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Finding Adventure in Hawaii

The Big Island is packed with sights to see and adventures to go on; it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!


Hawaii, or the “Big Island” as it’s called, is the largest island in the Hawaii chain. You could fit the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai in it and still have room to spare. It takes about 8 hours of nonstop driving to cover the island’s perimeter, though it’s a drive worth taking – new and beautiful vistas open up at every turn. Hawaii’s got a startlingly diverse geography, with a desert-like western half known as the “Kona side,” and a much more tropical eastern “Hilo side.”

The Big Island is packed with sights to see and adventures to go on; it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!

Finding Adventure in Hawaii

Come with me on my Hawaiian journey…

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Stefanie is a professional travel writer and self described “Adventure Girl”. Based in LA, and charged by the smell of jet fuel, our travel expert continues to travel the world seeking out unique and interesting adventures to share with viewers for such shows as CNN, UPN, ABC and NBC. Her writings have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Razor, FW, and The New York Times. Her quote to live by comes from Amelia Earhart, “If someone asks you on an adventure, don’t refuse it!”

Reader Discussion: 10 Comments

  1. A friend of mine was able to take the helicopter tour and she told me that it’s a “must try” while in Kauai! She described breathtaking scenes — canyons, volcanic Crater, the Coast (Napali if I remember it right) and the waterfalls.

    Yeah, her story made me excited. Now, reading your article and seeing your pictures made me MORE EXCITED and MORE EAGER to book a trip to Hawaii soon!

  2. WOW! The “Hawaiian Blue Helicopters” sounds like a very exciting adventure! If given the chance to visit Hawaii, I’d definitely try this!

  3. One of the most spectacular places I’ve visited! When I arrived, I don’t want to leave. Morning walk along the beach is perfect! Plus the spa experience… outstanding!

  4. Carolyn Donovan

    Hmmm… “So much to do, so little time” I guess one visit is not enough and need to do it one step for a total enjoyment and experience of Hawaii 🙂 Very nice article! Great photos! Beautiful Hawaii, see you soon!

  5. My experience with Four Seasons Resort Hualalai was fantastic and remarkable. It’s a very wonderful place and a short drive from the airport at Kona. The place is a winner! Great place to unwind and enjoy the wonders of the big island. I definitely love their facilities and activities like spa, snorkeling, tennis among others 😉 Can’t wait to go back!

  6. Barbara Duerrer

    Longing to have the same relaxing experience! Hawaii is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing great photos 🙂

  7. Ashley Moore

    Such an awesome post. Hawaii is a lovely place to visit in summer.

  8. Jenny Garett

    I loved Hawaii, i think it is my favorite! i really want to go back there.. 🙂

  9. Elsie Spurlock

    Great experience and really great place. Don’t travel because you’re bored or you need to do something. You travel to these places to see the beauty and diversity of the world. Get inspired and find out how beautiful the world is. Great read.

  10. Courtney Watson

    I’m planning a trip to Hawaii next year. If things go well, I might consider retiring there (not too soon, though). I’ve heard many good travel stories from relatives and friends who keep going back to Hawaii. What month would be best to go there? Can you recommend budget long-term accommodations. And where? 

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