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How to Be a Good Boss

5 tips to help you manage your team with the most success possible.


Congrats! You’ve finally landed yourself in the big chair. But you’re quickly finding out that being the boss isn’t your usual slice of corporate pie. Becoming a “good boss” is a whole different ballgame from making employee of the month. You’re in charge of a team now, and your success depends on how well you all work together.

How to Be a Good Boss

You’ve got to ride the line between encouragement vs. enforcement, positivity vs. pressure, and easing up vs. cracking down. It may sound hard, but fear no more! We’ve prepared a list of things you can do to make this transition easier for you and everybody else.

1. Be a Leader

Leadership is a highly-valued trait in the corporate world. It takes a strong leader to command a company and complete what needs to get done. If you have rules you want followed, the best thing you can do is set the example by following them yourself. In doing so, the team will be inspired to do their work based on the standards you set, and you can also ensure your associates’ growth on a professional level.

How to Be a Good Boss

2. Solve Problems

Several crises will arise on the job, and your responsibility as boss is to get you and your team out of them unscathed. Acknowledge that you’re in a position to think — not lift objects or operate machinery. Therefore, hone your critical thinking skills so you can tackle the tasks at hand. Oftentimes, problems arise in groups. When they do, find an associate you think can handle the work and guide him/her through it. In this way, you’ll both be a mentor and double your problem solving power.

3. Communicate  

I’m sure several times in your profession – maybe even during your college days – you’ve had to speak up in front of a crowd or panel. Doing well in that scenario is definitely something you should be proud of, and having that skill can catapult you to better places in the future; however, being able to captivate a crowd and deliver a good speech isn’t what having excellent communication skills is all about. It entails effectively delivering your thoughts to colleagues who are also in management positions and to your associates as well. You need to ensure that all parties completely understand you, and, at the same time, that you understand what others are trying to convey to you. Workplace communication is a two-way street.

How to Be a Good Boss

4.  Maintain Authority

How to Be a Good Boss

Establishing a rapport with your subordinates is a must. Otherwise, your company’s work ethic may go down the drain (it’s hard to work for someone who you don’t respect). On the contrary, your time and focus should not be fully dedicated to this. If you try too hard to break down boundaries in the office, your associates may just start to look at you as one of them, and your authority will dwindle away. Never allow this to happen. Be strong and firm with your decisions. There may be times when  you’ll need to seek the opinions of others, and that’s fine, but at the end of the day, you should be able to back up your choices and stand your ground no matter what your team may throw at you.

5. Be Kind

Being kind will do wonders for you as a boss. You’re expected to call the shots and be tough about it, but when it comes to relating with your employees and your co-managers, being kind will never lead you astray. Have the mind to understand  you’re all working for the betterment of the company. If you’re hurting productivity or slowing development with a bad attitude, then you’re going be in hot water. But, if your team is behind you and your associates respect you, they’ll come to your aid when things get rocky and never blame the trouble on you.

 Through your example, the team will be inspired to do their work based on the standards you set.

Being a good boss can really make a difference for your employees. Sometimes, it becomes their motivating factor to come to work. They know they have a boss who can push them to the edge with difficult, yet rewarding, tasks and whose skills are paralleled only by her kindness. Make them know you have their best interests at heart. Once they acknowledge and understand that, they’ll see to it that all the best comes your way as well.

What are your tips for being a good boss?

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Reader Discussion: 3 Comments

  1. Courtney Watson

    Yeah, being a boss means being a leader and for me, being a leader means being a follower! I think being a boss means avoiding to play favorites, while this will be hard because there will always be an “apple of the eye,” but NOT having favorites will give a chance and encourage ALL your subordinates to bring out and give the BEST!

  2. The last tip is really important, in my opinion! Kindness always goes a long way.

  3. Being a boss is definitely a hard thing. I think certain people are just meant to lead. Agree with all these rules. Communication is very important. A boss needs to be in consistent communication with employees, stakeholders, investors and public. As a CEO you are he most important represenation of the company and it's their duty to reach sucess.

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