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11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Married

Here are some great nuggets of advice I wish I’d known years ago…


Ok, I admit it. I’m divorced. As I looked back at what went wrong in my marriage, I realized several things that I should’ve thought about before getting married. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Lucky for you, I’ll share what I learned so you can profit from my mistakes…

11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Married

Marriage is considered a major life event (for most, but not all, apparently), primarily because deciding to get hitched is meant to be for a lifetime, and because it’s associated with intense planning. Since a wedding requires so much forethought, it’s easy to assume that brides and grooms have given as much thought (if not much more!) to preparing themselves for their lifetime commitment. Amazingly, this is not always true.

Unfortunately, the current divorce rate is holding steady at fifty percent, thanks to this lack of personal preparation.

Then again, life is a glorious series of events, some larger and more important than others, and it’s normal to look back on those events and wonder, “If I could do it all again, what would I do differently?” So if you’re already married, don’t worry — these tips can still be put into action. The most important thing is not to let any more days go by without doing what you can to ensure that your relationship will last.

Take time to consider the importance of the following — before it’s too late:

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Born and raised in Texas, Shelly is currently studying to receive her Master's Degree in Publishing at the University of Houston - Victoria.  Shelly is a writer for Urbanette Magazine, and loves "everything it is and all that it offers our readers, and to me personally". She is passionate about life, family, friends, her maltipoo, Truman. She is a lover of all things culinary and the arts (13 year veteran of ballet).

Reader Discussion: 153 Comments

  1. Myron Stephens

    The language of love. I asked my woman if what she wants, every single day. I will give her anything she wants (not on material things), and in that way, I make her happy.

  2. Rebecca Buchanan

    I, and my boyfriend are planning to live together, and we planned to get married this 2020, but we want to be with each other. He wants me to move in with him. Should I?

    • Sara Todd

      It is up to you. It is your decision, not ours. If you think that you are both ready, then move with him.

  3. Tabitha Hunter

    I agree with this article. Everything has sense. Sex should always be there even if you are living together for a long time. apologizing is important, and getting the approval of the mother of your partner is what’s more important than anything else.

  4. Leah Hicks

    My mother-in-law is the best! Not all mother-in-law is bad. They have a good heart, but of course, they are the mother. They have to protect their family by any means.

  5. Patsy Caldwell

    Mothers-in-law are just taking good care of their son/daughter. They want them to be with someone who will take care of the rest of their lives that’s why they are harsh and hard to be with.

  6. Alison Lowe

    Sorry? What’s new? Sorry is your favorite word. After apologizing, nothing’s change. You’re still doing the same old mistake over again.

  7. Della Gregory

    This is impossible in today’s generation. Divorce is just normal today. It’s like marriage is like getting in a relationship, then divorce is like breaking up.

    • Marcella Kelley

      It is possible if you want to save your relationship, and if you love the person you married.

  8. Jody Salazar

    The spark will go, and the feeling of being in love will fade, the excitement will be gone too. The important is, you two are not giving up, and doing your best to be with each other. That’s true love.

  9. Viola Hawkins

    Divorce cases are getting higher because couples are not trying their best to work for their marriage. If they think that the love is gone, they will just give up. 😐

  10. Bobbie Richards

    I am single, but this article is very interesting. I know that I will get married someday, and this is very helpful. Married life is not easy, I know that. You will have to be dedicated to being a loving husband/wife for the rest of your life.

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