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A Visual Tour of Belgium

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Knokke is the Hamptons of Belgium. And while it lacks the beautiful architecture and undeniable charm that the Hamptons offers, Knokke offers something the Hamptons does not: rentable, sectioned-off portions of private beach area. Here, there are public portions of the beach, but most of the sand is taken up by private boxes with loungers, sofas, and — of course — ice buckets filled with bottles of champagne.

A Visual Tour of Belgium

Rent your own private section of the beach

A Visual Tour of Belgium

The main street is lined with hundreds of shops. It’s clear that the prime pastimes here are #1: Shopping, #2: Spending time on the beach (or maybe it’s the reverse?? …hard to tell!).

A Visual Tour of Belgium

Where the wealthy go to play

From the quaint Namur in the south, to the bustling metropolis of Brussels in the center, to the beachy Knokke in the north, Belgium has something for everyone. I highly recommend that you put a two week trip to Brussels on your travel schedule sometime soon. Personally, I’m counting down the days until I get to go back!

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  1. Terri East

    Was asked where’d I’d go on Vacation. I told them Belgium. 1) some of the sweetest people I’ve met and 2) My babe is from Belgium

  2. Bernice Miles

    I am a big fan of traveling as well! I would love to visit Belgium. I just got back from vacation in Hawaii. I could choose it as my next destination.

  3. Donna Mack

    I love Belgium. I always tell people it is the best hub for a western European vacation.

  4. Ann Amos

    Few more days and I’ll be in Belgium. so excited! I’m ready for this vacation. can’t wait

  5. Delores Mullen

    Just booked a vacation trip to Belgium for 5 days! It’s nice to have a short vacation before I start working again.

  6. Rebecca Bogert

    My parents always have their 3 days vacation in Belguim for their Anniversary. I hope that for my birthday next month, they can bring me along.

  7. Barbara Burchfield

    I cannot wait to spend this weekend in Bruges, I love Belgium and their beer!

  8. Kelly Milone

    So in next week will be the first time ever I will be fly by plane to Belgium on vacation I am so excited!!😊 and a bit scared too


    Every one of my friends is on vacation in Belgium and I’m here stuck at home forever 🙁 So jealous

  10. James Hannks

    Enjoying the last days here in Belgium and had a great vacation with my gf. Priceless vacation.

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