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Are You Sexually Compatible?

How to know if you’ll be great together, or just mediocre, in the sack.


Getting the best out of every sexual experience is practically the paramount concern of those who yearn for it; dreaming for that perfect someone who’ll sweep you off your feet and give you that wild carnal feeling as you’re both entwined in each other’s arms is something to look forward to. But is it possible to predict if he or she is sexually compatible to your needs? Well, here are some tips you can try.

Check Your Body’s Reaction

As you stare at this person, you suddenly felt hot all over. A sudden prickly sensation seems to crawl along your skin; taking in every detail of the person awakens your body to a loud rhythmic sound and some parts of your anatomy are starting to get restless…

Are You Sexually Compatible?

These are possible reactions from your body when you sense a sexual compatibility with the person. The feeling of just grabbing the guy and running to the nearest bedroom is practically unbearable. Don’t just disregard the feeling, pay attention to it!

Considering that this is your reaction we are talking about then you might be the only one who’s feeling it. So try to observe the person’s reaction as well; if he or she feels the same way about you then they would be displaying the same symptoms as well.

Kiss and Tell

Are You Sexually Compatible?A kiss can tell you more than if he or she is a good kisser or not. On the contrary, a kiss can tell you a lot of things regarding the person’s sexual compatibility with you. If the kiss is somewhat harried and out of focus then you can definitely assume that the person is not interested in having a frolic in bed with you. But a wild one, complete with tongue play and carnal lust, may be your ticket to wild night in bed.

You have to make sure that your seduction and sexual prowess push him to yearn for something more and not the other way around.

You can also judge through the kiss if the person is a veteran of the trade or an amateur at best. If he or she kisses the usual way then you might end up being the one to teach them the works to get your pleasure meter up. But if the kiss lingers while their hands explore every inch of your anatomy then you just stumbled upon an expert in the trade – give it your best shot and don’t hold back!

Are You Sexually Compatible?

Plan Out a Strategy for Seduction

Spontaneity in a sexual sense is good, but plans can be the best if you get it right. If you want to find out if he or she is sexually compatible with you then plan out a series of seduction “tests” to make sure that he or she has the same taste as you. Keep your probing to a minimum or they might notice what you’re doing. If this does happen, then you are going to be alone faster than you can take your clothes off.

Experience is Always the Best Teacher

To be really sure if the person is your compatible sexual partner then you just have to get it on and experience it first hand. Get to know personally if the person is sexually compatible with your through the actual act of sex is your best bet in discovering your compatibility with him or her.

Are You Sexually Compatible?

This method is very tricky since the entire scene would depend on your emotions, techniques and confidence to pull out the sex machine out of your partner. You have to make sure that your seduction and sexual prowess push him to yearn for something more and not the other way around.

Be careful though since too much pushing on your end might discourage rather than encourage. Take it slow at first; a little foreplay can do wonders at this point. If you feel his response, then you can move it up a notch and start getting exotic. Observe your partner to determine if the moves you’re doing turn him on, otherwise, it’s useless. There is no specific way to predict if the person is sexually compatible with you or not; but going out of your way to risk it can be a basis if he or she is really that sexually attractive to make your judgment cloudy. Don’t just stand there and gape, make your move before it’s too late.

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Reader Discussion: 4 Comments

  1. Courtney Watson

    Well, I personally think that sexual compatibility plays an important role in a successful relationship! And it’s really essential to know if you are sexually compatible right at the beginning of the relationship 🙂

  2. Jen Spillane

    It's all in the kiss. You might not like the information you get from the kiss, but it's all there for you to either acknowledge or push aside.

  3. Gabrielle Williams

    I believe that sexual compatibility contributes to a successful relationship. Sex is part of a happy and healthy relationship and problems with sex life can ruin a relationship.

    These are really great tips and great help!

  4. Finding out if you're sexually compatible with your partner is very important! Besides the personality sex is a huge factor in any relationship, especially if you're looking long term. You want someone who can woo you in and out of bed and have the same sexual desires as you. Thanks for the tips, I will definitely try them.

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