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Vacation Planned Out: Athens to Venice

Your whole trip planned out, including what to see along the way.


The warmth of the Mediterranean and the romance of northern Italy combine in the ultimate getaway. Full of life, with stunning views, and offering tastes and sounds that will overwhelm your senses, the shoreline connection between Athens and Venice is all that’s needed to rejuvenate and inspire your soul.

Vacation Planned Out: Athens to Venice

The coast of Greece on the Adriatic Sea

Take a ride up the Mediterranean and into the Adriatic and you’ll find yourself easily accessing two of the biggest destinations in the world. Traveling to these tourist hot-spots, I found myself seeking more than the made-for-tourist areas.

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After obtaining her Honors B.A. and postgraduate journalism degree, Pegah has written and researched for a variety of magazines and newspapers, with celebrities, fashion and travel being her topics of choice. Now settled in Toronto, she has lived in many corners of the world, including the U.S., Switzerland, and Japan. In her spare time, she divides her love unevenly between her poodle, chocolates and shopping.


  1. Blanche Martina

    Can you suggest a local food that we could try? A trip couldn’t be a complete journey without a taste of a local dish or snack!

  2. Patricia Montague

    How much would be the Gondola ride? And how long does it take?

  3. Olive Williams

    Makes me wanna shout OPA! I love Greece so much especially Santorini! The sunset is so much amazing! Everyone claps after watching the sunset.

  4. Sherry Manust

    Watching the sunset in Santorini while in a spa in Athens would be a dream. That’s a wow!

  5. Kelly Gonzales

    the Astir Palace Hotel looks like a perfect place for relaxing.. looks good on having a spa in a place like that..

    • Osana Smith

      I hope the rates won’t hurt my wallet!

  6. Zerin Martin

    I’m glad you featured the Southern parts of Europe. If you want something more of nature, then this is the perfect article for you.

  7. Luthi Sanders

    Europe is a blessed country because it has a lot of tourist spot. Planning to visit Southern part this September.

  8. Kseniya Tomlin

    Oh.. Gondola. I’ve only seen a Gondola in Macau. What’s it’s a difference btw?

  9. Brett Lee

    My wife will probably ask me to go to Greece after she reads this. I just read it first, so I’m a little bit scared. Lol

  10. Hotel Danieli is an expensive hotel. If you have the money, it’s worth it to spend it in here. The view and the staffs are very accommodating.

  11. Jessie Fernande

    What if I want to participate in Lido, but my boat is in America? Hmm?

    • Kimberly Holder

      That’s what I am thinking too. Hmm..

  12. Lana Wiliam

    My friend is going to Italy this Wednesday, and she asked me what do I want, can you give me some advice about this?

  13. Nataliya Smith

    I would love to spend my honeymoon in Santorini. I hope my future husband will bring me to Greece. Lol.

  14. Angelo Henderso

    It’s true. When I went to Venice, I was stressed out because my passport is lost, but I have to still enjoy my vacation and forget my passport. We ride this Gondola, and for minutes, and I forgot everything about my passport. Luckily, I found my passport in the lobby of the hotel.

    • Eloisa Clay

      Glad you got your passport back. Next time, leave it in the safety box at the hotel.

  15. Frederica Pellman

    Fabulous places all, and seems you hit the jackpot with the luxury hotels. I love the “water taxis” in Venice – so cool to sit outside at a cafe and enjoy what isn’t there – the noise of traffic!!

  16. Juli Woods

    Wow, my dream vacation. You’ve been in all of these? God, you are very lucky!

  17. Lusi Martin

    Europe has a lot to offer. It’s not just Athens, and Greece.

    • George Sumanta

      It has North, East, South, and West to offer.

  18. Honey Smith


  19. Anila William

    What’s the different the Venice in Macau, and Italy? I just want to know, but I’ve never been in any of them.

  20. Nancy Smith

    Taxi drivers know best. I like how they give facts, and entertain me whenever I’m riding a taxi on my trip.

    • Jeweli Prater

      I love riding taxis on my trips because they give you details for free.

  21. Quin Meri

    Oh God, I love the sea!! Can you please take me to the sea, because I need VITAMIN SEA. Lol

  22. Jenifer Jeni

    It’s not bad to travel once in a while. You’re working hard to earn money, and you deserve a break.

  23. Linda Williams

    the beach looks so amazing! wanna get the tan in there and feel like one of those goddesses in the Greek mythology…

  24. This is the kind of vacation everyone’s dream to have!

  25. Monique Malick

    I’m so in love in this placee! Thank you Urbanette for sharing this! It had inspired me to try this trip! It’s even convenient because you’re going on a trip in two gorgeous places!!!

  26. Jodi Thil

    Wished they added where we could buy souvenirs! And what souvenirs would be a good pick.

  27. Joss Butler

    This place is perfect for my plan on proposing to my girlfriend. Romantic and peaceful 🙂

  28. Carol Joyner

    This place is so romatic! Hope my bf would take me here! ❤❤❤

  29. Evelyn Harris

    This is trip, looks to me, is so expensive! Especially those restaurants and hotels. You need to really have a budget to accomplish the list in this post.

  30. Luisa Rodriguez

    Greek mythology feels! This place will make me feel like a goddess when go here!

    • Candis Melton

      true! makes me want to wear that white dress and flower crowns and gold bangles! ❤

  31. What backpacker hotels can you recommend? I plan on taking this trip alone.

  32. Katherine Donnelly

    This is something that should be shared around the world!!! Shows the beauty of Athens and Venice… I love it!!!

  33. Steev Smith

    Benvenuti a Venezia! Take care!

  34. Lancy Stanford

    That looks an luxurious hotel! I want to save up to experience these. It’s not the price that matters but the experience that you can have. It will always be priceless!

  35. Marina Josef

    Athens! Like those in the greek mythologies. Gods and goddesses feels. Such an amazing place!

  36. Marina Bozek

    Wow! That hotel’s garden view looks amazing! I hope it’s not too expensive. I would like to give it a try. 😲

    • Wilma Moore

      Yeah. I wish it wasn’t so pricey.

  37. Angela Freeman

    This advice while valuable, is easily found by people who do their homework before they travel. Hope this article helps novice travelers.

  38. Leyds Lacsamana

    I wonder what’s the difference between a boat tour and a gondola ride in Venice?! I’m in dilemma because some articles would say that one is better than the other. Any thoughts?!

  39. Jesse Wyss

    Thank you for such a wonderful wealth of helpful information!

  40. Jurik Smith

    How true is it that if I sit down with a coffee at a cafe or bar, I’m going to pay more?

  41. Selli Coaze

    Yeah, I’ve been to Lido de Venezia, but I haven’t experienced the meeting of the boats? When is that happening?

  42. Hena Taylor

    Oh, I can tell you that Venice, Italy is a perfect getaway destination. Two years ago we went to Italy and visited Venice. I tried riding on the Gondola, and the experience was unforgettable.

  43. Beach!!!! I would love to visit Southern Europe this June!!! Looking at the pictures on your article makes me crave to the beach of Europe!

  44. Jossen Row

    My wife and I are planning to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in somewhere new. I’ll suggest her to consider Greece or Italy.

  45. Having Milan, Italy as my hometown, I had the privilege to visit Venice a significant number of times. I agree with most of the points you shared. I’d say that I love Venice in winter and although it can be a bit ‘Chilly-Willy’ there are times when the sun comes out and it can be a real blast!

    • Jenna

      I’ve been to Venice twice. The first time was disappointing, the second time was a truly enjoyable experience!!! My advice to Venice first time traveler: don’t attempt to see all the sights, pick a few… see, experience and enjoy them well!

  46. Jessi Agusta

    Based on my observation to your article, it seems that the nightlife in that place is very joyful.

    • Barbie

      Yeah, I think so too. Now I wonder about wine bars in Venice. Any recommendation?

  47. Bela Christo

    Is the cost of living in Greece is cheap? I have a relative living in Greece, and she’s inviting me to visit her, but although she told me that all expenses are on her shoulder, I still want to bring pocket money.

    • Carrie Bleau

      I think the cost of living is a little bit expensive.

  48. Martin Juyes

    OPA is a very popular word in Greece. If you’re going to attend a celebration, you’ll hear it most of the time. It’s a Greek word with deep meaning, and you can also see this word on a coin.

  49. Cristina Joseff

    In just one vacation trip you’ve been to a lot of place? How much money did you spend on that? Wow!

  50. Robert Patel

    So, yeah, after reading this, and my girlfriend noticed I was reading your article, she wanted me to bring her to the Hotel Grande Bretagne, and have dinner with her.

  51. Maria Bruce

    Whenever I see the Acropolis, it reminds me of Percy Jackson. I love Greek Mythology!

  52. Ana Brose

    The picture of Vouliagmeni creeps me out. I love water, but the picture makes me feel that I can get lost in the middle of nowhere.

  53. Jeni Morgan

    Greece and Venice is a perfect combination of a perfect vacation. Seeing the pictures you’ve posted makes me think how much it will cost staying in there for two weeks.

  54. WOW!!!!! I have never been to Venice, but I once visited its replica in Macau.

  55. Mary Beyer

    Thank you for sharing your very interesting and wonderful experience!

  56. Jennifer varner

    Are ferries expensive?!

  57. Josephine Murphy

    I discovered your site while researching and planning for our trip to Greece this June. You’re helpful! Thanks so much!

  58. Frances Shapiro

    How many “vacation” days would your recommend to enjoy my trip?

  59. Paul Daiz

    Love your page, so many fantastic travel tips!

  60. I’ve done this trip a few times by yacht. One of my favorites. Check out Thalaspa Chenot Spa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens… their Bio-Energetic Beauty Treatment is intense, but has great results.

  61. Hotel Danieli looks so decadent! I’m going to book a stay there for next month. I’m due up for another Italy trip… 😉

  62. Greece and Venice are unique vacation spots in Europe. Especially since my family is from Italy, I would love to travel there in a few years. Beaches and history create a great way to spend some time off from work!

  63. Joanne Samonte

    I feel like if I visited Greece I would never want to leave. It looks absolutely gorgeous! After seeing Santorini in movies, I can't even imagine getting to swim in that water.

  64. Courtney Watson

    I’m considering going to Greece next year. It’s great to have a preview of things to expect. Thanks for posting this!

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