Coffee's Shocking Health Benefits & Risks


Shocking Facts About Coffee and Your Health

My morning routine: Wake up. Take a shower. Drink coffee. …and then more coffee.


Benefit #4: Coffee can cure your headache. 

Headache? Call it a woman’s problem or blame it on hormones, but women do get more headaches than men. No worries. Just drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine boosts the activity of brain cells and causes surrounding blood vessels to constrict. The constriction helps to relieve the pressure that causes the pain. About 200 milligrams of caffeine, the amount in 16 ounces of brewed coffee, provides relief from cluster headaches and migraines.

Shocking Facts About Coffee and Your Health

Benefit #5: Coffee also helps us maintain our beauty.

Its high level of antioxidants helps our body repair damaged cells caused by free radicals. There is also a compound in coffee called Trigonelline that prevents dental cavities. It is responsible for the coffee’s aroma and bitter taste but it has antibacterial and anti-adhesive properties that help prevent dental cavities from forming. In fact, coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in American diets.

Benefit #6: Believe it or not, coffee is also said to have lowered the risk of committing suicide by 60% for women.

A study of 86,000 women, led by researcher Ichiro Kawachi, M. D., showed that 2 cups of coffee per day can reduce the likelihood to commit suicide by 60%. Hmmm, maybe that’s because caffeine increases the production of dopamine that boosts energy and cuts depression.

Coffee is great in moderation. But just like any other substance, different individuals feel different effects.

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Reader Discussion: 100 Comments

  1. Kimberly Shaw

    It doesn’t matter if I get 3 hours of sleep or 10, coffee always does the trick to get me going. Hearing that 7:30 alarm for class might make you want to cry, but just think about the Keurig brewing you a nice cup of coffee to get you ready to take on anything. Wakey wakey!

  2. I love coffee! I love how it tastes. I love how it feels going down. I love the whole ritual around drinking coffee, whether brewing it myself or sitting in a coffee house with a nice hot cup of Joe and a book or a friend to catch up with. And I love how it feels after I drink it…until I don’t. I enjoy coffee when taken in small amounts, but I can usually tell when I’ve gone over the threshold from just the right amount to too much.

  3. Sasha Smith

    I love coffee, but surprisingly I don’t drink it every day. In fact, during the work week, I drink mostly Tea!
    BUT, for me, coffee is about family. Waking up in the morning having my grandma brew the perfect cup, sitting out on the deck looking at the water with my book and my mug, making happy noises and drinking in the deliciousness.
    Coffee is also friends, catch ups, road trips, and late nights studying.
    Coffee is coffee no matter what good or bad in it. Coffee is just irresistible.

  4. Amy Bolden

    Some of this might be true, but some of it might not. We don’t know what’s real.


    Can cure a headache? I don’t think so. I drink coffee, and I had a headache after drinking that.

  6. Beatrice Schnabel

    I never drink coffee. My father said that it will make me look older because coffee destroys our veins. I’m afraid to look old, so that’s it.

  7. Michelle Fisher

    I don’t know what am I going to feel in this article. Should I feel happy because of the benefits, or sad because there are bad effects?

  8. Karen Smith

    There are benefits, but there are consequences too. Just so you know, coffee is not good for our body.

  9. Chris Moris

    Whoa. I will share this with my fellow coffee lovers! I didn’t expect these facts about coffee.

  10. Deborah Maynard

    Before, I can drink up to 8 glasses of coffee. Yep, I was addictive that time. My doctor said that I have to stop because my stomach is at risk.

    • Jewel Byars

      I heard the same problem as yours. Coffee can destroy your stomach.

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