Bad Habits & Things You're Doing Daily That Cause Premature Aging & Make You Look Old


Things You’re Doing Daily That Cause Premature Aging

The upside? You can change them today.


The Sun

It’s healthy to be out in the sun — in moderation. You get a mood boost and lots of vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure is majorly harmful for your skin.

The sun’s UV rays cause skin cancer and can also break down collagen and elastin in the skin, which results in wrinkle formation. To have fun in the sun and still look young, wear lots of sunscreen (the kind with zinc oxide, not the chemical stuff!)

Oh, it’s winter wonderland, you say? Apply even more sunscreen! Even during the winter when it snows the sun is strong – its rays reflect off the snow and ice, meaning you can still get burned easily.

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Things You’re Doing Daily That Cause Premature Aging


Lastly, worrying too much also makes you look older than your age. Constant worrying and pessimism leads to stress, which then leads to the pumping of inflammation-causing toxins into the body, which finally leads to collagen breakdown.

To counteract the flow of stress hormones, notice the good in every situation, meditate, and stop the negative self-talk. It’s also helpful to make a list of all the things and people in your life that cause you stress, and find solutions to each one (and find ways to minimize your exposure to people who cause you stress).

The process may take some time, especially if you are not a cheerful person by nature. If you embrace optimism in your life, you will be amazed at the limitless supply of joy and peace of mind that continuously rejuvenate your aging body and spirit.


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Reader Discussion: 63 Comments

  1. ariel myers

    we will all age eventually. why bother looking younger than your real age when you can just live your life as it is. you enjoy what you want or you do what you need for your life. it is your life!

  2. Zex Randos

    I smoke like 30-40 cigarettes per day. I really have a “stressful 24/7 life”. I work 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week with no days off. I mean, i noticed major changes on my skin, i also gained some belly fat which i never had before. I was fit and healthy 20yo guy back 2 years ago. And now i can’t look myself in the mirror. When i take pictures i just delete all of them. My hair has stared to fall out, acne started appearing on my back… But in the end, “but” is always the problem.

    • ysabelle raven

      have you tried seeking professional help? I suggest you should. smoking that many daily is not good.

  3. Michelle Lee

    OMG! I always deprive my sleep. I can’t sleep early because I have insomnia, and it’s true, my face is oily.

    • Isabella Jones

      Lack of sleep can also result in acne problems. And since you lack sleep, you will also experience low blood pressure and anemia. Please see your doctor sleep is important as water.

  4. Linda Williams

    GOOSEBUMPS. I will quit smoking, and drink too much alcohol. I will live a healthier life from now on. I don’t want to look two times of my age!!!! No, this can’t be!!!

    • Helena Lowson

      That’s a great decision, really! You won’t regret it, and if you’re not convinced yet, look at a video of a one month without alcohol! 😀

  5. Brett Lee

    I used to live like this. My mom introduced me to your magazine, and I start a healthier life. Thanks to this article, I’m starting to live a healthier life.

  6. Veola Sancho

    I thought my skin is safe during winter because I don’t feel too much hotness. I wear too many clothes during winter, and I guess I’m safe, but I totally forgot my face.

  7. Quin Meri

    I work 12 hours a day, and when I got home, I do some paper works. I drink coffee to fight the sleepyness that I feel, and I always deprive my sleep. Do I look like older than my real age? Lol

    • Emma Halmberg

      It really depends on who you are, what are your genetics! I know some people having really bad habits in their life and still looking very young and healthy. But I wonder if they really feel like that inside… and I bet it’ll catch up with them when they get older!

  8. Ana Brose

    Living a happier life, is healthy, but what if smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and drinking will make you happy? ?

  9. Joss Butler

    I smoke because of my work. It’s part of my daily routine to smoke. My girlfriend wants me to quit smoking, but I just can’t.

  10. Jeni Morgan

    I’m scared. I’m a heavy drinker and chain smoker. I live my life to the fullest, and I forgot how important my health is. I drink and smoke to be happy, and release the stress that I feel at home, and at work. Maybe I should be more conscious about my health, and the way I live my life.

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