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A Visual Tour of Belgium

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A gorgeous city where you can sit and have lunch while overlooking a medieval castle in the middle of town. At night, the castle is beautifully lit, and you can get a great view from across the water that surrounds the other side of it.

A Visual Tour of Belgium

Yes, there’s an actual castle in the middle of town, and on the other side is a square where you can eat outside

A Visual Tour of Belgium

To the left is the giant castle

Ghent, like Bruges, also has water running through many parts of the city.

A Visual Tour of Belgium

A Visual Tour of Belgium

A Visual Tour of Belgium

I loved that it seemed like two cities in one, all mixed together. One one side of the coin, Ghent is a historic city with castles and rivers all over the place, primarily geared towards leisure time. On the other side of the coin, Ghent is like a normal, but exceptionally beautiful and cosmopolitan city, with commuters on street cars, tourists visiting large art galleries, several universities and multiple parks and town squares.

A Visual Tour of Belgium

It’s a very livable city that pulls you in and makes you never want to leave.

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  1. Terri East

    Was asked where’d I’d go on Vacation. I told them Belgium. 1) some of the sweetest people I’ve met and 2) My babe is from Belgium

  2. Bernice Miles

    I am a big fan of traveling as well! I would love to visit Belgium. I just got back from vacation in Hawaii. I could choose it as my next destination.

  3. Donna Mack

    I love Belgium. I always tell people it is the best hub for a western European vacation.

  4. Ann Amos

    Few more days and I’ll be in Belgium. so excited! I’m ready for this vacation. can’t wait

  5. Delores Mullen

    Just booked a vacation trip to Belgium for 5 days! It’s nice to have a short vacation before I start working again.

  6. Rebecca Bogert

    My parents always have their 3 days vacation in Belguim for their Anniversary. I hope that for my birthday next month, they can bring me along.

  7. Barbara Burchfield

    I cannot wait to spend this weekend in Bruges, I love Belgium and their beer!

  8. Kelly Milone

    So in next week will be the first time ever I will be fly by plane to Belgium on vacation I am so excited!!😊 and a bit scared too


    Every one of my friends is on vacation in Belgium and I’m here stuck at home forever 🙁 So jealous

  10. James Hannks

    Enjoying the last days here in Belgium and had a great vacation with my gf. Priceless vacation.

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