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Your Guide To 3 Gorgeous Beach Vacation Destinations

Where to stay, when to go, what to pack, and activities to experience.


Dominican Republic

How could you go wrong with a vacation in the Caribbean? Highlighted by its beachfront attractions and mountainside scenery, the Dominican Republic is an exotic, other-worldly getaway. The warm welcome you’ll receive from the locals is as charming as the Dominican Republic’s slow-pace lifestyle and natural beauty. These locals know how to enjoy life, with each community being home to its own distinctive fiesta, or carnival.

Your Guide To 3 Gorgeous Beach Vacation Destinations

The outdoor restaurant at Palma Real Paradisus Resort in Punta Cana

Check out Samaná, the most popular whale-watching organization in the Dominican Republic. Samaná offers a chance to see one of the largest mammals on the face of the earth. Take the time to visit the natural scenery and history of the Santiago and Jarabacoa Waterfalls, where you can also visit a cigar and ceramics factory.

Your Guide To 3 Gorgeous Beach Vacation Destinations

This 35,000 sq foot private villa is part of Casa de Campo resort.

There are many places to stay in the Dominican Republic, but we recommend booking a private villa. Check out the resort style waterfront villas located in the exclusive Punta Minitas section of the five-star Casa de Campo resort. The villa pictured features approximately 35,000 square feet of luxurious living space, making it one of the largest homes in the Caribbean.

Weather: The temperature is steady at highs of ~85 and lows of ~75 year-round.

Go. Enjoy. Make Buddha proud.

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