5 Brain-Boosting Foods


Do you ever wonder about Albert Einstein’s diet? Perhaps I have too much time on my hands, but you have to admit, it would be interesting to know what made him so smart? I bet you his diet had a lot to do with it. Food is medicine. I firmly believe that. It not only fuels our body, but also our minds. Are you eating the foods that will enhance cognitive performance, or hinder it?

There are many foods that help to boost cognitive performance, but I am going to focus on 5 foods that will supercharge your mind and have your family and friends calling you Einstein, in no time.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods


Let’s face it-we are getting older every day. As we get older, we have less blood flow to certain parts of the brain. Behold the beet!!! Drinking beet juice restores blood flow to the parts of the brain that are compromised when we get older, improving cognitive function. For those of you who have juicers, this brain-boosting ingredient should be in every glass. If not, stop by a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and pick yourself up a bottle of beet juice. Your brain will thank you.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods


Have you ever looked at the shape of a walnut? What does it remind you of? That’s right, a brain. How clever is that? It is shaped like a brain and it helps to enhance your brain function. Walnuts are the only nut source that contain ALA ( alpha-linolenic acid), which helps to promote blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to your brain. Walnuts help to improve memory, learning, and motor skill coordination. So grab a handful and get crackin’.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods


I consider garlic an amazing superfood. It is obviously not something that you want to consume before you go to work every day; garlic-breath is not a good way to make friends. But eating these nuts will help you perform better at work. Not to mention, according to research published by the medical journal “Cancer”, by the American Cancer Society, garlic has been found to stave off some forms of brain cancer by killing off glioblastoma cells, which are malignant tumor cells. Garlic also protects our brain from inflammation that could lead to conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods


Dr. Steven Pratt coined the term “brainberries” when describing these blue bursts of goodness. Studies have shown that blueberries protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Sprinkle them over your salad or buy organic frozen blueberries and add them into your morning smoothie.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods


Avocados, are loaded with monounsaturated fats, which improve blood flow. Healthy blood flow=healthy brain. Plus, there are tons of ways to eat them. Did you know that avocados are the ingredient in smoothies that make them so darn rich and creamy? But don’t worry — your smoothie won’t taste like avocado, since they take on the flavor of the smoothie. Or you can simply slice it in half, remove the pit, squeeze a lemon over it and add a dusting of himalayan salt. Guacamole is another great way to eat avocado.

If Einstein were here today, he would agree. Incorporate these superfoods into your diet and watch your cognitive performance soar.

Do you eat specific foods because you know they’re good for you?

Ramona Fasula is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and owner of Wellness by Ramona. She helps busy professionals to feel confident, secure, and in control of their health by designing customized wellness programs. Ramona is the published author of “A Health Coach’s Guide to Heart Health”, and recently launched a series of healthy living ebooks.


  1. Naincy Winget

    Thanks for sharing! nuts and berries really help to improve brain function. I surely try it. Nice one.

  2. Monika Smith

    Eating healthy foods is good to the mind as well as to the physical health. We can think properly and do things without facing any health problems. We can also avoid having diseases. Thanks for sharing this article .

  3. Sarah Ubitel

    Jeez, I feel like I should be eating these items everyday. Gonna stock up this weekend at Whole Foods!

  4. Charlotte Gurley

    Thank you for sharing these tips. Eating well is good for anyone’s mental as well as physical health. I will try to follow this advice, especially when I have to study. I’m actually consuming blueberries because they are good in improving and delaying short term memory loss. I hope they’ll give me a boost!

  5. Anna Davis

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading it. Nuts and berries really helps to improve brain function. Eating healthy foods is good to the mind as well as to the physical health. We can think properly and do things without facing any health problems. Keep on posting.☺

  6. Elsie Spurlock

    Very interesting and informative article about brain health.
    It has been proven that by eating these foods, can boost my IQ and improve my mood. With these brain boosting foods I wil be more emotionally stable, sharpen my memory and keep my mind young. This was just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Tiffany Norris

    These are all really great items! I love eating sardines and bananas because they are brain-boosters too!

  8. Kim Hartford

    My goodness. Everything on the list is part of my regular diet. Maybe I’ll get smarter and smarter. God knows I have a long way to go to brilliant 🙂 hahaha

  9. Sasha Rosswell

    Thanks for the list. This article makes me want to eat healthier. I must try harder…

  10. Jennifer McSween

    Very interesting article, full of such helpful and useful information. Happy to see I eat a third of them regularly. 🙂

  11. Sabrina Grattidge

    Excellent, good to know. I eat most of these- good to see walnuts on the list- I use garlic with almost everything I cook. Thanks for posting. Good info.

  12. Diana Hewitt

    Great information. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Great foods here – love them all and eat most regularly! One needs all the help they can get with brain and memory! 🙂

  13. Lynn Hayes

    Nice article. Very informative. Thank you! It appears I have a
    well-balanced, healthy diet. 🙂

  14. Roberta Bennett

    Informative article. Thank you for caring and sharing. These are all good foods to eat anyway. 🙂

  15. Christina Brown

    I love this topic as I have been reading all about brain function and enhancers to improve my memory. I’m Keen for more articles on improving brain power. I am using and eating more on plants and herbs and all of the foods above. We all need to see, and read this more often. This will surely be read again and again.📃

  16. Frances Seifert

    Well I have 4 out of the 5 you listed on a daily basis, I don’t usually take blueberries, instead I take cranberries instead.

  17. Amanda Roberts

    People are always looking for the fountain of youth. Best way to keep your brain sharp? Read and stimulate it. You can eat pounds of blueberries, but if you are a slow poke it isn’t going to help you.

  18. Merry Robinson

    An important article to wake up to. They are indeed a smart food for every age. I will eat all of them if I will get enough of the right nutrients to support healthy cognitive function and improve my memory. I will share this post to my family and friends. Thanks for posting this!😊🍪🍴

  19. Kimberly Thompson

    I eat the above foods because I like them… I question whether they make me smarter or if I’m smart for liking them. 😉

  20. Emma Blackwood

    I agree with each food you named in the article, but you are not suppose to eat anything on a daily basis, for you will have too much of something that is not good.

  21. Catherine White

    Instead of blueberry there is a chokeberry (Aronia) that has much more concentrated flavonoids per weight. It’s also cheaper. I’m eating it and drinking wine of it and I can confirm that the advantages of the berries in the text above are true. 🙂

  22. Nicky Bryan

    Great article. Very helpful tips too. Now that we know what to eat, could you also tell us what not to eat, please? Who knows what unhealthy things we are eating, thinking they’re healthy!

  23. Pearl Nguyen

    I love putting frozen blueberries in a bowl and snacking on them with a toothpick. It beats eating candy. Also I’m buying a lot of beets tomorrow.

  24. Mary Johnston

    Our brains thrive on exercise, both physical and mental. A good example is to read books,walk, run, do puzzles. Eating healthy foods like you’ve mentioned above is essential too. Any learning improves your memory and brain power. This is a must read and helpful!

  25. Doris Tate

    Thanks for sharing this amazing information. I was already using some of these in my diet. I love bluberries and walnuts. I will try to avocado and beets. Both of these look good.

  26. Leslie Williams

    The above are all great foods. I would like to suggest “tea”, such as green or black tea due to their high amount of polyphenols. Brussels sprouts and broccoli are also called “brain maker” foods.

  27. Lucia Pittman

    You did a great job on this post. Keep up the great job!
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and advice.

    • Thank you so much. I love having different forums so that I can share my knowledge with others.

  28. Emily Wentz

    I regularly eat several of the foods recommended in the article. I have eaten avacado several times per week for many years now. I believe it is one of the healthiest foods one can eat.

    • Avocadoes are amazing. Did you know that they have more protein than cow’s milk?

  29. Sibel Jenkinson

    Amazing tips. Thanks. The brain can be productive and positive or a waste of time and energy. If you meditate, you are productively creating a healthy life style that influences the brain. The body is the result of your thinking. You can support your body in healthy food that is a symptom of a healthy brain. The cause is thought.

  30. Pamela Sanabria

    I have always been an inquiring reader – I vary my reading – high literature with poetry and scientific theories and techniques which help to raise consciousness – a few years ago I reread thousands of pages of all the reading that I considered to have had a huge influence on my development – an attempt at an intellectual recapitulation – this was quite fruitful and I felt quite stimulated by reassessing at a later stage in my life what had so inspired me at an earlier stage – the exercise of the thinking process through reflection and meditative consideration must, to my mind, be an adjunct to overall brain health – in the 60’s we use to say “use your brain or lose your brain” 😉

  31. Delilah Peyton

    I am always eager, as an aging adult, to learn ways to fortify my brain, and these are all great suggestions, most of which I was not aware of.

    • I’m glad you got something out of the article. Feed your brain natural, healthy foods and your brain will respond in a positive way. Food is medicine.

  32. Kaitlyn Barrett

    Years back, I had read an article that stated a particular (uncommon) walnut breed had significant amount of omega-3 for a plant source. Now I see regular walnuts touted as a source of omega-3 everywhere. Is it really true? Or is that just sensationalism?

  33. Camila Hilhorst

    All of the suggested foods are great Brain Foods. Even better than blueberries are the European version called Bilberries. And whenever possible, buy wild grown berries.

    • Thank you for your comment. Bilberries are amazing as well. They are especially great for eye health. Pilots in World War II would them to see better at night.

  34. Helena Stevens

    Nature has it folks, mix it up don’t settle for just a few, each food is “super/unique”, so try to get as many of the foods as possible in your diet.. They have a very positive influence on your anti-oxidant systems which prevents us from “rusting.”..cheers !

  35. Andrea Mitchell

    Yes, walnuts are a good source of omega-3. Also omega-6. The latter doesn’t get mentioned here because omega-6 has been given such a bad name because it is the substance that is taken from seeds and processed into “vegetable oils”. But if you are going to eat walnuts, you might as well know you are going to get both omega-6 and omega-3, in about a 4:1 ratio (ideal). If the nuts are fresh, and if already shelled, just make sure you eat them before they sit around a long time, or keep them refrigerated. All unsaturated oils are perishable. This even includes the monounsaturated oils in olive oil and avocados.

    • Olivia Peterson

      You really don’t need to eat many walnuts to get several days supply of omega-6 and omega-3. Our bodies need very little of these substances, and walnuts are 65% oil, and 3/4 of this walnut oil is either omega-6 or omega-3.

  36. Sydney Nowak

    Personally I would add carrots to the list. I also might throw in some high cocoa (low sugar) chocolate. I know it’s not really a food but I am also a big fan of coffee. Green tea is also very nice. You get the picture.

  37. Shannon Bradley

    You have no idea how short my memory is!!!!! I hope these help me improve it at least a tad. Thanks.

  38. Anna Kaplan

    I love that these are all vegan food. It suits my diet. I saw many other articles on the web about it, but they all suggest fish and animal products… No thank you.

  39. Betty O'Leary

    Thank you for a very interesting and informative article on brain boosting healthy food.I am really interested in knowing more about food that really helps people using their brain in a more healthier and balanced way.

    • Thank you. Food is medicine. I firmly believe that. Food fuels our body and minds. If you take care of your body, then your body will take care of you.

  40. Julia MacLean

    Very interesting and informative article about brain health!

    It has been proven that by eating the right food, you can boost your IQ, improve your mood, be more emotionally stable, sharpen your memory and keep your mind young.

    Your body ages as you get older, your brain often does too but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO! You can still have a healthy mind at your old age by eating the best brain foods.

  41. Wow! Amazing to know about these foods! Let me try and will send you feedback…

  42. Celine Carter

    Thank you for the article, I enjoyed reading it. I have done a bit of reading on walnuts in particular. I often hear that it is really healthy but did not know all the benefits it offers. Walnuts, containing fibre and essential fats and a lot of protein, contributes not only to a healthy mind but also to physical health, such as your skin appearance.

    • Walnuts are an incredible superfood. If you look at the shape of a walnut, it looks like a brain. I don’t think that was an accident. Walnuts are amazing for brain health. Things that make you go Hmmm!!!!

  43. Franny Pimms

    Thanks for sharing! nuts and berries really helps to improve brain function. I also suggest cinnamon. 🙂

  44. Lana Urie

    This is an awesome list. But it surprised me that Green Tea and some other items (like Vinpocetine) were not included in the list. Regardless, I think this is a great introductory list, I’m definitely going to be looking to eat more of these food.

    • There are many other healthy brain foods. In fact, it was hard to narrow the list down to 5. You’re right about green tea. I usually have two cups a day. Its super healthy for many reasons.

  45. Monica Conover

    Such a helpful and useful article. I’m a total health nut. All of these foods you suggested will now have their place in my kitchen.

    • I’m glad you liked the article. You definitely want to make those 5 foods a staple in your kitchen. You will definitely notice a difference when you consume them.

  46. Marina Henderson

    Eating healthy foods is good to the mind as well as to the physical health. We can think properly and do things without facing any health problems. We can also avoid having diseases. Anyway thanks for sharing this. Keep on posting 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. People don’t realize that food really is medicine. You can use food to counteract the effects of any condition that you are suffering from.

  47. Thank you for sharing these tips! I will try to follow your advice, especially when I have to study. I hope they’ll give me a boost!

    • You’re welcome. Those foods will definitely make a difference in your cognitive performance. Good luck!!!

  48. Great article. I love this topic as I have been reading all about brain function and natural cognitive enhancers. Keen for more articles on improving brain power.

    • Glad you like it. Many studies are now being performed on the healing power of food and how it can enhance brain performance.

  49. I’ve proven peanuts as brain booster, kept me alert. Well, I used to eat them (back in college) while memorizing 😉

  50. Well, nothing wrong if I try these foods. Guess I need brain booster nowadays, LOL

  51. It is my habit to find good restaurants (and even write about them). But honestly, me and my friends prioritize food taste. After reading your article, I guess we need to add criteria in labeling a restaurant a good one — that is if it offers “brain boosting” foods on their menu!

  52. Okay, I think I’m going to have “more” avocado intake. I did not know avocado causes healthy blood flow. Thanks for the info! I’m going to share this with friends!

  53. Interesting article! I’m more concerned with food for my brain (more than my body)…

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