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Gastro Traveling: 5 Foodie Vacations for the Epicurious


For you, food consumption is a form of art, and when you travel, you consider more than the weather, scenery, and amenities—you look for places that can offer a cultural experience rich with new culinary offerings and local fare. While most travelers want to visit museums and monuments, foodies look for Michelin stars, vegan menus, and dishes created from local sourcing and foraging.

Gastro Traveling: 5 Foodie Vacations for the Epicurious

Tips: Before you travel

As you prepare for your culinary adventures, make sure to take a few precautions:

  • Find out about the drinking water situation where you plan to travel. In areas with poor sanitation, you may be advised to avoid drinking non-bottled water and asking for your drinks without ice. You don’t want to wind up sick in bed for a few days on the culinary adventure of a lifetime!
  • Protect yourself from credit fraud and identity theft while you travel by following these tips. A breached bank account will turn your five-star meal into a sickening experience faster than you can say “check, please.”
  • Do some research and make reservations at the best restaurants in the area. Don’t just wing it at walk-ins or you may miss great spots that aren’t on the main strip, find that the best spots are booked up, or be disappointed by the food quality.
  • If you’re traveling overseas, stop by your local health food store (or to get some travel probiotics and digestive enzymes to take with each meal. And, if you’re an especially adventurous eater, stop by your doctor before you leave and have him give you some medicine to bring. Hopefully, you won’t get food poisoning, but on the off-chance you do, you’ll be glad you have something to treat it.

Here are five great locations to plan your next gastro-trip around:

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A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Jeweli Prater

    What;s the sense of internet if you can’t research, and book for a fancy restaurant? I know that it’s moe fun to search while walking, but you have to consider your health too. You can do that if you’re familiar with the place, but if not, just book for a table reservation.

  2. Katherine Donnelly

    Asian food! You should visit Asian countries and try their food, especially in Japan, and Korea!! I love their sushi and ramen!! Please make a blog, about those.

  3. Cries Moris

    Thanks, Urbanette. Now my girlfriend is asking me to go to Belgium. She loves sweets, and I hate that. Lol.

  4. Eloisa Clay

    COOKIES???!!!! COOKIES???!!! I LOVE COOKIES!!!!!!!! I’ve been to Belgium, but I never tried their cookies. Huhuhu. I have tooth problem that time because I ate too much sweets.

  5. Jesse Wyss

    Vitamin sea, and good food! Wow! I will put Turks and Caicos on my travel list. I am a vegan, and I think this will be a good place to eat.

  6. Rosetta Armendariz

    What about pasta? Why didn’t you include pasta? Italy has the best pasta, and pizza! I’m waiting for that!!! Please make an article about it.

  7. Anila William

    Tapas from Spain are mouthwatering!!!! Spain is not only rich with historical places, but for mouthwatering dishes as well. I will go back to Spain just to eat Tapas. 😁

  8. Cristina Joseff

    I would love to visit and dine to Lyon with my wife. We both love drinking wine, and France is a very romantic place.

  9. Nancy Smith

    Wow! I admire you a lot, Hilary. Did you visit these places? I envy you!!! I like visiting places, and try their local food, but I never tried going to France!!! You are such a lucky person.

  10. Maria Bruce

    I have this experience in Belgium. I ate a lot of sweets when I was there. Of course, it is Belgium! Then we went back here, and I visited my dentist as soon as I can because I can’t endure the pain anymore of having a toothache.

  11. Robert Patel

    Doing an advance research about the place that you are going to visit is a smart move. You have to be careful, especially if you are going outside the USA.

  12. Kelly Gonzales

    My grandparents used to travel to Boston just to eat fresh mussels. I didn’t know that this place is going to be a spot for vegetarians.

  13. Veola Sancho

    Seasoned tofu, and veggies!!! 😵 It’s hard to find food like this one!!!! With a little kick of the spice, and a good place to eat, what else? All GOOD!!! 😍

  14. Linda Williams

    I have read your article about Barcelona before. You ate whitebait there, right? I never tried eating Tapa, and what type of animal is it?

  15. Mildred Davis

    OH!!! You missed something on #2… FRENCH FRIES!!!!! Originated from Belgium, and everyone’s favorite! How dare you forget that french fries!!

  16. Paul Daiz

    Fruit-flavored beer? Cmon! Seriously? I would love to drink that. I’ve tasted a lot of flavored beer, but I can feel there’s something good on this one.

  17. Selli Coaze

    Seriously, SF not included?! It’s on top of my list. One of the biggest food meccas of USA

  18. Jessie Fernande

    Okay I have to include new places on my foodie travel bucket list!

  19. Marina Josef

    Great list! I feel glad you included Lyon. Most foodie destination lists I found on the Internet didnot include Lyon which I tend to object!

  20. Ani Hoker

    Spain is my favorite foodie destination! The way Asian cuisine is blended with tapas… Awesome!!!

  21. Blanche Martina

    OH!! Really? Barcelona declared that they are a veggie friendly city???? OMG!!! I will tell my friends about this!! I would love to try their vegan cuisines!!! Yay! #PerksOfBeingVegan

  22. Patricia Montague

    I’m doing the same. Before I travel to a place I barely know, I’m doing some research first, about their food, water, and culture. Having a little knowledge about the country can help you to make your stay easier.

  23. George Sumanta

    I definitely love Copenhagen’s street foods!

  24. Juli Woods

    Peruvian food is not on the list?! Hmmm… It has a lot of diversity and it tastes wonderful. I wish it was included…

    • Marina Bozek

      If you are not willing to try and explore foreign foods and try experience local dishes, what is the point of travelling in the first place?!

  25. Alena Martin

    I’m so happy to see Belgium in the list! The home of beer, wafels, chocolates.

    • Bela Christo

      The country famous for his stoofvlees ( beef stew made with beer ) or waterzooi ( chicken or fish served in main course with a soup) and a lot more.

  26. Lancy Stanford

    Interesting new food options!

  27. Jodi Thil

    My kids will definitely like Belgium. They always ask me to make waffles for their breakfast. I will just put some fruits on the top to make it healthier.

  28. Olive Williams

    France is the best place to visit! Food bloggers/vloggers must visit this place. France is not all about Paris, but it has more to offer too like, bread and wine.

  29. Evelyn Harris

    I love food trips! I like to travel and try each country’s local cuisine. I’ve never been to Lyon, but I will put that place on my list.

  30. Hazel Collins

    Yes,you are absolutely right! before packing your clothes and preparing the things you will be using before hitting the white-sand beaches and clear blue skies of the places you’re planning on visiting, it is essential to do some research first bout it.It is thrilling being exposed to other cultures, people, & food. Wherever you go it is an adventure and getting lost in a foreign land may just be the best thing that could happen to you. When you embrace and welcome the unfamiliar, foreign and the new path you will not only learn about others, you will also learn about yourself. Traveling to a different country lets you experience life in a different way.

  31. Ashley Moore

    i love going to the wet market,those fish sure looks fresh. Travelling and going into different places in the world to taste their dishes sure is exciting. I’m into Italian cuisine and when we are choosing a restaurant, i love those who follows their tradition in cooking their dishes. Cooked and prepared with love and passion. Restos who are also affix on the tradition of making their pizzas; cooking the pizza slowly to increase its mass, then a steaming pizza coming out of the wooden oven.

  32. Travel is only fun (to me, anyway) if the food is good. If the food is excellent, then it makes the trip so so so much more memorable and enjoyable. Thanks for the recommendations!

  33. Sandra Brown

    “Gastrotraveling” is an adventure that a traveler should experience. When I travel, I make sure to try out the place’s signature dish(es).

    • Courtney Watson

      Same with what I do when I travel 🙂

  34. I’ve never been to Turks and Caicos BUT your article is very inviting that I would like to visit the place SOON! I’d love to experience the beach and TASTE mouthwatering dishes!

  35. I love Spain’s Idiazabel cheese risotto. Very appetizing! I’m very glad I tried!

  36. I love the idea that “gastrotraveling” is about following your nose! I was able to visit Quincy Market in Boston and I honestly appreciate the ethnic vendors I saw. History and culture at its best!

  37. I always have issues with “potable” water that’s why I make sure to bring medicines whenever I travel. For me, it’s fun but somehow risky to be a “gastrotraveler.”

  38. Ansley Barrington

    Belgium is definitely a place for the “chocoholics.” I was able to taste “Speculoos cookies,” very delicious!

  39. All foodie destinations look amazing. I actually live in Boston right now, and the seafood here is something not to miss if you travel here! In the late spring and summer, there are several seafood eateries along the Boston Seaport District that have the best crab legs and New England Clam Chowder.

  40. I’m vegetarian, but I think it’s worth giving the spots a try! I added them to my research list of upcoming vacation spots 😉

  41. This all looks delicious! I'd love to try them all.

  42. Jen Spillane

    I wish I could pack my bags and jet off to each of these places tonight!

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