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Competing in a Man’s World

3 ways you may be hurting your career, and tips that can help you get ahead in a man’s world.


There’s an old saying that women have to work twice as hard as men to get half as much. This may be true in some cases, but only if we allow it to be.

Competing in a Man’s World

Women have come a long way in the workplace. We have fought for the right to work alongside men, the right to be paid the same as them and the right to be treated with respect rather than as the “lesser” sex. There’s no reason why we can’t compete like a man. The question is: why don’t we?

According to Dr. Lois Frankel, an executive coach for fortune 500 companies, women unknowingly undermine their credibility and sabotage their careers. In other words, it’s not the male co-workers ruining our chance for a promotion; we do it to ourselves.

Competing in a Man’s World

After interviewing and coaching over 1000 women, Frankel has documented 101 of the most commonly occurring mistakes we make. Thankfully, not all of us make all of the mistakes, but if you find yourself repeatedly being skipped over for a promotion, you may be doing a couple of them. Here are the top three to watch out for:

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  1. For me, women have caught up with men in terms of education. In fact, in the United States and other countries, women now actually surpass men in educational achievement. So there’s no problem with female achievement. The problem enters in when young adults try to balance work and family, and women end up carrying nearly all of the care-giving responsibilities.

  2. This article is so true! So hard being a woman in the workplace, and very easy to fall victim to some of the “traps” listed here. Sometimes women can be tough on other women too, so we seems to get it from both ends. One must persevere, and seek out those who are willing to collaborate and empower you to greater success’.

  3. Women and Men should be treated equally in the workplace. As women, we work really hard and have a determined edge when it comes to completing tasks, so it is hard for us to say “no” sometimes. I think we just have to focus on personal growth as opposed to feeling undermined at work. As a sex, we are doing quite well in the workplace, despite some sexism inequality that still exists.

  4. I know a lot of men who do half the work but get promoted faster than anyone. They seem to possess the qualities you mentioned. they interact with the bosses more, they are charming, and they are quite popular. They are also strategic when it comes to their workload, so they work half the time, and they refuse to do the work of others. Thanks for the tips, I will certainly keep these in mind.

  5. Francis Woods

    I think it’s all based on the crap we learn about girls from a young age through stuff like Disney. Girl-against-girl and the man is the ultimate prize/goal. We have to stop teaching kids these awful sexist lessons.

  6. Jen Spillane

    Networking is totally important, but it's also one of the things I find most challenging. It does feel weird to mix business with your relationships.

  7. Hannah Mayers

    We, women, can do a lot! I think we just need empowerment! We just need inspiration to strive harder, do better and bring out out best 🙂 Women success stories really help. 😉

  8. Courtney Watson

    You go girl! If men can, why can’t we?!

  9. This article has some really useful insights. I am often a little nervous of networking because I am afraid it will be "taking advantage of friendships," as this article says. I'll have to work to overcome that! 🙂

  10. I think this article is completely right. I tend to over work myself and pick up work for others. I do it so much that, most of the time I don't notice. The reason for this is because I like things to be done in a specific way. I go through phases. I can be very frantic and bit of a perfectionist, especially in group projects. I like to be the one to review/correct things. It puts me at ease knowing that the job is done correctly.

  11. Randie Cadiogan

    Yeah.. I don’t know why, but at my past jobs I was always been too timid to ask for a raise. In retrospect, it’s probably because I didn’t give myself enough credit or think they’d give it to me, but in actuality, they probably would have!

  12. Joanne Samonte

    I totally agree with the article author. Women tend to work more, to the point of taking others’ responsibilities but failed to develop and nurture good working relationships.
    A colleague from my workplace has been in her position for more than 5 years and still, there are no signs of getting a promotion because her attitude stinks and that she prefers to stay in his cubicle. Yes she does her job, but she just can’t get enough “colleague votes” to be promoted. 😀 

  13. Sandra Boulevard

    I know someone who has been working in the company for 12 years but never got promoted. I bet it’s cause half the office hates her. She’s very sarcastic, obnoxious and pessimistic. 

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