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10 Life-Changing Books About Health

Increase your health IQ with these essential summer books.


After I got really sick a few years ago, I became obsessed with health books. I’d read anything I could get my hands on. I was so afraid of getting sick again, and I wanted to understand why I got sick in the first place. Needless to say, I developed a (healthy) addiction to being healthy. Now, I can confidently say that I’m very aware of the factors that led to my declining health, and have built myself back up to feel stronger than ever!

10 Life-Changing Books About Health

These books taught me how to make healthier choices.

There are a lot of great books out there, but I thought my readers would prefer it if I listed my favorites and helped them set a course for their own healthy future. In the beginning, I would buy books from Amazon or sometimes at a local bookstore if something caught my eye while walking down the street. Nowadays, I do most of my ‘reading’ via audiobooks. I love listening to them while I’m cooking, or driving in the car.

So, whether you’ll listen to these gems on your workout bike or on the commute home, you must put these life-enhancing guides towards the top of your to-do list. Your future, healthy self will be thankful you did.

The Beauty Detox Solution

Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy, and the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Nutritionist and beauty expert Kimberly Snyder helps multiple A-list celebs get ready for the bright lights on the red carpet. As someone who once struggled with her own health issues (bad skin, belly fat, etc), she decided to travel the globe and learn all there is to know about health and beauty. Not surprisingly, she discovered that the most important tool for staying healthy and maintaining a radiant glow was the proper diet.

Shedding unnecessary toxins and lowering inflammation can do wonders for your energy, weight loss, and eliminating acne. By emphasizing plant-based foods and eliminating harmful ingredients, she can help you look and feel better than ever. Kimberly brings a fun and vibrant energy that will help you redefine your fate and retake control of your health.

Mind Over Meds

Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better and When to Let Your Body Heal on Its Own

It’s almost automatic in American culture to deal with any health-related ailments by simply popping a pill and waiting for it to work. Dr. Andrew Weil believes there are times that alternative approaches are better, and sometimes it’s as simple as letting the body heal on its own.

Prescription drug use in America has increased by TEN times in the last 50 years. Trouble sleeping? Back aching? Suffering from anxiety? Don’t worry, the magic pills will save the day. At least that’s what we’re made to believe. Unfortunately, there are many adverse side effects from many of these medications and, in some instances, it’s making people worse.

Did you know that adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the US?

This wonderful book helps you understand when it’s good to take meds, and when it’s best to turn down your doctor’s advice. Trust me, it could save your life.

10 Life-Changing Books About Health

The Cheese Trap

How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy

I spent a good portion of my life vegetarian. And while I wanted to go full-on vegan, I always had a hard time giving up cheese. It turns out I’m not alone. This incredibly eye-opening book sheds like on why it’s so hard to give up cheese — and the damage it does to our bodies in the process.

Did you know that cheese triggers the same activity in the brain as heroin? (Check out my hubby’s article on cheese addiction.) Or that cheese is actually bad for your bones, accelerating symptoms that cause osteoporosis and cancer? It turns out the dairy industry has been pulling the wool over our eyes for decades, using savvy marketing campaigns to help us think otherwise. This is a must read. You’ll never look at cheese the same way again!

The Disease Delusion

Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life

Did you know that managing “chronic” diseases (diabetes, arthritis, etc) sucks up almost 80% of America’s healthcare costs? That’s just insane. Luckily, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Dr. Jeffrey Bland, on the cutting edge of function medicine for years, believes we need to spend more time preventing disease, not treating it. I couldn’t agree more!

This book explains what functional medicine is and how it can help you stay healthy in order to prevent these “chronic” problems from ever occurring. You will learn that your environment, every aspect of it, is talking to your genes and creating your state of health or of disease. You will also learn the tools to begin changing the messages from your environment to your genes, and how this will change your health destiny. What I love about this book is that his solutions are science-based. There’s no way around the truths found in this book.

Functional medicine (the practice of optimizing the functionality of the body and its organs via a whole-body approach to medicine) is a phrase you’re going to start hearing a lot more about in the coming years. If traditional medicine is like a flip-phone, then functional medicine is the iPhone. Basically, it’s a game changer. Don’t be the last one to get on board. This is one health trend that’s here to stay.

10 Life-Changing Books About Health

The Wellness Project

How I Learned to Do Right by My Body, Without Giving Up My Life

For anyone who’s had to battle with autoimmune disease or other life-shaking conditions, this book will resonate with you bigtime. Phoebe Lapine put together one of the most impressive books I’ve ever read when it comes to tackling complex and often confusing ailments that doctors can’t seem to fix.

Her road to recovery really resonated with me, as it was very similar to my path to health, which was laden with confusion, mixed messages, and various other frustrations that had me feeling as if I’d never get well again.

After Phoebe was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in her earlier twenties, and a host of disappointing doctor’s visits, she decided to take her health into her own hands and forge her own path to recovery. This funny, witty, and soulful book will give you the confidence to stare down any health challenge and send it packing. Part memoir, part health and wellness guide (including lots of healthy recipes), this book is a true treasure that will inspire you to new health heights.


The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession with Meat

It seems that almost daily, we learn more about the health risks of eating meat and the harm it does to our bodies and the planet. Yet it seems almost unfathomable for most folks to cut meat out of their diets entirely. Some have resorted to eating less (reducetarians). Others have turned a blind eye to the science and don’t believe the ‘hype.’ The truth is, many simply can’t turn away from the fried, greasy meats that surround us in everyday culture.

Marta Zaraska’s book does an incredible job helping the reader to understand why we crave animal protein, and what makes it so hard to give up. She refers to it as the ‘meat puzzle’ and looks at our two and a half million year love affair with meat to uncover how we can take steps to change our eating habits to resist the temptation to stuff the cancer-causing flesh down our pie holes.

How Not To Die

Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

There has been a growing theme in the world of health the past few years, and it’s a game changer. Doctors like Michael Greger have learned that the vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through changes to diet and lifestyle.

In this ‘page’ turner, he examines the fifteen leading causes of death and helps us understand how our choices around food and nutrition are largely to blame. That adds up to 1.6 million –potentially preventable– deaths in America each year. Basically, bad food is like terrorism on steroids! The good news is we don’t need an army to fight these killers. All it takes is switching to a plant-based diet and forgoing foods that contain unhealthy chemicals, fillers, and additives.

Incredibly, not only can this diet prevent disease, but it can also help reverse disease too. It’s so game changing that it’s hard to believe it’s real. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to this incredible man lay out the twelve essential foods we should consume every day that can help you fight off any unwanted health issues and live a long healthy life in the process.


Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor

It regularly astonished me how bad some of the advice I got from doctors was. Often times I felt so confused because I knew certain facts that doctors would contradict in our sessions. Like the one time a dermatologist (educated at Yale!) told me that what I put on my skin doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream. (Check out my article about the state of the modern medical system.) But I digress.

The sad truth is many modern –and woefully uneducated– doctors hold themselves up as all-knowing beings that know every aspect of our health. Now that we have the internet and host of other tools at our disposal (like this book), people no longer need to be at the mercy of their doctor’s half-baked opinions, which can turn out to be deadly.

What I love about listening to this book is the Dr. William Davis encourages us to become better educated than our doctors and take our health into our own hands. His advice is crystal clear and practical. Undoctored is the spark that we need to put the individual, not the doctor, at the middle of health-related decisions.

The Sleep Revolution

Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

This book, by HuffPo founder Ariana Huffington, will teach you how critical good sleep can be to decision making, your sex life, and a host of other important aspects in your daily life. It turns out that America is in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, and it is sapping us of our productivity and happiness.

What I love about this book is all the lifehacks she offers up. Like how to avoid technology before bed, and ways to use sleep to lose weight and prevent Alzheimer’s. Whether you’re a ladyboss like Arianna, or someone simply looking to get a solid night sleep after a stress-filled day, this book with help you get quality sleep like never before.

10 Life-Changing Books About Health

Eating on the Wild Side

The Missing Link to Optimum Health

Unfortunately, humans have been slowly degrading the quality of seeds and food we eat, causing us to become vulnerable to disease even when we think we’re ‘eating healthy.’ This colorful audiobook has made waves with simple yet revolutionary methods to select fruits and vegetables that reclaim the nutrients and taste that seems to have been lost in our food system.

The funny thing is, I almost didn’t buy this audiobook because I wasn’t sure if it was a history book or a diet book. Boy, am I happy that I did though, as this book did such a good job of helping me navigate the grocery aisles with precision in a way that I didn’t think was possible. It also includes a number of hacks for the kitchen, including things like letting garlic sit 10 minutes after being cut before using it, which helps maximize its most valuable nutrient, allicin. Eating on the Wild Side is a great book that I keep going back to as a food-buying guide. My guess is that after you listen to this gem, you will too!

There’s never been a better time to learn about living a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease and maximize your potential for greatness. These books are tools that you can leverage to get a step ahead in life and prevent many problematic years, even early on in life (I’m talking to you twenty-somethings!). I remember feeling invincible when I was younger. Now that I’m in my thirties and survived a serious health scare, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to get your health IQ way up. More people than ever before are flocking to audiobooks like these to take control of their lives. Don’t be the one who gets left behind…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.

A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Luthi Sanders

    Take care of yourself, Hilary! Keep doing what you’re doing and I know that you’re gonna have a healthier life!

  2. Kimberly Holder

    Living healthy is not just all about eating right and exercise, it’s also making your mind healthy! So read books like these to feed your body and mind.

  3. Ani Hoker

    I’d always stick to doctors that are recommended by my friends because some of them just want to gain money from sick patients!

  4. Kseniya Tomlin

    Let’s all choose to live a healthier lifestyle to have a longer life. Who wouldn’t want that right?

  5. Cristina

    I’d love how convenient it is to listen to an informative health book! Thank you to the person who started audiobook! You didn;t know how much you made everything better!

  6. Jesse Wyss

    Most people are into fast food, then they stupidly wonder why they’re unhealthy. They should be reading these books if they want to make their lives better.

  7. George

    Audio books have always been my companion when I travel. I’ve switched into a healthier lifestyle for a year now and I’m recommending these books!

  8. Jessie Fernande

    I just read “Grain Brain” by the doctor that wrote wheat belly and it was a life changer!! It discusses credible studies about the brain and grains and sugar. I’ve tried a gazillion diets, etc. and always cheated.
    This book motivated me to go cold turkey with sugar and grains. Partially because of needing to loose 60 pounds but more because of the effect grains and sugar have on your brain.
    I’ve lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks and have gone 37 days with no sugar. I’m counting days without sugar as abstinence days. IE Hi, I’m Jessie and I’m a sugar addict. I’ve been sober 35 days!! Sounds crazy but I finally have a sober eating plan than works and is really enjoyable. The sugar cravings are minimal and I don’t feel compelled to stop at McDonalds, Wendy’s, DQ, etc when I’m even slightly hungry, bored, anxious, happy… I now have food I enjoy at home. I’m saving a fortune by avoiding restaurants.

  9. These are all healthy books that I wanted to read ever since. I guess this is the sign that I should start. Haha

  10. Jeweli Prater

    One of my friends recommended me to try an audio book since he knew that I love reading books, and now I’ve been using audio books for months now and it has changed my game ever since.

  11. Lana Wiliam

    I read Meathooked and I’ve recommended it to my family and relatives because it’s really a good book!

  12. Oxi Harger

    Yes! I’ve been listening to audio books while cooking and cleaning the house! It’s a lot more entertaining.

  13. James Hannks

    My wife loves to read books and when we’re traveling, she uses audiobooks. And I’m glad that she’s not always into novels, she’s also reading a lot of books that talk about health and lifestyle.

  14. Della Martin

    Well, some doctors are all about money and don’t care about their patient’s condition! They would still “take” money from their patients even if they are suffering in a serious condition.

  15. Rosalia Russell

    I hope to read many posts like these so that people will be encouraged to read these kinds of books and might change to a healthier lifestyle.

  16. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    How Not To Die is a really cool title for a book! Hahaha! As of course, it gives instructions to people to live healthily.

  17. Karen Abeyta

    I’ve been planning to read The Beauty Detox and I’m glad to read that you gave a recommendation!

  18. Connie Schmidt

    Wow. You gave really good recommendations for these books! I want to read them all together!

  19. Maxine Ford

    I just listened to The Cheese Trap from one of the articles you posted here at Urbanette. And I’m not surprised that it was a good book, of course, since you recommended it. I recommended it to my friends and they liked it too!

  20. Esther Devine

    I’ve listened to some of these books and I can tell you – they are really good! You’ll absolutely gonna learn and it’s gonna change your mindset about things.

  21. Joan Morales

    I couldn’t agree more with the book, The Disease Delusion because doctors are always telling us we are supposed to be treating the disease and not preventing it! So backwards!

  22. Joss Butler

    This is all in the matter of balancing a healthy lifestyle and the things you wanna do if you really want to avoid getting sick.

  23. Brittany West

    I’ve heard about Mind Over Meds. Because I’m not fond of always taking meds when you had a headache. I prefer having a rest that taking those drugs. They are chemicals! There will always be side effects in them.

  24. Lisa Bryson

    Ohh~ This is interesting since this talks about healthy stuff. Because a lot of people are being unhealthy because of what they eat and their lifestyle. It’s time for them to change if they want to live longer.

  25. Jessi

    First, what you should all STOP eating? Processed foods! They are destroying our bodies and even creates bigger problems.

  26. Deanna Woods

    My friend’s father had cancer two years ago and it was treated. But 6 months ago, he has diagnosed again, same cancer and it was now on stage 3.

  27. That’s a lot of cool books! And those are really convenient since they’re audiobooks.

  28. I didn’t now that you had cancer before! Which one and how’s your health now, Hilary?

    • It was a rare type of lymphoma — I had surgery and I’m fine now. A big part of healing was changing my diet to fully plant-based and lowering my stress levels.

  29. Molly Twain

    Recently finished reading a book about the pros and cons of raw eating. These audio books will be a good follow-up!

  30. Amirah Mifsud

    I read somewhere that more than %95 of chronic diseases are caused by bad food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercises.

  31. Gladys Cargo

    To me the greatest wealth in the world is health. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this article, and share these audio book recommendations with us readers. I’ll start off with Mind Over Meds. 🙂

  32. Maryann Logan

    This is gold!! I’m trying to start a healthier life style and to start eating clean, but I didn’t know where to start. Some of those books sound like they could be good guides. Will be downloading them asap.

  33. Isabel Patrick

    Hello! I’m a nutritionist and my least favorite response from clients regarding this is, “it must be nice to have so much time dedicated to healthy eating. I am so busy with (insert nine million excuses) that I just don’t have the luxury of spending my day in the kitchen, or the money to afford healthy food” 😡 🙄I try to work with my clients to help them establish healthy habits that will enable them to find/create the time they feel they need. This gives them the feeling that they are suddenly empowered/gifted with a precious commodity. It is always a challenge, but always worth the struggle to enlighten just one more person of the importance of healthy eating. 😉


    Just like Nancy S. Mure said; health first, then everything else.

  35. Keisha Fry

    Brilliant topic, and very important points that were well made! Let’s not forget eating healthy is very important, but eating smart is also as important. Those two have to go along together.

  36. Ziri Digne

    Self Care System > Medical System

    ‘Nuff said!

  37. Betty O'Leary

    These sound like great books to listen to! And this article is a good reminder that just because you’re not sick, it doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

  38. Ayla Pennington

    Thank you for the recommendations, Hilary! Are these books available only in audio format or can we find print versions too at bookstores?

  39. Grace Hart Tomlison

    I believe food should be whole, clean, & nutritious but it should be delicious too. I don’t believe in forcing food down just because it is believed to be “healthy”.

  40. Colleen Frasier

    Wow. This article is deeper than I thought. By the way I found that once I changed my relationship with food, everything began to taste better and my palette expanded exponentially. I would strongly suggest everybody to give healthy eating a try!

  41. Maryann Smith

    It’s true that clean eating and exercising are key factors to a healthy life. And it prevents diseases and delays aging. Amazing picks by the way! I can’t wait to check them out.

  42. Maria Singleton

    I love this! It’s very important to value your health before you lose it.

  43. Melissa Princeton

    I really enjoyed reading this. Health and fitness articles always catch my interest. This is such a long but good list of audio book recommendation. Signing in the app to check them out. Haven’t downloaded an audio book in a few months.

  44. Loraine Aguilar

    Nice! I love books that advice eating healthy instead of going on diets.

  45. Alexandrea Valdez

    “Effective health care depends on self-care; this fact is currently heralded as if it were a discovery.”

    ― Ivan Illich


  46. Monica Conover

    You had me at SKIN CARE! I’m in my mid 30’s, and to avoid aging I have been trying everything in the skin care market! Of course I’d much rather use naturals for my skin instead of these chemical that I’m not even sure if helping at all!

  47. Catherine Francis Meyers

    It makes me happy to see more and more people quit eating meat everyday. It seems either people are getting more conscious, or health-conscious. Either way it’s a good thin! 🙂

    • Alison Hayashi

      No matter what their reason may be, I’m just glad more people are choosing the right thing to do!

  48. Alexandra Harrison

    Audible is life! It helped me through a very dark phase in my life. Well, the audio self help books I purchased on Audible…

  49. Nancy Musselman

    I feel lucky that I don’t like cheese! It makes being a vegan much easier. I also heard that it can be very addictive. I don’t care if it’s just food, anything that is addictive is bad in my eyes.

  50. Klara Tytus

    Never a better time than now, indeed. Due to our unhealthy life styles and low quality food we are served by food producers everybody easily get sick and catch diseases.

    • Angelika J. Huntington

      True… It has so much to do with what we eat. I switched to completely organic and I’ve never felt more refreshed and healthier!

  51. Lucretia Asher

    I don’t mean to pry, but I’m curious, so I hope this isn’t a too personal question… When did you become a vegan? Was it before or after you had cancer?

  52. Joel Bonpensiero

    Sorry to hear that you had to fight a battle against cancer, but very happy to hear that you won it. 🙂

  53. Lena Dzeko

    This is why I love the Urbanette Magazine so much! It’s not just fun and games, but it’s rather informational and educational most of the time.

  54. Ritch Megan

    The audiobook is very addicting! I started listening to it last year, and I have a lot of audiobook on my laptop.

  55. Patti Linkous

    Normally this type of articles would bore me, but as I get older, turning 30 next year, I start feeling more interested in health, medicine and healthy lifestyles. Either I’m maturing and getting more intellectual or I’m getting paranoid about again haha

  56. Jessica Castillo

    These all are so new and the least to say interesting to me. Enlightened by you once again. Appreciate it.

  57. Jossen Row

    Audiobook is good, if you are a busy person and don’t want to strain your eyes, after looking into the laptop screen whole day. But still interested in knowing things and stories.

  58. Irene Morales

    I believe that nature has the power to heal anything. If you live and eat right, I think you’re safe. All those medicine are made out of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Of course with a touch of chemicals. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying not to go see a doctor or use modern medicine. I’m just trying to make a point here.

  59. Eloise Ferris

    I love audio books as a way to screen nonfiction books. I am always trying to learn more and research my books. I used this to great advantage researching my first book. Amazon.com: One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business Even If You Have No Money or Experience (9780996118606): Michael L. F. Slavin: Books I listened to a book, if there was good information I would buy it and then read it with a high lighter. It allowed me also to get concepts, that I could research further. It gave me an extra 1 1/2-2 hours a day between exercise and driving and allowed me to go through an extra book every week, besides my regular reading.

  60. Angelo Henderso

    Reading an actual book in quiet circumstances leads to better retention and application. Our research center just had some European visitors who did this study including the effects of background music. I think the researchers were from Sweden, but if and when I make it back to this question, I’ll cite their research. An individual might think otherwise, but the tested reality is that’s wishful thinking.

  61. Genie Mackenzie

    I work at home-mostly drawing and I’ve found audiobooks both great company and probably better than having the TV on in the background. When I asked about performance I was thinking specifically of a number of audiobooks for younger readers, YA or middle readers, where the voice acting was so over the top that it greatly diminished the experience.

  62. Selli Coaze

    When I used to spend over 20 hours a week commuting I found audiobooks invaluable. I listened to numerous books on business, marketing and self improvement. That is probably more classroom time than many university students receive.

  63. April Henry

    I really enjoy audio books in the car where they make traffic bearable, at the supermarket where long lines no longer bother me, or when walking just about anywhere. I know there are cognitive differences between reading and listening but I find them equally gratifying. However, I can’t seem to just sit down in a chair and ‘read’ an audio book the way I would a printed one. My eyes and thoughts begin to wander within minutes. So I tend to read and not listen at home.

  64. Juli Woods

    For me as others have mentioned, the biggest disadvantage is if you miss a thought or don’t quit get it, it is hard to go back over it. Plus it is impossible to really remember everything, you really have to get the book too, if you want to extract specific thoughts. Still the audio books are great for my purpose.

  65. Artur Piterson

    Driving long distance with an audiobook is a pleasure that a paper edition can’t replicate. 😉

  66. Lusi Martin

    I feel that I have a fair grasp of french now, and would like to begin listening to audiobooks.

  67. Jessi Agusta

    You are an inspiration to us, Hilary. My friend is suffering from a serious disease, and she’s losing hope. I always tell her that she has to be strong for her family, and to us, and friends. I want to share your story, and your advised audiobooks to her so that she can fully recover.

  68. Honey Smith

    I can’t believe that you had cancer before. Thank God you are fine and survived that kind if disease. Cancer is not a joke because it kills a lot of people every year.

  69. Nixon

    It is our 2nd wedding anniversary, and my wife loves to listen to audiobooks. What do you think is the best audiobook for her?

    • Bela Christo

      Everything is just good. Buy her everything.

  70. Maria Bruce

    I want to try The Beauty Detox. I have these pimples on my face, and whatever beauty product I use, it still there. I guess if I follow their tips, I will achieve the flawless skin I want.

  71. Quin Meri

    NYC is a busy place, I’m living in NYC, and cooking is not my thing. If you want us to be healthy, ask the restaurant to cook healthier food because people like me do not have time to cook.

  72. Paul Daiz

    My wife needs these books. She’s recovering from an illness, and I want her to be strong. The doctor says that she will be fine, and there’s no need to worry.

  73. Ana Brose

    WHAAAAHAAAAAT. CHEESE!!! I love cheese, and yeah it’s real that cheese is addicting. My doctor said that containing to much cheese is bad for the health, and I don’t believe him because I love cheeeeeese!!!!

  74. Monalisa

    How can you resist meat? I can’t live without meat! You can’t force me to e a veg be a vegan. Why would you live the unhappy life, while you can live it happily by doing something wrong?

  75. Cries Moris

    I’m a meat lover, and I don’t think I can give it up. Right now, I’m eating pizza with a lot of pepperonis, and I was thinking if I can change my traditional toppings to vegetable toppings.

  76. Jenifer Jeni

    I believe in self-healing. I prefer to use the natural medicines that to use drugs because there are a side effect drinking drugs.

  77. Martin Juyes

    My wife loves to listen to audiobooks. Listening to them is her past time, and even while driving, she’s reading it in the car. Sometimes, I missed NBA games because she was listening from the living room. Lol.

  78. My aunt has cancer, and I don’t want her to burden herself because of her illness. We never tried giving her audiobooks, but I will suggest it to my family. She’s recovering now, and I don’t want her to get bored while she’s recovering because she still wasn’t fit to work.

    • Good thing that she’s recovering, I hope she gets well very soon!

  79. Mary Beyer

    Thanks for these audiobooks! I’m done listening to some audiobooks, and I’m looking for new one. This would be great!

  80. Brett Lee

    What about the diet pills? Are they good, or bad? I want my girlfriend to lessen the use of diet pills because it might destroy her internal organs, but she said that it is just fine because if it is not, it won’t be out of the market, and drug stores.

    • Jeni Morgan

      It depends on what you use, but I think it is not advisable to use pills.

  81. Is that for real? I’m a cheese lover!!! I can’t take this anymore. Oh seriously? Do I have to stop eating cheese? NO!!! I thought it’s healthy, but I’m wrong with this one.

  82. Ann Amos

    SHOOT! I’m that type of person who relies on medicine. Whenever I feel something is wrong with me, I drink medicine immediately because I know that it will heal me.

  83. Donna Mack

    MeaninYou have to eat vegetables to have a beautiful skin? Hmmm.. So I have to switch to vegan now?

  84. Rebecca Bogert

    I was a bookworm before, but then someone introduced to me the AUDIOBOOKS, and I started using it. At first, I find it uncomfortable, but then I see the advantage of audiobooks to the real book. I can listen to them whenever I want, and that’s the good thing about these books, you don’t need a physical book.

  85. Barbara Burchfield

    That’s what I like about the audiobook, you can listen to them whatever you are doing.

  86. Kelly Milone

    WHAT? WHAT? You had cancer before? OMG! IS that for real?had cancer before? OMG! IS that for real?

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