How Sleep, Smoke & Starbucks Are Aging You


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the cup of coffee that you’ve recently seen advertised on TV as being beneficial to your health could actually be making you age … or at least look like it.

Coffee and Alcohol

Seriously? Whatever happened to the “coffee-is-rich-in-antioxidants-that-protect-your-cells-from-damage” claim?

How Sleep, Smoke & Starbucks Are Aging You
Well, coffee does contain antioxidants, but it also has caffeine, which is still its most potent ingredient. The antioxidant in coffee is nothing compared to those that you get from cranberries and red grapes. The reason why the media misleadingly advertises coffee as the number one source of antioxidants is only because it’s the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet, which actually just shows that most people opt to drink coffee rather than fruit juices. An unhealthy diet of more coffee and alcohol, and less fats and vitamins can emaciate us over time.

Ever wonder why you don’t feel thirsty after drinking coffee or alcohol? It’s because alcohol and caffeine act like diuretics that make you less thirsty for water, while at the same time pulling water from your body and making you have to pee more often. If you consume alcohol regularly or you’re a heavy coffee drinker and you don’t drink at least eight glasses of water a day, chances are your skin looks dry and washed out. If you can’t resist the urge to drink your favorite beer or latte, try drinking more H2O to stay hydrated. (*more about coffee and its effects.)

If you drink coffee or booze regularly without also downing at least eight glasses of water a day, chances are your skin looks dry and washed out.

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Rebecca Ariane Givens is Urbanette's Beauty and Health Editor. She is an expert in all things related to beauty, holistic health, organic food, toxins and fitness. She is a part-time model and nutritionist who grew up in Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, with her boyfriend David.


  1. Melani Kalev

    “If you embrace optimism in your life, you will be amazed at the limitless supply of joy and peace of mind that continuously rejuvenate your aging body and spirit.” YES YES YES! 🙂

    As for me, I’ve discovered that I need my 7 hours of sleep. If I don’t get them at night and I spend the whole day at home, I definitely need to nap during the day. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. But as I drink it for the taste, not to get an energy boost (somehow it doesn’t work on me), I could quite easily leave it for a month and it wouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Hannah Meyers

    This is why I have reduced my sunbathing hours from four to only two hours this summer, with breaks in between those two!

  3. Dee

    I quit coffee and started juicing and in less than a month everyone I know is asking me why I look so young most say I look 15-20 years younger and some even said 25. I find it makes me not hungry during the day and I have whatever I want for dinner.

  4. So I guess my habit of drinking coffee to make up for not sleeping enough is a double bad habit…Thanks for these tips, it's all great to know!

  5. Jen Spillane

    I can't believe that coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants for Americans. "5 a day," folks!

  6. I'm glad i'm not a big fan of any of these things on the list. I don't want to speed up the aging process at all. I never knew sleeping on your face to long would cause wrinkles bt it makes complete sense! In order to look and feel young you have to properlytake care of yourself and not abuse many things.

  7. Francis Woods

    I make sure to protect my skin with at least SPF 15 lotion every day. Aging from sunlight happen even indoors! Alcohol is also terrible for the skin, it really dries the skin.

  8. I believe coffee should be taken in moderation….

  9. Courtney Watson

    Water can really do wonders on our body system. It can make us healthy. It can help us look beautiful. We really have to drink it often 😉

  10. Sarah Evanston

    After I had my body age diagnosed (I’m 20 and my body age diagnosis is 28), I decided to eat healthy, sleep 7 to 8 hours (this is the hardest to achieve) and quit smoking. 

    I would admit, it’s not easy. I occasionally get tempted by those Krispy Kremes and margaritas. I do indulge once in a while but altogether, I am living very healthily now.

  11. Angela Davis

    And we thought coffee could make us look younger because of its “anti-oxidants” component. OH! The wonders of false advertising 🙁

  12. Sandra Brown

    COFFEE AND NO SLEEP – Oh my! 🙁

  13. Gabrielle Williams

    Well, I know for a fact that lack of sleep can cause a person to age faster… That’s why whenever I can, I get 6-8 hours of sleep.

  14. Joanne Samonte

    WOW..! This is a very useful read. I didn’t realize that coffee could make me look like my mom.. lol.. Too much is really bad..  tsk.. I’d better send this to my friends. Very useful article.. 😀

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