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It’s Not Just a Man’s World


When was the last time you could think of a career field that explicitly employed people of specific genders or sexual orientation? It’s unheard of, yet the numbers don’t lie. Women make up more than half of the U.S. population, but make up only 24 percent of engineers and scientists, 2.6 percent of construction workers and 13.2 percent of police officers. Only 11 percent of U.S. tech start-ups have female founders or CEOs and, of the Fortune 500 CEOs, only 20 are women.

It’s Not Just a Man’s World

Breaking into male-dominated fields seems like an incredible uphill battle, but it isn’t impossible. With the availability of many certification programs, trade schools and associate degrees, more and more women are braving this so-called man’s world to make it their own. Staying in it is the real challenge. Here’s how you can increase your chances for success:

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  1. Hannah Mayers

    A cliche as it might sound, but change is the only permanent thing in the world! Gone are the days when women are seen as “weaker sex.” Women just need to believe! With proper network and guidance, I’m certain we can do it as much (or even better) than men!

  2. Courtney Watson

    I believe it’s just a matter of working hard and giving full dedication. It’s all about keeping a clear goal in mind and working hard towards it! In this day and age, I think there’s no such thing as a woman (or a man’s world), anybody can achieve and be the best in whatever chosen field. Everything is possible and achievable. Just believe and work!

  3. The idea that men are more interested in certain fields doesn't explain away the lack of women CEOs. Even in fields that are typically associated with female interest, such as fashion, male CEOs are more common. These tips are a great way for women to make it in their career of choice!

  4. In this day and age, it possible to achieve anything we desire.With hard work, dedication and faith. Woman are naturally strong mentally and I believe are more intelligent. Although we tend to be a little more emotional than man, we stand our ground and fight for what we believe in. One aspect I want to take from this article is the power of networking. Who we know affects our career tremendously. Connecting with other influential and powerful women you admire can help you increase your knowledge of the organization as well getting a mentor. I enjoyed this article. We as woman can change people's perception !

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