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Better Skin in 5 Minutes Per Day


While some people are genetically blessed with effortlessly smooth facial skin, most of us are not. And as the skin ages, it becomes thinner, loses elasticity, and the tissues become weaker. Added with the stressful life that we’re living, the once “baby-smooth” facial skin becomes a host of many skin problems including: acne, wrinkles, blotches, eczema, and melasma (yikes!).

Better Skin in 5 Minutes Per DayMakeup undoubtedly does wonders at masking these issues, but it will never be able to bring your skin fully back to its glory days. The effectiveness (and safety) of Botox treatment, on the other hand, is still debated up to this day.

Is there any way that we can slow down the aging of our facial skin and bring back its youth through a simple skincare routine? Believe it or not, there is.

Serious medical skin conditions aside, a flawless face can be achieved in just a 5-minute daily routine that involves four simple steps: cleaning, toning or serum, retinoid application, and moisturizing.

Here’s how to do it the right way, and the natural alternatives we love:

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  1. Wow! Pretty good tips. These simple steps can be so much better and way too economic as compared to all those expensive and artificial skin treatments.
    The best thing is you dont even need to spend much time to look fresh and gorgeous by following these steps.

  2. Wonderful tips! Definitely, daily washing of face is very necessary!

  3. This routine sounds excellent! I will definitely try it out.

  4. Courtney Watson

    This looks like it could really help with people with dry skin. I always have a hard time finding things that can help get rid of dry skin patches on my face. I don't know if anyone else has this issue. I have always worried about using toner just because I thought it could really just dry out my skin and not help my issue.

  5. Gabrielle Williams

    Great tips! I personally love organic skincare products because it brings a breath of fresh air and feels like my skin is revitalized.

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