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4 Scary Hotel Scams


No matter where in the world your wanderlust (or career) may take you, one of the best things about traveling is staying in a hotel. There are so many beautiful hotels around the world with great service, amazing amenities, and striking architecture – and we’ve written about many of them. Even so, hotels can be a breeding ground for thieves and scammers. Here are the four top worldwide hotel scams:

4 Scary Hotel Scams

Don’t let your credit cards get cancelled while abroad because of theft

Fake Menus

Great! A local pizzeria slipped their flier under your hotel room door, now you won’t have to look any further for dinner. False. You’re about to hand over your name and credit card info to an identity thief posing as a pizzeria. This run of the mill scam is so popular, it’s even seen at Disney World of all places. If you want some low-key food to order in, ask the hotel for a recommendation instead. Before ordering anything, always check with the front desk to see if these are legitimate restaurants, or use Google to find local restaurants, and pay in cash. Never use your credit card over the phone.

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  1. Wow. Why can’t people just find legit ways to make money, if they’re so enterprising? :/

  2. Wow, people can be so sneaky! You can’t even relax on vacation without people trying to scam you. SO nuts!

    • Jen Spillane

      I’m with you! Staying in a hotel is “supposed” to be relaxing and should not bring you worries… Some people are very inconsiderate.

  3. I had the front desk one happen to me once. Took a bit to figure out what had happened. Scary! I guess you could always ask them to verify your name when they call your room…

  4. Why would you give out your credit card details for food delivery? I always pay cash.

  5. This is why I always check with the reception if anything comes up. Better safe than sorry.

  6. Francis Woods

    NO WAY. I don’t want to ever experience this!!!

  7. Gabrielle Williams

    Oh no, we are headed to Disneyworld with the kids soon. I hope nothing like this happens. Thanks for the warning, Sarah.

  8. It’s a good thing I just got my credit card discontinued.

  9. Christine Muchoe

    Wow, I didn’t even know about the menu thing. How do people come up with these scams?? So scary… Thanks for the warnings!

  10. Ansley Barrington

    I agree, hotel staff NEVER inspect the room while the guests are inside! We really need to keep an eye even to the smallest thing. Being vigilant even inside the hotel room is the key to a safe travel!

    • Francis Woods

      I KNOW RIGHT! I’ve never experienced any room inspection in all of my travels… In fact, hotel staff are even reluctant to enter your room unless needed!!!

  11. Hannah Mayers

    Thank you! This is very informative! Identity theft (through credit card) is really serious. These are really helpful.

  12. Courtney Watson

    WOW!!!! Scams revealed! Great article. “Fake menus” is a new scam to me. But now, I know what to do 🙂

    • Francis Woods

      I haven’t heard of fake menus too!!! This is a really new scam to me but I guess it’s an old trick in the book. Anything to get CC info!

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