The Best Online Courses, Free or Cheap


The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses

Want to become an entrepreneur or advance your career? Learning new skills is easier than you think!



WordPress is leading the blogging and website world with its topnotch widgets, beautiful themes, and business background. WP101 teaches you the ends and out of WordPress, which can be very beneficial financially. It teaches you how to create WordPress themes that you can sell, and how to create website using WordPress tools. You can start learning for only $15 a month.


WPBeginner says they’re sick of people charging for lessons in WordPress, so they started their own online video-based classes for free. They’re definitely geared at beginners, and they’ll teach you stuff like how to make posts, categories, etc. A good place to start if you’ve never used WordPress before.

One Month

One Month is on the pricier end, and offers courses in programming, plus a few online marketing-related courses. Their courses mostly consist of 6 hours of videos plus some resources. Prices range from free (for shorter courses, like their course on command line), to about $280. I’m considering taking their growth hacking course for $75.

The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses


This site has millions of tutorials on many different things. This site is great if you want to start a specific type of business because it has tutorials on how to start and run hundreds of types of businesses. Like how to start your own hair salon or how to start working at home.

E-How or Wiki-How

Everyone has seen these sites before. These sites are the first thing that pops up in Google when you search for something. These sites will teach you how to do almost anything. You can learn by reading or via videos. All you have to do is Google what you want to learn and wiki-how or e-how will show up on your feed. These sites are also great if you want to write your own tutorials and get some extra money. Every time some clicks on your tutorial, you get paid a certain amount. So, after your finished learning a new skill create your own tutorial to bring in some extra money.

Expert Village

This is a popular YouTube channel that will teach you literally anything you want to learn. They are popular for food DIY’s like cake decorating. They also teach exercises like Yoga or Belly dancing or even sports like golf. They also have videos on massage therapy.

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  1. Luthi Sanders

    Online courses have been prevalent for many years now, It just needs a little more boost and a little more advertisement for it to really be considered a new mode of education.

  2. Nancy Smith

    My mom always said too much computer will rot my brain, now I’m gonna show her how I can learn from this computer I have now. thank you for this

  3. Maria Rapier

    Is there a course for being a social justice warrior? Seems like It’s booming nowadays, every time I go online social justice warriors are in the comments section spreading their brand of justice.

  4. Mary Beyer

    Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, or maybe I just don’t like change. but I don’t want my kids learning through their computers at home. I just feel having other humans to interact with will benefit them more than being cooped up in their room.

  5. Linda Williams

    Having the convenience of learning at home makes it a double edged sword actually. sure you can learn in comfort, but you can also be so lazy you just forget you even enrolled in an online class.

  6. Carol Joyner

    If let’s say I enrolled and didn’t fully consume what I paid for do I get a refund?

  7. Ani Hoker

    Isn’t it kinda scary? like having a 1on1 tutor? speaking behind the keyboard i can handle, having a video call to a stranger i think i can’t :/

  8. Marina Bozek

    Thank you for this great article, I always learn new things from youtube tutorials. It’s good, but I can’t ask something I didn’t understand, now by having an online tutor I can pace my self to get whatever he’she is teaching me.

  9. Selli Coaze

    Constantly improving oneself is such a beautiful struggle. Nobody knows how vast we can learn at the same time nobody knows how much we can retain of that knowledge. such is the way of life.

  10. Maria Bruce

    A question? do we get a certificate if we finish a course? Like do they send it to us?

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