulge myself in physical activity to divert my attention. After working out or playing a sport, I can think clearer and I feel more relaxed.

  3. John Lineberger

    I always have a headphone in my bag or desk. When my day at work is getting stressful I use my break to listen to my favorite songs and just close my eyes and feel the music. I do not how music works but it makes my mind calm all the time.

  4. Geraldine Pettigrew

    Some people say that drinking can help you forget your problems. At first, I thought it is true. But it isn’t. It will only numb you from thinking because of the alcohol and then the next day your problems are still there plus a headache. So I guess avoid alcohol when stressed and you might even think about a better solution to your problems.

  5. Earline Wilham

    Be thankful! Instead of focusing on your problems and what you do not have, count your blessings. Remind yourself how blessed you are for having a job, a home and food on your table. when you focus on good things, stress is nothing.

    • Joyce Shealy

      Agree! Be positive. Count what you have and what you can do. We should be thankful that we are even alive each day we wake up. #toGodbetheglory 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Martha Walker

    Yes! Let us give ourselves some credits for doing good in whatever we do. Especially to moms like me, taking care of kids is not easy and definitely stressful. If your husband doesn’t compliment you then always remind yourself that you are doing great in taking care of your family. You deserve it girl! #wondermom

  7. Cheryl Cox

    In today’s technology, social media can be dangerous at times but in my case, it is also my best tool for handling stress. When in doubt, I usually post something and then it is so nice to get a fresh perspective while keeping my mind preoccupied. Reaching out to the people who love and care for me is a great outlet to release stress.

  8. Janice Wood

    Breathe in, breathe out. My colleague used to tell me this when she sees me so stresses out and I thank her for that. Taking short breaks in between a stressful work is really helpful. What I do is that I just go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and pat myself and say “I can do this” or “I am good at this” and then I just feel re-energized. Knowing when to take a pause is really helpful to beat stress.

  9. Chelsea Handley

    I just wish that I am like any of you who can handle stress easily. I really struggle when and stress beats me down often times and I feel so sorry for myself. Even if I cry and shout it out, I don’t usually feel better after. Sometimes I just feel like giving up because of too much stress. #lifeisunfair

    • Shirley Flores

      Oh dear, do not ever feel like giving up. Life can be unfair at times but you can do better. I am pretty sure that you can still find ways to fight stress. I will include you in my prayer.

  10. Karen Hyde

    I found meditation the best way for me to relieve my everyday stress. I feel that my body is heavier and my mind is clouded when I didn’t meditate. So, I make sure to give time to meditate before I sleep at night or as soon as I wake up.

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