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The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Where to go shopping in Europe’s fashionista mecca’s.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The Champs Elysée and Arc du Triomph

Feeling more fashionable than ever, it was time for an evening stroll along the Champs Elysée. With its notable Arc du Triomph lit up at the end of the street, the shopping area is another example of how Parisian history meets popular culture. Stores like H&M, Gap and Sephora stand nearby massive multi-story flagship stores for Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Fendi and Chanel.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Inside La Maison Guerlain’s flagship on the Champs Elysee

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Laudrée’s famous macaroons

Make sure to stop and have tea at the decadent and ever-fashionable landmark tea house Laudrée, to rest and refuel with some pastries before more shopping. The world owes Ladurée for the invention of the macaron, which sandwiches a ganache filling between two airy, meringue-like cookies, usually presented in a rainbow of pastel colors and flavors.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Laudree tea house on the Champs Elysee

Almost all the stores are open well into the night, until 9 or 10 p.m., but you’ll never be able to see the entire selection of goods – the Louis Vuitton House, as it is known, is almost 20,000 square feet on its own! It’s better to join the locals for a stroll down the street with an ice cream or latté in hand. It’ll be some of the best window shopping you’ll ever do.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Ledoyen restaurant is the most fashionable in Paris

For dinner, head over to Ledoyen restaurant, in Champs Elysees Gardens. It got three Michelin stars in 2015 and is the most fashionable restaurant in Paris, attracting A-list celebrities on a regular basis.

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  1. Florence Frederick

    The fashion capital of the world is Paris, right? Look at those clothes, they are very attractive. I can imagine myself shopping in that place, but I should work hard first. Lol

  2. Helen Boone

    While I am reading this, and seeing the picture of the Big Ben, I can’t imagine London without this huge clock.

    • Francis Vest

      I agree! It’s not London without it.

  3. Edna Badillo

    I wonder how much this trip cost you? Damn, it’s Paris and London! \everything in that place is expensive.

  4. Kathryn Diego

    I love this article! It’s all about how good the Paris is. After the terrible incident las time, Paris is standing up again.

  5. My girl will freak out if she sees this. Hi, Hon! I know you’re going to ask me about our trip to Paris, and let’s talk about it.

  6. Kathleen Mcalister

    London is Paris is a total perfect combination of vacation! How’s your vacation aside from going to shops?

  7. Brett Lee

    There’s an attack in London just this week. Let us pray for their safety. London is a good place to visit, but if it is not safe, the tourist might not want to go there.

  8. Louise Rose

    When I was in London, I only sleep. I was very tired of work, and business meetings. Shopping on that day is not on my schedule.

  9. Emily Okeefe

    Have you heard the massive acid attack in London shopping center? That was scary! But that won’t stop me.

  10. Felicia Abbate

    When I become rich, I will shop at Paris! I will buy that signature brands!

    • Stephen Tan

      Then you must work for it. For you to become rich, you must work hard.

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