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5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That We Should Try to Avoid


5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That We Should Try to Avoid


Meat (along with cheese, milk, and highly-processed foods) causes increased levels of long-term inflammation in the body. The worse culprits are red and processed meat, which are also linked to type-2 diabetes because of the iron and nitrate preserves.

While meat is inherently high in protein, unless you are working out like crazy to ensure this turns into lean muscle, the excess protein is synthesized into fat, or waste products – causing weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. And remember what I told you about how dairy depletes your bones? Meat does the same thing, in the same way.

It’s possible to opt for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and still consume the recommended amount of protein. Quinoa, peas, nuts and seeds, chickpeas, leafy greens, and lentils are just some of the foods that are high in protein. Plants are also naturally anti-inflammatory, high in fiber and anti-oxidants – making your body much healthier. There are also plenty of vegan protein supplements available for those who are concerned about their training goals.

I mix pea and hemp protein powders in my morning smoothie, which makes a complete protein that’s clean and anti-inflammatory.

And there you have it, the foods that we have all been consuming whilst sitting in our ivory tower, thinking we were doing all we can to choose healthy options. A general rule of the thumb that we can all follow is to drastically reduce the amount of pre-packaged food that we consume; anything that comes pre-packaged will contain artificial additives, preservative, sugar, and salt – all the things that we should be actively avoiding. Opt for whole foods in their natural state and be safe in the knowledge that we are avoiding the chemical nasties that have been plaguing us all for so long.

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  1. Nancy Smith

    Meat and carbonated drinks are expected. But honey, and milk? Lol. Didn’t see that coming.

  2. Cries Moris

    I know that those food are unhealthy, but I still want to eat them. It’s not bad to eat unhealthy food once in a while because they are a pleasure to me.

  3. Quin Meri

    You can please people to avoid these foods. What if they can’t eat vegetable food? Not all people are the same, we all have different stomachs.

  4. Mildred Davis

    You can’t avoid eating this food, especially dairy food. Just lessen it. You’ll get hungry if you avoid it.

    • Anila William

      Yes. Just like me, I tried eating veggie, but I ended up throwing up.

  5. Monique Malick

    OMG! Thank you, Hilary. I didn’t expect that honey is the number one food that we should avoid.

    • Jenifer Jeni

      I didn’t expect that too. I am shocked about this one as well.

  6. Jossen Row

    My wife is a vegetarian, and I am not. I do like meat, specifically beef. I’m not a fan of veggie food, and this article has no effect on me, but my wife is glaring at me. Lol

  7. Healthy food? There’s nothing of that in today’s generation lol.

  8. Jodi Thil

    Milk? Seriously? You’re not kidding me, right?

    • Linda Williams

      There’s a viral video on the social media about the cows at the dairy farm. It is gross, and you’ll never drink any milk again after watching that. 😂

  9. Candis Melton

    Thank God, I’m a vegetarian. Hahaha. I never tried drinking carbonated drinks because it can ruin my stomach.

  10. Joss Butler

    Can you elaborate what types of meat? Just to clarify things.

  11. Carol Joyner

    I always drink coke diet because I thought that it has a less sugar.

  12. Carrie Bleau

    Imagine your life without milk. I can’t imagine my life without that. Huhuhu

  13. Wilma Moore

    Because the government only prioritize the money from the manufacturers. The manufacturers lie because they know how stupid we all are.

  14. I will share this article with my sister. She’s a fan of yours, and if you’re a vegetarian, I think she’ll going to become one too.

  15. Don’t get fooled if you see “Natural” on their labels. They aren’t true.

  16. Lancy Stanford

    Seriously??? Even Soy Milk??? Cmon!!! I thought it is better than milk!!!

  17. Marina Josef

    Even honey? My dad always uses honey. He believes that mixing honey with his food makes it healthier.

    • Luisa Rodriguez

      Ask your dad, if he’s buying at the farm, or at the supermarket.

  18. Robert Patel

    Lol. My mom threw away all the milk in our house when I shared it with her. 😂 She also banned the milk delivery boy in our house.

  19. Marina Bozek

    Cmon, I am so tired of reading articles like this. They label it the wrong way because they want to take an advantage.

  20. Jesse Wyss

    When I was a child, I always eat junk food and carbonated drinks. I got hospitalized because of UTI. After that incident, I never eat junk foods again.

  21. Yuliya Bruce

    I can’t imagine my life without dairy products. Butter, cheese, and milk? OMG!!!! My morning is not complete without milk. What are the alternative for milk, btw?

  22. Frederica Pellman

    You really do have to “read the fine print” on everything – it may be annoying, but it’s much more annoying to have your body malfunction. Nothing is more important than a healthy mind in a healthy body!

  23. How can we avoid that food if that’s the only food that we can eat? Whenever I eat vegetables, my stomach gets upset, and I vomit.

  24. Jurik Smith

    I never believe in non-fat, and sugar-free labels on food that I bought in the supermarket. That is just a tactic so that consumers will buy their food.

  25. Selli Coaze

    Diet coke? HAHAHA! LOL. Diet coke, is still coke. It is still carbonated drink that contains chemicals that can destroy some of your organs.

  26. Hena Taylor

    Then if all of these are unhealthy, what are we going to eat? I am not a fan of vegetable food, and I guess a little bit of meat is not bad, right?

  27. Jessi Agusta

    Yeah. I expect meat in this article. Meat are never healthy, have you seen how do those animals live before getting chopped, and sold?

    • Ani Hoker

      I’ve watched documentaries about this, and pork is the most disgusting one.

  28. Paul Daiz

    My wife and I always ensure that we eat healthy foods. We are not getting younger anymore, and eating healthy food is the only way to avoid getting sick, and have a stronger immune system.

  29. Bela Christo

    Food at the supermarket contains a lot of preservatives. Don’t expect healthy food in that kind of place.

  30. Companies never accurately label the real containents of many food products… That’s how the suppliers fool the consumers to earn more money. 🙁

  31. Cristina Joseff

    Oh crap. Are these foods unhealthy? I always drink milk or soy milk.

    • They are! It’s best to switch to nut milks, like pea, oat, almond, hazelnut or hemp milk. Pea or hemp is the best, if you can find it. Pea has the most protein.

    • Katherine Donnelly

      I think so.

  32. Maria Bruce

    I want to cut down my sugar. Any suggestions?

    • It’s really just willpower. And recognizing that most juice, bread and pastries are seen as sugar by your body. Try switching to healthier alternatives, like water with a cider vinegar added, or berry smoothies. You can use frozen organic berries to make it easier.

  33. Ana Brose

    Thanks for the insights!

  34. Jeni Morgan

    I’m soooo lost!

    • Everyone is until they spend some time learning and researching. Don’t worry — it gets easier, and it’s worth the time spent!

  35. I consume a LOT of REAL milk (like goat milk). Do you think it’s bad?!

    • Absolutely! You would have better skin, more energy, and be much healthier if you switch to a plant milk, like pea, hazelnut, oat, almond or hemp milk.

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