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A Vacation Itinerary: Athens to Venice

Your whole trip planned out, including what to see along the way.

A Vacation Itinerary: Athens to Venice


Having been immersed in the dramatic sights and exotic tastes of the Mediterranean, I wasn’t convinced that there was anything that could parallel the experience, until I arrived on the shores of Venice. The Adriatic island is unlike anywhere else in the world. Nowhere else do boats replace cars and 12th century buildings line the canals to meet in a grand square.

A Vacation Itinerary: Athens to Venice

Take a gondola ride in Venice

Traveling by gondola you will see the medieval buildings up close, touching the calm waters, for a one-of-a-kind experience that will relax even the most hardened traveler. To prolong the feeling, walk the cobble-stoned streets to shop for everything from Murono glass plates (made on the island of Murono just off the Venetian coast) to trendy Italian clothes.

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  1. Jonathon Swift

    I asked my girlfriend where she wants to celebrate her 26th birthday, and I guess she already read this article because she answered Southern Europe.

  2. Blanche Martina

    Can you suggest a local food that we could try? A trip couldn’t be a complete journey without a taste of a local dish or snack!

  3. Patricia Montague

    How much would be the Gondola ride? And how long does it take?

  4. Olive Williams

    Makes me wanna shout OPA! I love Greece so much especially Santorini! The sunset is so much amazing! Everyone claps after watching the sunset.

  5. Sherry Manust

    Watching the sunset in Santorini while in a spa in Athens would be a dream. That’s a wow!

  6. Kelly Gonzales

    the Astir Palace Hotel looks like a perfect place for relaxing.. looks good on having a spa in a place like that..

    • Osana Smith

      I hope the rates won’t hurt my wallet!

  7. Zerin Martin

    I’m glad you featured the Southern parts of Europe. If you want something more of nature, then this is the perfect article for you.

  8. Luthi Sanders

    Europe is a blessed country because it has a lot of tourist spot. Planning to visit Southern part this September.

  9. Kseniya Tomlin

    Oh.. Gondola. I’ve only seen a Gondola in Macau. What’s it’s a difference btw?

  10. Brett Lee

    My wife will probably ask me to go to Greece after she reads this. I just read it first, so I’m a little bit scared. Lol

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