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Amazing Foods of the Future We’ll All Be Eating Soon

Climate change is spurring innovation and forcing humans to come up with sustainable foods. Here are several you can count on eating in the near future.


We all love food, right? I mean, it’d be weird if you didn’t enjoy biting into your favorite foods three times a day (or more, if you’re me!). Whether you’re eating lunch at your desk or sitting down with a group of friends at a trendy spot in your hood, food gives us immense pleasure.

Amazing Foods of the Future We’ll All Be Eating Soon

Despite the incredible flavors pouring out of our favorite meals, many of them are threatening our environment, contributing to climate change, and adding to an already dire water shortage problem across the globe (including the USA!). The good news is, there are some amazing companies tackling these issues head on. More than ever, the food industry is transitioning rapidly. Many are calling this the era of “future food.”

You have the opportunity to get on board with some of the fastest growing and most innovative trends that will shape the future of our food. So strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a glimpse at five futuristic foods you’ll want to add to your foodie bucket list:

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Mike is a Forbes contributor, photographer, and amateur comedian. He’s also Hilary’s husband and founder of The Impact Bible, where he writes about how to live a sustainability-focused life. He’s vegan, loves birdwatching and snowboarding, and can somehow remember everyone he’s met since childhood (in amazing detail!) He’s been interviewed by many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Conscious Magazine, etc.

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  1. Kimberly Shaw

    Since I am a meat-eater, I would never say that a veggie burger is necessarily better than a meaty, bacon-loaded burger with melty cheese on top, but I would say they’re just different – you can’t really compare the two. If in the future, all we can eat is a veggie burger, I will just add cheese and egg to that and I guess I’m fine. 🙂

  2. Carol Green

    Debilitating, painful arthritis and fibromyalgia spurred an overhaul in my diet and gave me a reason to try anti-inflammatory meal planning. My life was going nowhere and death looked promising. So, I gave up meat, dairy, all grains (including bread, rice and pasta), potatoes, sugar, and alcohol. My arthritis pain has all but gone away! To stem cravings for non-plant-based foods I still hunt for milk and cheese substitutes that are organic, highly nutritious (good fats, fiber, calcium, protein, and probiotics), and non-plastic containers, but the food industry has a way to go in developing plant-based replacements for traditional dining. I’ve tested experimental foods now on the market, and, though some taste quite good, they lack nutrition, and most are not organic. Utilizing protein foods like peas and nuts is a hopeful innovation, but it has a way to go. And we need grain substitutes, as grains are a great part of conventional recipes, but are highly inflammatory. If you ask me there is a great potential for investment in a food revolution supporting plant-based foods that are easy to prepare, highly nutritious, organic, delicious, anti-inflammatory, traditional, and minimally packaged in non-plastic containers.

    I tried a piece of chicken last night, and my joints ache this morning for the first time in a long time. I can’t go back. The anti-inflammatory diet helps prevent cancer and auto-immune diseases and can increase our lifespan. Seniors are begging for foods that make pain pills unnecessary. Customers of every age look for foods that are environmentally neutral and life-prolonging. Where are the people with money willing to invest in THE food revolution? This comment is your mission statement!

  3. First, the Tag vegan for this article is wrong. Secondly, are there any numbers out there how many lion fish exists and how much they eat per day? Without proved by numbers this article leads to a wrong conclusion. For me it sounds just like an excuse to still eat fish instead of dropping it completely so that overfishing can be stoppend. Well, its the same mechanism like only eating organic meat.

  4. Lela House

    Absolutely gorgeous writing and thought are in this post.The vegan burger and the meat substitute, I’ll be happy to eat. The lionfish? no chance what-so-ever. I’ve tried jellyfish before and it was revolting, even covered up with loads of chilli sauce. Pearl milk? Hmm… maybe…

    • Camilla Collins

      I don’t like eating seafood as well. And I haven’t tried vegan burgers just yet. But Vegan burgers sounds good to me. I will definitely try it as well. 🙂

  5. Elsie Spurlock

    This is the first thing I read upon waking this morning. I’m on board with all of it as long as it’s not insects, nothing will ever get me to eat bugs. This is the future, so we need to get better at it. I ate a veggie burger the other night. we’ve a long way to go.

    • Archane Sensationelle

      If you only knew just how many bugs and bug derived products are in the foods most people eat daily, you’d probably eat more of the “veggie burgers”you ate the other night!

  6. Julia MacLean

    I cannot understand people who are off meat, but have to eat something that needs to look like meat. I personally stand it whether it’s real or fake.

    • Loraine Aguilar

      Moral obligations. No animals die, you get a burger that tastes like a burger. It’s a win-win situation!

  7. Pearl Nguyen

    Ha! I think this is a fabulous post and a very interesting idea. I, however, firmly believe that the most damaging invasive species on the planet is the human being… and I’m not goin’ there! Now if only people could eat Chinese elm trees… :p

  8. Molly Twain

    I like a proper veggie burger but the one of the biggest reasons I don’t eat meat is because I don’t like the texture or taste… so something that taste and looks like meat is not really my cup of tea. Having said that I have an absolutely incredibly curry burger recipe that is absolutely amazing. 😉

  9. Shelley Donalds

    If the presence of a non-native invasive species is truly disrupting the balance of an ecosytem and threatening other species, whatever methods that help to safely eradicate it should be employed, including harvesting them for those who eat animals. My dietary choices, now being vegan, are motivated first by environmental concerns, second by health and well-being, and third by animal cruelty issues. So for me, the environment supercedes that of concern for harming a population of invasive creatures.

  10. Ingrid Winston

    I wouldn’t eat meat or fish, even to save my own life, but well, if people insist on eating animals, better that they eat the ones that are causing problems than the ones that are endangered or threatened!

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