The Best Online Courses, Free or Cheap


The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses

Want to become an entrepreneur or advance your career? Learning new skills is easier than you think!


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If you love to cook or want to learn how to cook this is a great site. It has thousands of recipes and more are posted each day. They have videos that teach you basic cooking skills or others skills if you’re an intermediate or expert. There are recipes from different countries, and you can also post your own recipes for people to comment on.


Everyone has heard of YouTube. YouTube is one of the best sites to learn a new skill or knowledge. The site has everything you can think of from beauty and makeup to home improvement. Ron Hazelton is a popular YouTuber who has a YouTube channel dedicated to nothing but DIY home improvement from painting to wallpaper. Just go to the YouTube search bar and type in anything you want to learn and there will be a video there t will teach you. You can learn how to salsa dance or improve your photography and HTML skills. YouTube has endless possibilities.


Pinterest has a whole category dedicated to DIY. This site relies heavily on crafts, home improvement and beauty, but it also has links to other sites that involve creative skills, business and technical skills. A great board to follow is Buzzfeed DIY board because they have tutorials for almost anything.

The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses

It doesn’t matter what website you choose from the list, each one can benefit your life in a different way. If you want to bring some extra money into your life, try the technology-focused sites like Code Academy or Code Avengers. If you’re creative and like to work with your hands, pick up a crafting skill and try Pinterest. Want to take up a free college class? Then, try Academic Earth or CourseEra.

Not sure which coding language to learn first? Maybe this will help:

The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses

What sites have you tried? What other sites should we include in this list? Have you taken a course? What did you think and what are your tips?

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  1. Luthi Sanders

    Online courses have been prevalent for many years now, It just needs a little more boost and a little more advertisement for it to really be considered a new mode of education.

  2. Nancy Smith

    My mom always said too much computer will rot my brain, now I’m gonna show her how I can learn from this computer I have now. thank you for this

  3. Maria Rapier

    Is there a course for being a social justice warrior? Seems like It’s booming nowadays, every time I go online social justice warriors are in the comments section spreading their brand of justice.

  4. Mary Beyer

    Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, or maybe I just don’t like change. but I don’t want my kids learning through their computers at home. I just feel having other humans to interact with will benefit them more than being cooped up in their room.

  5. Linda Williams

    Having the convenience of learning at home makes it a double edged sword actually. sure you can learn in comfort, but you can also be so lazy you just forget you even enrolled in an online class.

  6. Carol Joyner

    If let’s say I enrolled and didn’t fully consume what I paid for do I get a refund?

  7. Ani Hoker

    Isn’t it kinda scary? like having a 1on1 tutor? speaking behind the keyboard i can handle, having a video call to a stranger i think i can’t :/

  8. Marina Bozek

    Thank you for this great article, I always learn new things from youtube tutorials. It’s good, but I can’t ask something I didn’t understand, now by having an online tutor I can pace my self to get whatever he’she is teaching me.

  9. Selli Coaze

    Constantly improving oneself is such a beautiful struggle. Nobody knows how vast we can learn at the same time nobody knows how much we can retain of that knowledge. such is the way of life.

  10. Maria Bruce

    A question? do we get a certificate if we finish a course? Like do they send it to us?

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