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Stars Are Just like Us… Sort Of

Proof that celebrities are just like us – before the glamor shots.


Let’s face facts. Whenever we grab the latest magazine and see our favorite celebrity on the cover, all we can think to ourselves is, “I’m never going to look that good!” or “If only I had a trainer to whip my butt into shape…” It’s crazy how a simple magazine cover or a TV show can send us into a downward spiral making us feel bad about our looks (heck, our entire life!)

Stars Are Just like Us… Sort OfWe spend hours on the treadmill to obtain those Jennifer Aniston’s gams or buying fresh salmon from your local grocery store because you read somewhere that Jennifer Lopez uses it to get her perfect skin.

The idea of an average person looking up to a celebrity has been around ever since the word “celebrity” was developed.

However, there’s good news for those of us that manage to live without an entourage that caters to our every whim: Celebrities are human too.

Maybe that is why US Weekly has a section in their magazine called, “Stars Are Just Like Us.” It softens the blow to see Halle Berry carrying trash to the curb of her mansion or Kim Kardashian grabbing something from Starbucks while a million photographers harass her. To convince us that celebrities live lives just like we do, except theirs is slightly more magnified than the rest.

Stars Are Just like Us… Sort Of

After all, taking at look at some of these visual examples of what celebrities actually look like (before a professional team gets their hands on them) should help us feel a bit better about ourselves. And, just like us, these celebrities probably have a ton of insecurities that they need to work on improving.

Stars Are Just like Us… Sort Of

You see it all the time in the media, that photo of a celebrity at their worse. As a society, we don’t just want to see a celebrity at their best, we want to know what goes on behind the scenes. The world is just dying to know what REALLY goes on when a celebrity loses control. It creates discussions for the water cooler, however, one thing we must remember is that although they might live in a world that’s not very relatable to us regular civilians; they are humans with feelings and no one deserves to be talked about when we don’t really know them.

Stars Are Just like Us… Sort OfThe more I think about it, the more I realize that celebrities are in fact just like us. They make mistakes daily, just like we do. Except when they make a mistake it is magnified, they have to hire a seasoned public relations team to come up with a public statement and they have to do major damage control.

Just read the tabloids and you’ll realize that there are enough scandals, mishaps and whatnot to make us feel good about ourselves and to help us realize that they are in fact not gods, but human. For example…

  1. Paris Jackson – Her suicide attempt was heard around the world and created a desperate cry for help. Luckily, she has an incredible amount of support and checked into a posh rehabilitation center. Not everyone is so lucky… but it just goes to show that just because your father was rich and famous, it doesn’t mean your life will be perfect.
  2. Justin Bieber – His constant promotion of smoking marijuana sparked an uproar amongst his beloved “Beliebers” on Twitter. Pictures of his many fans threatening to kill themselves if he doesn’t stop smoking led to major controversy. Fortunately, the images were a hoax and everyone was safe. However, it just goes to show you the power of social media and the power of celebrity. Regardless, of how famous you are. There is a sense of responsibility that one must take into careful consideration.
  3. Cory Monteith – The extremely unfortunate passing of the Glee star from a drug overdose left the world stunned. His battle with addiction overcame him and he left many fans, family and loved ones perplexed and lost. Addiction of any kind can be deadly whether you’re famous or not.
  4. Kristen Stewart – Her affair with her director, Rupert Sanders, caused massive controversy. You would have thought that no one had ever heard of someone having an affair! But seeing that she is insanely famous for dating Robert Pattinson, her co-star in the Twilight movies, her popularity took temporary nose dive. Just goes to show you that celebrities make significant mistakes, too – and get criticism from thousands when they do.
  5. Emma Roberts – The pint-sized actress and niece of a rather famous actress (the gorgeous Julia Roberts) was reportedly arrested and charged with domestic violence (in Canada) against her popular boyfriend, Evan Peters. Of course, being the celebrities that they are, a press statement had already been released by the time the news hit the stands, as she began doing damage control immediately. Unfortunately, domestic violence is something that happens every single day and should never be taken lightly. Whether you have a PR team or not.

These are just few controversial real-life moments that has been seen and heard around the world due to the status of “celebrity” and tabloid magazines. While it may be natural to project a fantasy of perfection onto celebrities, it’s important to remember that stars are just like us. Period. They have flaws just like we do. They fall down and make mistakes, just like we do. They also want to be and look their very best at all times, just like we do.

We may not have all the riches at our finger tips but we can at least show compassion when their lives aren’t as perfect as we all think they are.

As they say…it’s what’s on the inside that matters most!

Originally from Denver and now living in NYC, Angie has been writing since she was small. She lives in the Flatiron district with her partner Tanya and their mutt Sparky (always adopt!) In her spare time she loves to paint (mostly abstract) and talk to random people on the street to find out what's interesting to them.

Reader Discussion: 3 Comments

  1. Hannah Mayers

    Admittedly, I sometimes feel envious with celebrities in glossy magazines, televisions or movies. But… yeah… this article is very right! Stars are like us! They are just humans like me 🙂 The only difference that we have is that, they are known to many, to almost everybody in the world, while I’m just known to family, friends and colleagues. Simply put, I have my privacy and they don’t. LOL

  2. When I see celebrities at their worst it does make me feel better, I'll admit that. I still think their lives are better, just for the simple fact of money and fame. Yes, they are always watched but when they do make mistakes they're forgiven faster than any average person. They get away with crimes all the time and have shortened sentencing. Not everyone has a good pr team to get them out of any situation.

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