10 Bucket List Things Every Girl Needs to Have Before Turning 30

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10 Things Every Girl Should Have Before Turning 30

Ten things every woman needs to help make her 30s the best decade yet.


Turning 30 was more than a milestone for me; it was a rite of passage. It meant I survived the beautiful mistakes and epic self-doubt of my 20s and was ready to move into bona fide “big girl” status. My 20s were a decade of wild nights, dating tragedies and learning, but 30 heralded the arrival of an evolved, ready-for-prime-time me. If you’re looking at 30 soon, you can make a smooth(er) transition by arming yourself with these essentials to a grown-up repertoire:

Essential #1: A Soul Sister

#Besties! Your 20s are more fun with a true best friend who shares your pain in hangovers and heartbreak. She wants you to be happy, loves you at your worst, tells you how it is and laughs alongside you when life gets rough. It’s a genuine two-sided friendship that’ll stand the test of time.

10 Things Every Girl Should Have Before Turning 30

Essential #2: Confidence

If you have authentic confidence, you have power—power to grow in a career, fall in love, find strength in weakness and live happily. Confidence is palpable. It’s the consequence of emotionally healthy thinking and a positive support system. Experience cultivates confidence, but a girl can grow her confidence with a few challenges:

  • Don’t overestimate others and underestimate yourself.
  • Rely on logic to drive your thoughts.
  • Quit jealously. It does you no good, and everybody has their own (often serious) issues you don’t know about and wouldn’t want.
  • Find your own perception of beauty. Don’t buy into the narrow definition of ‘beauty’ that the media pushes; remember that it’s designed to make women insecure so they buy more beauty products.
  • Simply: love yourself. Don’t let others into your inner circle who don’t love and respect you.

Essential #3: Your Own Sophisticated Style

A gal’s closet evolves throughout her 20s. Versatile pieces for the office start to take prominence over graphic urban T-shirts and denim cutoffs. Mixing and matching becomes the fashion objective, rather than short, tight and revealing. Welcome the days of carrying a designer messenger bag to work instead of your favorite clear iridescent backpack. Personal style is essential to a woman’s identity and creative self-expression, and is second only to her independence and convictions.

10 Things Every Girl Should Have Before Turning 30

Essential #4: A Growing Savings Account

Saving is sexy. Even if you set aside $25 per paycheck, you’re practicing financial responsibility, and that’s hot. Building an emergency fund should be a budget priority. Give yourself the goal of saving 10 percent of each paycheck. If 10 percent is too steep, commit to actively saving what you can manage. As your funds grow, so will your dedication to healthy financial management.

10 Things Every Girl Should Have Before Turning 30

Essential #5: A Luminary To Look Up To

From the worldly business success of Diane von Furstenberg to Brigitte Bardot’s enviable beauty, the accomplishments or famed attributes of a personal heroine can inspire and empower a girl on a quest of self-discovery. Your 20s are your learning years. You may have found yourself buckling under insecurities, making mistakes and getting lost a time or two. While enduring these years, a strong female role model can keep your spirit ablaze. Ask yourself who’s at the cornerstone of your admiration and passions? Make her the luminary of your 30s.

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  1. I tend to think of myself as an “it’s never too late” kind of person. It’s never too late to move to a new city. It’s never too late to change your career. It’s never too late to learn Spanish. Some might call it delusion, but I call it optimism. Having this one read, I realize that there are plenty of experiences I can still do and if the I just hope the opportunity presents itself. 🙂

  2. Caroline Soloviev

    I agree with the confidence tip. Like, so much. That’s the most important in our life according to me …

  3. I love this list! How many of these have you accomplished, Hilary?! ? ✔

  4. Amanda Wilson

    The truth is, I’m writing my own bucket list and it’s very exhausting (and frustrating at one point). Thanks for giving me wonderful idea!

  5. Mikaela Campbell

    This list is very useful! Thanks a bunch!

  6. Andrea Jones

    Your list inspired me… #strivetobebetter

  7. Eloise Ferris

    Excellent list of goals. Luckily I have accomplished some of these (now that I’m in my mid-20s)

  8. Deidre Timm

    As I age gracefully, I’ve discovered that health is a big deal!

  9. Rosalia Russell

    Awesome article! Good thing I found my “soul sister” before 30…

  10. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I love this list! How many of these have you accomplished, Hilary?! ? ✔

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