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Finding Adventure in Hawaii

The Big Island is packed with sights to see and adventures to go on; it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!

Finding Adventure in Hawaii

Green Sand

Take a Little Drive

Navigating Hawaii’s endless roads can be quite daunting at times, but driving offers some spectacular views that might otherwise be missed. Take Pu’u Mahana, for instance. Also known as the “Green Sand Beach,” it’s got a beach full of emerald sand. Yes, you read that right. Green. It’s probably the only time you’ll ever see signs urging you not to steal sand. Accessible from Highway 11, it’s a moderate 6-mile hike down to the beach area.

If for some reason you hate the color green, don’t sweat it. Instead check out one of the many black sand beaches around the island. Particularly famous is Kehena Beach, formed virtually overnight some time long ago when hot lava met sea water. Here you can explore the lava inlets, where sea turtles sometimes visit, and relax in lava-lined pools, heated by a volcanic stream to 95 °F.

Finding Adventure in Hawaii

In addition to gorgeous beaches, the Kona area is also known for its coffee farms. You’ll find a bunch just off Road 11, and more on the way to the green and black sand beaches. On one of these farms you can find Margaret McGuire in a makeshift tent, selling her specialized coffee from the mountains of Waialua Valley. Purchase a cup of coffee, a bag of roasted beans, or, for those not into the caffeine scene, some white chocolate and macadamia nut spread. McGuire’s coffee is called Kilauea Kofe, and is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. I recommend the Pahoehoe, a delicious dark blend.

Finding Adventure in Hawaii

Kilauea Lodge

There are some great restaurants to check out on the Big Island. Try the Kilauea Lodge, which won the Aina Award for being one of the best restaurants on the island. If you’re looking for a luau, head over to the Kona Village Resort for an evening to remember!

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Stefanie is a professional travel writer and self described “Adventure Girl”. Based in LA, and charged by the smell of jet fuel, our travel expert continues to travel the world seeking out unique and interesting adventures to share with viewers for such shows as CNN, UPN, ABC and NBC. Her writings have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Razor, FW, and The New York Times. Her quote to live by comes from Amelia Earhart, “If someone asks you on an adventure, don’t refuse it!”

Reader Discussion: 84 Comments

  1. Trisha Muller

    I actually can’t put my feelings for Hawaii into words. It’s my favorite place in the world to go on vacation. the beach, the foods. oh especially the pineapples! I so love every little thing about Hawaii.

  2. Nadine Clinton

    Bruuuuh!!! i’m like sooooo wanting to surf them waves from ha-WA-I-I! thank’s for this heads up, will hook up with the crew and be on that island STAT! this legit awesomesauce!

  3. I love Hawaii, not for the beaches or the resorts. Having lived in San Diego the last 19 years… I can claim some of the finest beaches in La Jolla, etc. I love white pineapples smoothies and the plethora of edible fruits that grow all over like liquoi (sp?) and strawberry guava. I love that in particular, the BI is recreating itself constantly. I love the people and their strength and beauty. And how life moves slower than everywhere else. I love jumping off waterfalls into cool pools. I love being able to see fish that I have only previously seen in fish tanks. I love the frogs in Hilo when it rains. Hey, I might even love the roosters on Kauai, but that is probably a bit of a stretch. I am totally addicted.

  4. Agnes Hoots

    I am from Brazil. I just came back from Hawaii a week ago. It’s an amazing place. I went there for a wedding, it is was very beautiful. I am missing it already.

  5. Bela Christo

    The Filipino immigrant has ruined Hawaii they’re the majority now. It should be called Filipino island now.

  6. Anila William

    The most overrated place to travel to. Been there and wasn’t a fan.

  7. Cristina Joseff

    So beautiful!! A lot to see and do. culture, history, nature, entertainment, cuisine, and shopping. Can’t wait to visit Hawaii.

  8. Nancy Smith

    OMG!! this place sounds so amazing. It’s my dream to be there one day. I am saving money for that. And hopefully, I will get there soon.

  9. Quin Meri

    I’m moving Hawaii some day.

  10. When I take vacations, I take into consideration the weather of that destination. One thing I love Hawaii is that they have the best weather (in the world, in my opinion). There’s something about the wind that whenever it touches your skin, you feel twice as relaxed and it feels twice as good to be walking on white sand, yellow sand, red sand and even green sand beaches in Hawaii.

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