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The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Where to go shopping in Europe’s fashionista mecca’s.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The Champs Elysée and Arc du Triomph

Feeling more fashionable than ever, it was time for an evening stroll along the Champs Elysée. With its notable Arc du Triomph lit up at the end of the street, the shopping area is another example of how Parisian history meets popular culture. Stores like H&M, Gap and Sephora stand nearby massive multi-story flagship stores for Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Fendi and Chanel.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Inside La Maison Guerlain’s flagship on the Champs Elysee

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Laudrée’s famous macaroons

Make sure to stop and have tea at the decadent and ever-fashionable landmark tea house Laudrée, to rest and refuel with some pastries before more shopping. The world owes Ladurée for the invention of the macaron, which sandwiches a ganache filling between two airy, meringue-like cookies, usually presented in a rainbow of pastel colors and flavors.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Laudree tea house on the Champs Elysee

Almost all the stores are open well into the night, until 9 or 10 p.m., but you’ll never be able to see the entire selection of goods – the Louis Vuitton House, as it is known, is almost 20,000 square feet on its own! It’s better to join the locals for a stroll down the street with an ice cream or latté in hand. It’ll be some of the best window shopping you’ll ever do.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Ledoyen restaurant is the most fashionable in Paris

For dinner, head over to Ledoyen restaurant, in Champs Elysees Gardens. It got three Michelin stars in 2015 and is the most fashionable restaurant in Paris, attracting A-list celebrities on a regular basis.

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  1. Jewel Byars

    I heard a lot of good thing about the Covent Garden. My sister-in-law went there, and she brought me a top from Burberry.

  2. Deborah Maynard

    20,000 square feet?!!! That’s a huge store!!!!!! Louis Vuitton is a pretty good signature brand, especially that they are collaborating with a different brand as well. Supreme x Luis Vuitton is quite expensive tho.

  3. Ben Fulton

    Thanks for giving me tips where to bring my wife. We’re going to Paris on our anniversary, and that will be in two weeks. She loves shopping, and she will love this place. I can’t wait to bring her here!

    • Rosalie Wade

      Lucky wife. My husband can’t even bring me in another state of America. Lol

  4. Alicia Worrell

    Laudrée is pretty expensive!!! When I was in Paris, I ate there. I was shocked about my bill because it cost me a lot. I did not expect my bill will be like that.

  5. Patrick Fortune

    It means macaroon is from Paris? It’s my favorite food, but I have no idea where it’s from. I thought it’s an American food. Hehe

  6. Joyce Shealy

    I’m wondering how rich are you, Hilary. Damn, you are very rich I think. Going to different places, and shopping at the fashion capital of the world? You are rich as gold!

    • Mary Washburn

      I thought I’m the only one getting curious about how rich she is.

  7. Earline Wilham

    I envy you, Hilary. You are a lucky woman. I can’t even afford to buy plane tickets going to Paris, how much more the dresses there.

  8. Chelsea Handley

    WOW! This made me want to visit Paris now. I wonder how am I going to feel when I am shopping at these stalls.

  9. Betty Whitmer

    Galeries Lafayette is my favorite shopping place in Paris. I’ve been to it many times. It’s a good place to visit if you are looking for a good deal of items.

  10. Karen Hyde

    Paris!!!!!! I always dream about going to shopping and staying in Paris. If you’re a shopaholic like me, paradise means Paris.

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