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Career Advice from 5 Powerful Silicon Valley Women

5 powerful female leaders in the tech world give their ceiling-shattering advice.

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Sure, I could kick off this article with all sorts of glum stats about the lack of women in top spots in business in general and in the IT fields in particular. Heck, I’ve been in tech since I was 15, so I know it firsthand. I’ll indulge you this one — according to Business Insider, women hold just 11 percent of the executive positions in Silicon Valley tech companies. Blech. It’s bleak, I know.

Career Advice from 5 Powerful Silicon Valley Women

But it’s getting better.

Want proof? Check out this article from The New Yorker that details the ways the hole in the glass ceiling is getting larger. Yes, there are obvious problems with gender diversity in the tech fields and yes, we have miles to go. But some women have risen to the top and are empowering a new generation of women in the industry with their success.

Not only does gender equality provide diverse ideas, but it also fosters the next generation of female leaders by providing like-minded role models and mentors that are often instrumental to one’s success.

Women need to help women to succeed. And in that spirit, here’s a look at five of the most influential and inspiring women in Silicon Valley; how they got there and their glass ceiling-shattering advice:

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  1. Monika Smith

    Very inspiring career advice.I love this topic . this is very useful for women who just about to start their career. Every women need to read this . this is very helpful and inspiring article .

  2. Pasty Clin

    HEY! Hilary,
    Great job. I read lots of article of yours . Your exuberance is refreshing. I start utilizing the information you have give in this article . I am a big fan of yours, 🙂 🙂

  3. Melani Kalev

    “There’s only a barrier to success if you acknowledge one.” Applicable in so many situations.
    There have been many great changes for women these past years. Women’s suffrage in Switzerland was introduced only in 1971!!! for example. Things have changed a lot!
    No woman should ever think that something’s impossible just because of her gender. If it hasn’t done before, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Or if there aren’t many women doing it, still doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
    But it’s also important to keep in mind that strong women empower other women. I’m in my 20s and since my very teenage years, empowering each other isn’t really what society teaches us and therefore, it isn’t what girls feel “normal” to do. Everything’s a race for being prettier, more successful, thinner, fitter, stronger, richer, more popular, etc. I think that to get women more comfortable with being corporate giants amongst men, for example, they need to first be comfortable with each other. As it has been said, you can go/work faster when going alone, but you’ll go further when going together.

  4. My girl friends would love to read this article!

  5. Francis Woods

    I’ve never seen these women’s stories so clearly laid out. When you put it the way you wrote it, they’re really super inspiring! Like, genuinely!!

  6. Ansley Barrington

    I admire these women 🙂 The most important career advice I received when I was starting was “never stop looking for opportunities to grow and learn.”

    Professional development never stop! Don’t think (or assume) you “know everything” because there’s always something that needs to be learned!

  7. Whenever women are “tough” in business, they get a bad rap. Too bit$hy, etc. Double standard when it comes to men, who are rewarded for similar traits. Article like these will help to reshape awareness around the lingering inequities between the sexes, and move the needle on ending gender inequality. Bravo Urbanette!

  8. Arabella Clarington

    Wonderful article! Women, who are starting their career(s) MUST read this!

    One of the career lessons I’ve learned is that, we, women SHOULD LEARN to NEGOTIATE EARLY and OFTEN. A factor contributing to “continuing gender wage gap” is the lack of negotiation (for women).

    We really need women empowerment!

  9. Trish Potter

    Excellent career advice and inspiration for women – and from women who have made it to the top. Wish I’d read this article about 10 years ago!

  10. Hannah Mayers

    More often than not, we can’t avoid being influenced by others’ comments. I totally agree with Meg Whitman. We, women can do what we want to do. We should not think about what others are saying about our career direction. We MUST dream AND act, we NEED to believe AND plan and surely, we’ll accomplish great things 🙂

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