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Amazing Foods of the Future We’ll All Be Eating Soon


We all love food, right? I mean, it’d be weird if you didn’t enjoy biting into your favorite foods three times a day (or more, if you’re me!). Whether you’re eating lunch at your desk or sitting down with a group of friends at a trendy spot in your hood, food gives us immense pleasure.

Amazing Foods of the Future We’ll All Be Eating Soon

Despite the incredible flavors pouring out of our favorite meals, many of them are threatening our environment, contributing to climate change, and adding to an already dire water shortage problem across the globe (including the USA!). The good news is, there are some amazing companies tackling these issues head on. More than ever, the food industry is transitioning rapidly. Many are calling this the era of “future food.”

You have the opportunity to get on board with some of the fastest growing and most innovative trends that will shape the future of our food. So strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a glimpse at five futuristic foods you’ll want to add to your foodie bucket list:

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Mike is a writer, photographer, and amateur comedian. He’s also Hilary’s husband and founder of The Impact Bible, where he writes about how to live a sustainability-focused life. He’s vegan, loves birdwatching and snowboarding, and can somehow remember everyone he’s met since childhood (in amazing detail!) He’s been interviewed by many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Conscious Magazine, etc. Mike helps out by shooting beautiful photos and video, and occasionally contributes articles.


  1. Carol Green

    Debilitating, painful arthritis and fibromyalgia spurred an overhaul in my diet and gave me a reason to try anti-inflammatory meal planning. My life was going nowhere and death looked promising. So, I gave up meat, dairy, all grains (including bread, rice and pasta), potatoes, sugar, and alcohol. My arthritis pain has all but gone away! To stem cravings for non-plant-based foods I still hunt for milk and cheese substitutes that are organic, highly nutritious (good fats, fiber, calcium, protein, and probiotics), and non-plastic containers, but the food industry has a way to go in developing plant-based replacements for traditional dining. I’ve tested experimental foods now on the market, and, though some taste quite good, they lack nutrition, and most are not organic. Utilizing protein foods like peas and nuts is a hopeful innovation, but it has a way to go. And we need grain substitutes, as grains are a great part of conventional recipes, but are highly inflammatory. If you ask me there is a great potential for investment in a food revolution supporting plant-based foods that are easy to prepare, highly nutritious, organic, delicious, anti-inflammatory, traditional, and minimally packaged in non-plastic containers.

    I tried a piece of chicken last night, and my joints ache this morning for the first time in a long time. I can’t go back. The anti-inflammatory diet helps prevent cancer and auto-immune diseases and can increase our lifespan. Seniors are begging for foods that make pain pills unnecessary. Customers of every age look for foods that are environmentally neutral and life-prolonging. Where are the people with money willing to invest in THE food revolution? This comment is your mission statement!

  2. First, the Tag vegan for this article is wrong. Secondly, are there any numbers out there how many lion fish exists and how much they eat per day? Without proved by numbers this article leads to a wrong conclusion. For me it sounds just like an excuse to still eat fish instead of dropping it completely so that overfishing can be stoppend. Well, its the same mechanism like only eating organic meat.

  3. Lela House

    Absolutely gorgeous writing and thought are in this post.The vegan burger and the meat substitute, I’ll be happy to eat. The lionfish? no chance what-so-ever. I’ve tried jellyfish before and it was revolting, even covered up with loads of chilli sauce. Pearl milk? Hmm… maybe…

  4. Elsie Spurlock

    This is the first thing I read upon waking this morning. I’m on board with all of it as long as it’s not insects, nothing will ever get me to eat bugs. This is the future, so we need to get better at it. I ate a veggie burger the other night. we’ve a long way to go.

    • Archane Sensationelle

      If you only knew just how many bugs and bug derived products are in the foods most people eat daily, you’d probably eat more of the “veggie burgers”you ate the other night!

  5. Julia MacLean

    I cannot understand people who are off meat, but have to eat something that needs to look like meat. I personally stand it whether it’s real or fake.

    • Loraine Aguilar

      Moral obligations. No animals die, you get a burger that tastes like a burger. It’s a win-win situation!

  6. Pearl Nguyen

    Ha! I think this is a fabulous post and a very interesting idea. I, however, firmly believe that the most damaging invasive species on the planet is the human being… and I’m not goin’ there! Now if only people could eat Chinese elm trees… :p

  7. Molly Twain

    I like a proper veggie burger but the one of the biggest reasons I don’t eat meat is because I don’t like the texture or taste… so something that taste and looks like meat is not really my cup of tea. Having said that I have an absolutely incredibly curry burger recipe that is absolutely amazing. 😉

  8. Shelley Donalds

    If the presence of a non-native invasive species is truly disrupting the balance of an ecosytem and threatening other species, whatever methods that help to safely eradicate it should be employed, including harvesting them for those who eat animals. My dietary choices, now being vegan, are motivated first by environmental concerns, second by health and well-being, and third by animal cruelty issues. So for me, the environment supercedes that of concern for harming a population of invasive creatures.

  9. Ingrid Winston

    I wouldn’t eat meat or fish, even to save my own life, but well, if people insist on eating animals, better that they eat the ones that are causing problems than the ones that are endangered or threatened!

  10. Emily Wentz

    Great article, but surely we shouldn’t need a plant based burger that looks like meat in order to be inspired by the amazing things that eating a plant based diet can do for you? There are incredible plant based burger restaurants and pop ups that are going to take the world by storm, without the need for 5 years of development to make it like meat, just incredible veggies! That’s all!

  11. Deborah Henry

    I actually recently stayed on Bastimentos Island in Panama and the local diver there told me that they had been spearing all the lion fish. My partner and I, as vegetarians, were a little horrified to hear this, until he explained that they were becoming a pest and affecting the other marine life. I agree that, in this case, best all the non-vegetarians get eating!

    • Irene Morales

      I think you’re right, Deborah! I was also horrified at first, and had a hard time watching some videos of fishermen spearing the lionfish. When we learned more about the devastation these fish were causing the reef systems, we decided the spearing effort is the least of all evils…

  12. Gerry Carlton

    Why would I as a vegan, want to eat food that tastes like dead flesh? Just the smell of prawns makes me ill…

  13. Daisy Clarke

    This non-meat burgher holds the promise of being real progress for the health of humans, other animals, and the planet itself. I hope it meets the expectations of this vegan here. 😉

  14. Celine Carter

    Prevention is obviously the best way to handle invasive species, but obviously with most cases it’s already too late. Personally, I still would not eat them but by removing lionfish or other destructive invasive species, the result will be fewer deaths of animals than if they’re permitted to stay in the ecosystem and completely wreck it. Since the whole world isn’t going vegan overnight, I think it’s much better for those who aren’t vegan to eat invasive species over other animals. A true vegan shouldn’t eat fish or any other sort real of meat.

  15. Ariana Rhyder

    Loving this website, and especially this article! You have so many great ideas and everything is so healthy which is awesome! I have only just converted to veganisn and am new to everything and thanks to you this has helped me so much! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  16. Diana Hewitt

    Generally invasive species become invasive through human action. I think the Lionfish became a problem because a zoo flooded or something and they got out? I may be mistaken but I think I remember reading it in APES. So if I’m not mistaken, why should those poor fishies suffer our mistakes?

  17. Helena Stevens

    Excited about the meatless burger. But the high sodium is a real disappointment- I think it approaches 500 mg per burger. Why do meatless foods have to be unhealthy in other ways? Can’t they make a low sodium version of the product?

  18. Pamela Sanabria

    Great post! My family is in the beginning stages of being vegans. We went out this weekend and bought a few different types and brands of milk to try out. I didn’t get any pear milk – we’ll have to try that out! Thanks!

  19. Shannon Bradley

    I feel so stupid, I am 43 years and it never dawned on me that cows have to be pregnant to give milk. I haven’t drank milk in years but I feel kind of betrayed that we are lead to believe that cows just happily give milk. Some rich celebrity person needs to do some anti milk commercials and ads

  20. Hey… are any of THESE gluten free? Most meat subs I’ve found contain wheat starch, oat or wheat gluten. Help?

  21. I’m excited to try pear milk. I would say that these foods get people food “familiar” with the unfamiliar. I still need to wait to try these but I think they’re worth the wait 🙂

  22. Eat the lionsifh cause it’s invasive…. Humans are a destructive invasive species. I think the real question here is: “Do we kill destructive invasive species that we are more powerful than?”

  23. Oh my god.. I need to move to a bigger city. I can’t find any faux meat in my area, just the basic ‘chick patties and burger’ I want the shrimp!

  24. Very interesting and informative post! I can’t wait to try the veggie milk! What about flax milk? I think that compares to hemp milk in nutrition, it tastes delicious, and has a nice, thicker texture for smoothies!

  25. 100% plant based? Yeah, I get that it’s completely meat free. But I wonder, does it mean the burger is completely chemical free? If so, I’ll be the first to get it!

  26. Eating lionfish… I am not saying this is the ethically or scientifically best answer. This is my answer for myself: We already done messed up the environment enough. We should leave well enough alone instead of presuming we know better how to rebalance the species. Also I still don’t want to eat dead bodies anyway.

    • Elin Hanks

      I don’t want to eat them either, but I think there is less wrong if someone else chooses to eat lionfish instead of chicken.

      • In both case, it means to kill an innocent animal. No one is less wrong than the other in my opinion. It is not the fish’s fault that they are “environmentally destructive”, it is the fault of the humans that have introduced it in an environment that was not theirs in the first place.

  27. Ohhh the impossible foods… This is the same company that Google was rumored to be trying to buy a couple of years ago. Deal never went through sadly. I’ve been following this company ever since. I’m extremely excited to hear they have finally made it to market and successfully too. Please please please come to New Mexico soon!

  28. I don’t believe that eating the lionfish is ethical. Humans are the most invasive species on this planet and we don’t eat each other. Nature has a way of balancing itself out. It’s not our duty to play mother nature. Animals feel pain and emotions. I don’t want to harm any creature out there anymore. Cows are the most invasive species out there right now besides humans, because of how many free-range and factory farmed ones there are and how much grain/corn/soy we need to feed them. But we are against eating them, aren’t we? We’re depleting wild horse populations, wolves, deer, etc because of our consumption of beef and dairy. Humans create invasive species on their own. And the invasive species that occur in nature can balance themselves out over time.

    • IMO I think it is more ethical. Invasive species destroy the lives of many organisms in the ecosystem they are invading. You can destroy fewer lives by killing the invasive species. In response to some of the other replies – we definitely have the knowledge to repair and rebalance ecosystems, which is something that overtime will increase biodiversity and planet health – which in turn gives more life to ecosystems. It’s a balance of one death vs many, and deaths vs potential future lives. A complicated area, for sure.

  29. That is absolutely awesome! Reading the list makes me want some veg calamari! But please note that if you’re allergic to MSG which a lot of these faux meats contain, please stick to regular vegan food!

  30. I’m honestly thinking if I should be alarmed or excited about these foods. I must agree that they are amazing and these “lab-grown meals” are moving from science fiction to reality.

  31. I would never eat lionfish, or any fish for any matter… Just because it’s invasive doesn’t make it suddenly have the pain-feeling and reasoning capabilities of a cabbage. It’s still fish. It’s ALIVE!

  32. Great piece.. I know some people will judge, especially those who eat animals… Don’t be judging vegans who like fake meat. Who cares as long as it’s cruelty-free! For you who don’t live where there are good options, you can order online. My neighbor introduced me to vegan meat…at first I was skeptical…but it was sooooo good!

  33. The impossible burger is the FUTURE!!! People need to understand something. This just isn’t an “I’m vegan, I love animals” product. The mass production of animals and their consumption is not sustainable on this planet. Not taking a single other burden on the environment into account do you people know the shear amount of water it takes to grow a cow compared to crops? It’s astronomical and completely unsustainable. Here are some statistics from our government. It takes around 110 gallons of water to grow one pound of corn. In just a few months one single cow can consume over 1000 pounds of corn. 1000 POUNDS! For a single quarter pound of hamburger you want to know how much water it takes to make it? Around 460 gallons. So for a single pound of beef it consumes 1,840 gallons of water. A SINGLE POUND and beyond that most of it doesn’t even get consumed by you considering the fat content that gets burned off during cooking. This issue is more than just ethics about animals and not wanting to eat meat. It is about finding an environmentally sustainable way to feed the world’s population throughout the years to come.

  34. No… This is so wrong! How can we still be vegan if we ate another alive being whether it’s invasive or not? Rodents are invasive. Should we eat them too? What about people who invade other people’s lives? They’re invasive too. Are they also okay to eat? Just no!!

  35. Okay, I am seriously excited about these! I heard about them a while ago, but what I really want to know is when I can find these in stores, especially the vegan shrimp!

  36. The impossible burger sounds yummy but looks fat. How about some nutrition information… How much protein does it have? Because even a cheap McDonald’s burger has around 35g of protein. LOL

  37. Even if you were to accept that killing the invasive species would be morally acceptable because it saves more animals and thus the good outweighs the bad, I fail to see why you’d need to eat it. Not least because, as you say, catching these fish would result in other fish being caught (and killed) as bycatch. It seems to me that encouraging the eating of invasive species is just another way for omnis to pretend their diet is ethical: “I only eat invasive species” is really no different from “I only eat humane meat”.

  38. Informative article!

    Seriously?! I didn’t realize shrimps are dirty… My bad.

  39. Yeah, these foods are really amazing! Thanks for the awesome list!

    And oh, I want to taste the “impossible” LOL

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