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3 Tips To Help You Compete in a Man’s World

Are you accidentally sabotaging your chances for a promotion? Find out…


There’s an old saying that women have to work twice as hard as men to get half as much. While this may have some truth to it, there are things that you may be doing –without realizing it– that limit your upward mobility at work.

3 Tips To Help You Compete in a Man’s World

Women have come a long way in the workplace. We have fought for the right to work alongside men, the right to be paid the same as them and the right to be treated with respect. There’s no reason why we can’t compete like a man. The question is: why don’t we?

3 Tips To Help You Compete in a Man’s World

Part of the answer lies in the fact that women unknowingly undermine their credibility and sabotage their careers. In other words, it’s not just the men in HR ruining our chance for a promotion; we do it to ourselves too.

If you find yourself repeatedly being skipped over for a promotion, the following top three mistakes that women make at work might help:

Working too hard

Women often complain that they do more work compared to other people. The truth is no one was ever promoted by hard work alone. According to Frankel, likeability, networking skills, and strategic thinking are some of the other factors needed to grow into a successful career. Instead of working hard all day, skipping lunch and breaks, give yourself permission to “waste” a little time. Spend at least five percent of your day building relationships.

3 Tips To Help You Compete in a Man’s World

Doing the work of others

Women tend to take responsibility for not only their work, but also the work of others. There’s only one problem with this: while we’re busy doing the grunt work, men are busy building their careers. Promotions are rewarded for a job done, not doing the job. Stop volunteering for low profile assignments. They won’t only zap your time, but also won’t improve your career. Try not to let others delegate their work to you. Practice saying “I’d love to, but I’m just swamped.” There’s no need to explain further. It’s their job, not yours.

3 Tips To Help You Compete in a Man’s World

Failing to capitalize on relationships

Men rely on relationships to open doors for them. Women view it as taking advantage of a friendship or business partner. You’d trust a referral from one of your business associates, then why wouldn’t the door swing the other way? When in doubt, ask permission to use a colleague’s name. For example, “I’m trying to set up a meeting with George Smith. Would it be all right if I mention that I know you?” See how easy that was?

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  1. DAVID

    I just hate them when they are using their gender as a woman. Of course, women are sensitive, and they are not as tough as men.

  2. Loretta Alexander

    Thank you, Urbanette for posting articles like this. I admire your advocacies about equality, and I hope someday, people will accept what we are fighting for.

  3. Charles Lewellyn

    Female workers are now acceptable. I have a friend who is a female Civil Engineer. Can you imagine? A field for man is also a field for the woman now.

  4. Jennifer Baker

    I guess I should do other’s job. I though it might help me to get promoted, but base on your article, it is stopping me from getting what I am aiming.

  5. Benjamin Goodman

    I don’t get the point why women would want to work. Are you not happy that your husband will give their money to you? You can have money without doing anything, and by just staying at home?

  6. William Dean

    One of my friends asked me if he can use my name because I am known in the company where he is currently working. I told him that he can, as long as he will not put my name to shame.

  7. Janice Way

    We did not study for 16 years just to be a housewife. I studied business economics, and it is just right that I will share my knowledge in the real world.

  8. Manuel Delgado

    This is not true. You are saying that we, men are not working hard, but still we get the promotion? No! I work hard for that.

  9. David Robinson

    My wife and I are always arguing about a job. She wanted to work, but I don’t want to. Not because I don’t trust her skills, but because I am a man, and I know how men think at the corporate world.

    • Betty Whitmer

      It’s not bad to let her work. Maybe the filed of job that she wants is different from what you think. Not all men are the same, remember that.

  10. Geraldine Pettigrew

    Just don’t ever flirt the men in your office. If you do that, you will look so desperate. Men never flirt their female bosses.

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