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The Rise of Vice + other Weekly Discoveries

Vice: from welfare to billions, gay Trump, travel horror stories, feminist books, and more…


Urbanette’s Friday morning series featuring the most interesting articles, video and quote we discovered this week. Enjoy!

The Rise of Vice + other Weekly Discoveries

The Rise of VICE

The amazing story of how VICE went from Canadian-welfare-funded to $4B valuation. [Read in the Ottawa Citizen]

The Rise of Vice + other Weekly Discoveries

Former Meat and Dairy Farmers Who Became Vegan Activists

Touching stories… [Read at Free From Harm]

Donald GAY Trump — because it’s pretty darn hilarious:
The Rise of Vice + other Weekly Discoveries

10 of the Most Inspiring Books for the Modern Feminist

Books that are helping to shape social change. [Read at Viva Today]

The Rise of Vice + other Weekly Discoveries

Seven Professional Travelers Share Their Travel Horror Stories

“I once had a night in the woods in Yosemite when a guy was going around stabbing people…” [Read at Uproxx]

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

–Albert Einstein

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Reader Discussion: 37 Comments

  1. Nicole Derseweh

    Trump video just made my day 😉

  2. Emily Wentz

    Terrific to see that people are waking up. The only reason I ever ate meat & dairy was because I was forced into it from infancy; I’m so grateful to those whose example helped me see that this shuts down wisdom and compassion for all of us; how fantastic that Renee’s heart was open enough to feel mercy. How courageous of Tommy to question the cultural programming, and trust his heart, and his love for a fine woman. Another positive sign of humanity evolving! 🙂

  3. Amelia Beckons

    Lovely stories about lovely people. This is what we need to see more of. Animal agriculture simply can’t feed the world’s growing population and people are beginning to wake up to that fact and the other, more obvious one: These animals want to LIVE.

  4. Susanna Milton

    My “to read” list just got a lot bigger. I wanna take a million days off and read them all!!!! So many good books on this list! Loading my Kindle right now. 😀

  5. Christina Norelli

    W O W !!! These travel horror stories really makes you think… I’m never travelling alone again. And I’m definitely getting travel insurance.

    • Debbie Jones

      Good idea. When bad luck hits, it hits. It doesn’t care whether you’re home or on vacation. Travel insurance is a very smart idea.

  6. Matilda Parker

    RE: 10 of the Most Inspiring Books for the Modern Feminist: Emailing this to my book club. I’m sure my girls will be more than happy to read and discuss these books. Big thanks, Urbanette!

  7. Sibel Jenkinson

    Great list of books by feminist authors. I have read some of them. And I’d like to read the others. If it was my list however, I’d have made “Girls will be Girls” by Emer O’Toole my umber one. It’s not mentioned there, but I’d recommend all my fellow Urbanettes to read it. 🙂

  8. I’m a vegan too and I applaud these former farmers’ decisions. If those people who made a living out of farm animals managed to go vegan, what’s keeping the rest of the world?!

  9. I love 9 out of the 10 of these modern feminist books. ‘How to be a woman’ by Caitlin Moran should not have been included; a book which addresses no global injustice WHATSOEVER. Pretty accurate with the other 9 though.

  10. Andrea Mitchell

    Some of these books are life changing, and evelutionary! But of course course, that was not a comprehensive list. There are many more vital feminist works. 🙂

  11. Betty O'Leary

    Cool collection of books, but The Essential Ellen Willis should have been on that list, in my opinion.

  12. Lana Urie

    What an interesting collection of discoveries this week! Always sharing the best with us! Thank a whole lot, Hilary and the rest of the Urbanette staff. You guys are my rock!

  13. Noteworthy feminist writings! Unfortunately only read 2 of them, but I’ll most definitely read the rest as well. Always looking for more modern feminism base books.

  14. Ashley Moore

    This is a FABULOUS list, and includes articles I’ve never thought of. I missed watching Malala’s story last Tuesday, saw the trailer of “He named me Malala” on Nat Geo and I’ve never thought that it has a book. I would definitely love to read it. Definately reading other people’s stories and achievemens inspires me a lot. Thanks for finding these awesome articles! 🙂

  15. Tracie Rymond

    I was excited by the thoughts and articles you shared. I loved the quote of Albert Einstein.

  16. Pamela Sanabria

    I can proudly say that I’ve already 4 of these incredibly inspirational feminist books, and I look forward to reading the other 6. 🙂

  17. Helena Stevens

    Loved this week’s discoveries.

    Have to mention that heard a lot about the Vice, but never watched it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll binge watch it this weekend to see how it made such great success.

  18. Marina Henderson

    Crazy travel “horror” stories! How misfortunate, yet all are so lucky to have made it alive. Real stories like these are a good reminder of the dangers in travelling. Could happen to anybody! Can never be too careful.

    • Anna Kaplan

      I definitely agree that you can never be too careful, but the travel misfortunes make the best stories, if the ending is a happy ending.

  19. Hazel Collins

    Great list, some I would not have thought of. I love having everything in one place. I especially like the one with Meat and dairy farmers who became vegan. Now, you’ve added a few more options there for me to try and read. Thanks for all of the great writing you produce on this site!

  20. Colleen Frasier

    Oh my god. I can’t believe I haven’t even heard of most of these books, and I read A LOT of feminist literature. Thanks! This expanded my list of books to read.

  21. I love this week’s collection! When we travel, we want to have the best memorable experience. A good friend of mine had the scariest travel of her life when an earthquake hit Indonesia while she was there on vacation… Lesson learned from her experience, medical insurance (or having an insurance) while traveling is very important. Also, the best course of action when natural disaster strikes is follow local authorities and be alert ALWAYS!

  22. Emily Sauer

    I like the second and the last one, although they are all relevant and good.

  23. These are really great discoveries from the Web! Thanks for compiling them for us 🙂

  24. Elsie Spurlock

    Well done a very simple and concise post. Reading is clearly one of the greatest sources of inspiration and knowledge. Looking forward to learning more from reading Urbanette. I appreciate your list of book recommendation very much! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  25. Once again, Urbanette did not fail in bringing informative and inspiring collection! I have read “Poisoned Apples” by Christine Heppermann (one of the books suggested for modern day feminists) I liked the book so much. It holds much substance. Traditional fairy tales, legends and biblical myths retold in a different way — incorporating issues that young girls experience: eating disorders, insecurities, misogyny, among others. An example I can remember is “The First Anorexic” which is a poem from the story of Eve, when she tasted the forbidden fruit. I appreciate how the author connected it with women who became obsessed with what they eat…

    • Hannah Mayers

      I know that book, “Poisoned Apples.” The author introduced female issues in an interesting way. Christine’s poetic style is witty and deep. Gender inequality is really an issue that we need to address.

      Not our ordinary fairy tales because Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and those with Prince Charming themes are merged with issues such as body image issues, social pressure and abuse which girls experience from pubescent to adulthood stage…

      And oh, the pictures are really mesmerizing!

  26. The Trump video is hilarious! I’m sure it must have infuriated him when or if he saw it.

  27. Danielle Wilson

    I read about Bob Comis before on Huffington Post, but never read about the other 7 before. So refereshing and inspiring to see stories of people who have gone from Villain (in my eyes) to Superhero 🙂

  28. Oh well, worst experience while traveling: prescription drugs I’ve traveled with from US sent up a red flag abroad… I won’t go into details but it’s really important to do research about your place of destination!

    • Francis Woods

      OMG!!! I can imagine how stressful that experience is!!! Yeah, we really need to do our research!!!

  29. Courtney Watson

    That article on vegan activists is really inspiring. On veganism: it might be hard but it’s not impossible to embrace. I should know… I went through the “vegan” process 🙂

    • Right! Vegan activists stories are very motivating! Nothing is really impossible. I went vegan because I have learned about it. Most of the time, lack of knowledge on something hinders our will and desire to transform and be better.

  30. Love that quote from Albert Einstein. The worst thing that happened to me while traveling was having my credit card blocked 🙁 I don’t bring a lot of cash when I travel but I shop a lot. Imagine how frustrated I was when I wasn’t able to use my card…

  31. Awesome collection! I particularly liked the article that lists books for the modern feminists. I have read 4 🙂

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