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The Benefits of Being Outspoken + other Weekly Discoveries


We are all part of a global community, and in that spirit we take each Friday to spread the love to others who’ve inspired us. In our Great Discoveries series, we feature the most interesting articles, a must-watch video and the most inspirational quote we discovered this week. Please spread the love and enjoy your day!

The Benefits of Being Outspoken + other Weekly Discoveries

How (and Why) to Develop Your Mental Toughness

Developing your mental toughness can help you be more emotionally resilient, push you to go further and harder, and build armor to persevere against the bullets that life fires your way. [Read on LifeHacker]

The Benefits of Being Outspoken + other Weekly Discoveries

Gender equality was a real thing—over 10,000 years ago

So it is possible! [via HelloGiggles]

Didga is a celebrity cat known for doing amazing stunts and tricks. Didga chose her human while at a local animal shelter, where she was in a cage just waiting for the right human to come along… “She was doing all she could do to get my attention,” Robert Dollwet told Huffington Post. “Well, I had to go give this cat a closer look and I was sold. Animals really do pick you if you just let them.”

(skip to 55 seconds in)
The Benefits of Being Outspoken + other Weekly Discoveries

Speak Up

An essay on the benefits of being outspoken. [Read in Thought Catalog]

The Benefits of Being Outspoken + other Weekly Discoveries

How I Broke Through My Own Mediocrity

People overestimate themselves. Don’t let overestimation get in the way of becoming fabulously rich, or at least successful enough that you can have your freedom, feed your family, and enjoy other things in life. [Read via LifeHacker]

‘We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.’
-Anais Nin

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  1. Doris Tate

    Nice work. This series and your responses demonstrate excellent writing. It is best to be what you really are and not pretend to be one who you’re not. Best to be outspoken. Looking forward to more inspiration.

  2. Monika Smith

    this wonderful tips, it is indeed helpful for everyone, especially for me. I do a lot of things lately and I’m having hard time dealing with tough situations (I think I’m lossing my mind). The “Keep a success log”, I think that’s the best thing I can do right now, to keep track of my daily achievements

  3. Naincy Winget

    Thanks for a really good article. Mental attitude is important for everyone whether they are in business for themselves or working for someone else. I particularly like suggestions for becoming a better performer. I’m going to send the link to my newsletter readers.

  4. Elia Scott

    Great series ! I think for mental strength Try replacing an hour of television each evening with reading, instead. Invest the time that you might normally spend idling, chatting with friends, or watching the tube in reading a good book.

  5. Interesting! I guess being outspoken is a manifestation of mental toughness. While there may be reasons to reserve oneself, I still think speaking up is highly important. And I say, “I’m not afraid of the fallout of speaking, I’m afraid of losing myself when I don’t speak.”

  6. Your collection demonstrated fantastic research skills! Thanks for putting these wonderful articles together! I was an introvert raised by an extrovert family. I sat quiet for so long because I never had a voice.

    But living in various parts of the world REQUIRED me to develop that skill — be frank, be outspoken or else I won’t be able to successfully adapt.

    Lastly, I’d like to say Didga cat made my day (Oh, I have to tell you that I hate cats because I’m allergic to them). Another irony!

  7. What a way to end my work week! Didga is adorable and amazing 🙂

    I used to think that being outspoken will make it hard for other people to like me. But I’ve realized the positive side of the coin. Yes, I’m frank, I speak what’s on my mind, BUT I make sure to do it in a polite manner.

  8. I’ve been following your page since Monday and I noticed that you are inspiring and motivating your readers to be confident, conquer fear and be successful.

    I totally agree that in order to achieve success, one needs to be tough (in all aspects: physical, emotional and mental). Speak up and be ready for the consequences of doing so, it may NOT result to our expected outcome, but it will always be worth it.

    Great job Urbanette!

    And oh, that cat video is very impressive!

  9. I love reading and I appreciate that you have this Friday series! I particularly liked The Speak Up and Mental Toughness articles. I think if mental toughness is achieved, then the ability to speak up will follow. It’s definitely about eliminating fear — of rejection and failure.

  10. On speaking up, most people I know are not afraid of speaking up when it concerns personal matter. I mean they can speak about their thoughts on the way other people dress, speak and decide.

    But when it comes to “professional matters” — colleagues, work or task suggestions to boss, etc. They become afraid!

    How I wish it’s the other way around…

  11. Thank you for having this series, Urbanette! Much appreciated! I just realized raising my 2-year old daughter alone made me tough mentally (and emotionally). Wow! Just can’t imagine how I survived. Now I know, these are “skills” that I want my daughter to develop!

  12. Amazing collection! Didga is fantastic. I wish I could train my cat to be like her.

    I wonder, if a person is confident, does it mean he/she can speak up her mind?!

  13. The truth is, I’m amazed with the video as well as the 3 articles you shared — articles on mental toughness, gender equality and speaking up. But I’m a bit disappointed or I should say didn’t like the “mediocre” article from, probably because I can’t understand why he calls himself mediocre, well in fact he has skills, effort and intelligence.

    “Everything I have done has been distinguished by its mediocrity, its lack of a grand vision, and any success I’ve had can be just as much put in the luck basket as the effort basket.” — the author. See, how can he call himself mediocre if he’s able to achieve success?!

    I don’t believe in luck, success no matter how small it is, comes from hard work and skills.

    • I’m with you. I have the same comment on that article on “mediocrity.” Anyway, just “speaking up my mind” since I was inspired by another article 🙂

    • @Jenna Your comment caught my attention and I got interested in reading that article from lifehack. It was the first article I clicked. I would say that I find the author NOT mediocre but rather has some self-esteem issues to work on.

      Still, a great Friday compilation from Urbanette!

  14. Didga is sooooo cute and amazing! Now I’m inspired to adopt a cat. Hmmmm…

    • I know right!!! I’m not a fan of cats but this video changed my mentality about them! Fantastic!

  15. Thanks for sharing the article on mental toughness, I believe this is an essential skill that younger generation needs to develop. It’s important not to forget the past BUT don’t hang to it either. Every failed attempt is a new learning and an experience gained.

  16. Melani Kalev

    “You cannot control everything that comes your way, but you are in absolute control of how you react to it.” – SO important!!

  17. I LOVE that Didga video!! Holy cat, didn’t realize kitties had the ability to do something like that. They’re amazing little beings, really glad you shared that 🙂

  18. Hannah Mayers

    Thanks for sharing “Speak Up” article. Great read! Combating our fear and avoiding to restrain ourselves are really the keys to be “successful.”

  19. I like those two links that you shared about combating our own mentality. Sometimes our way of thinking is our worst enemy.

  20. Christine Muchoe

    Love these articles! (Definitely stealing that quote also.) The Speak Up and Mental Toughness articles are definitely great reads, I know I can work on both of those. Definitely interested if anyone has any other similar reads!

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