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10 Ways To Be Happy and Live Longer


Then Prince Charming kissed Snow White, she awoke and they lived happily ever after, pure and perfect, from now until forever. Reality check – life is no fairy tale and no man is going to save you …but that doesn’t mean you can’t live happily ever after.

10 Ways To Be Happy and Live Longer

10 Ways To Be Happy and Live Longer

Glass half full?

The truth is 43% of marriages end in divorce and 240,000 women will develop cancer in the U.S. alone this year, so it’s no wonder that 51% of people are pessimists. Pessimists are paralyzed by these harsh realities, whereas optimists believe that they won’t end up as one of those statistics and if they do they feel they are strengthened by their struggles. Pessimists are skeptical about the point of suffering.

As it turns out recent studies show that positive thinking can help improve your health. Statistics show that optimists live an average of 7.5 years longer than pessimists, so you can enjoy your happily ever after longer. The way you perceive life’s outcomes will determine your joy or despair, but can you learn the power of positive thinking? I researched and came up with 10 uplifting steps that lead to bliss:

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  1. Kimberly Vigil

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. I just want to say your article is as astounding. The clearness to your put up is just excellent and very good listed points. This is truly a very useful post, it could really help others if they will apply those things above. I am definitely going to do this and see how it works, good luck to myself.

  2. Rosemary Robles

    Great post. Interesting from the get go to end. Life really is so much easier when you exclude negativity. I think it is also good to do something that you really enjoy (like dancing to your favorite song or watching your favorite show) at least once a day, it will help those happy juices to flow. Thanks for the amazing advice!

  3. Heather Strobel

    You shed light on a lot of unanswered questions. Thank you for writing about how to be happy. I cherish the thought of being able to find mine. It is something that I hope will unfold for me. Thanks for the advice, great content!

  4. Grace Stirling

    I am so impressed with this post. This deeply resonates with me. I think we have to come to a realization that we will never be happy if we are always trying to find happiness from others, objects, and how well we can conform to society. I feel a lot more at peace and a lot more on fire to do my best after reading this. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

  5. Jenny Garett

    Thank you! This arrived at the right moment. These are the words i was looking for today. Yes! so true! Life becomes hard and unfair when we decide to complain about things rather than trying to change them ourselves. It’s so refreshing to be reminded to accept and love myself. Looking forward to more inspiration. 🙂

  6. Hazel Collins

    Thank you for sharing this with us, i think you summed it up perfectly. This is important and nurturing. I’ve always gathered inspiration by checking Urbanette. I will try to set my focus inward to create a more centered, peaceful world around me and always stay optimistic. Hope you don’t mind if i print this out and read it over and over.

  7. Lela House

    Awesome post! at the right moment. i was literally down today, thanks!

  8. Louise Stone

    Thank god I found this site! I always find something new and inspiring over here. This is very beautiful, simple but deep article. Thanks for the inspiring post. Everyone can make their life a paradise by following your advise. My heart feels light and joyful after reading this.

  9. Merry Robinson

    I got chills reading your post! Thank you so much for sharing your ❤️. Thank you for making it beautiful, gentle and kind.

  10. Esther Earl Harris

    Thank you Stephanie for such a wonderful article. I feel like I am talking to a dear friend who can really open up my heart, my mind and my soul. This is so in line with my own journey today, and I am meeting so many dear people who have similar realizations to share. You really take away my blues. I’m going to follow your advise not just for myself but also for my son.

  11. Cornelia Green

    Thank you for putting this into words. I get it now and i feel so free. I do not have to beat myself up about being negative. Reading this post is inspiring! I’m going to bookmark this too. Thank you for the insight.

  12. Elsie Spurlock

    Wow. Is all I can say! huge eye opener for me. This is so true! and very important to be reminded of it often. In the grand scheme of things i think there’s only a few things that are truly important and whatever those things are must be really cherished. Your soul was talking to mine and everything made sense. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Helen Dark

    I do love this. It resonates, big time. Thank you for this clear message. On point. love it!!


  14. Ashley Moore

    This article resonates with me and I am grateful for it. Your advise is always so measured, sensible and incredibly loving. I feel like a big weight has lifted off me. I need to learn to be gentle on myself and always believe in myself. Thank you Stephanie for your wonderful advice. 🙂

  15. Melani Kalev

    Like Voltaire has said, I choose to be happy because it’s good for my health. I’d rather have my glass half full. Because at the end of the day, your thoughts are what shape your reality and what you are. And you attract what you are. We can’t control a lot of things in life, but what we do have control over is our reactions, our attitude. I’d better choose the one where I end up happy and content.

  16. Thank you for posting this. When I was a kid, I believed I’d be happy if I got an admission into a good college. In college, I believed that I’d be happy if I got a good job. When I got a job, I believed that I’d be happy if I got a promotion and a raise. And on and on it went.

  17. Totally agree with these 10 ways 🙂 I’m on my way to “true” happiness.

  18. Stop worrying! Always look at problems positively, treat them as situations that will give you a brighter tomorrow. Smile and always be happy 🙂

  19. Being happy means knowing and accepting your weaknesses! We need to accept that there are things we can’t do and achieve…

  20. Hannah Mayers

    “Be positive, don’t mind stress. Just laugh!” Easier said than done. I personally believe that the key to being happy is knowing yourself from deep within. Knowing your strengths as well as weaknesses then accepting them. It’s impossible not to mind stress, it’s everywhere! But if you know yourself from deep within, you’ll be able to deal with the stress gracefully and end up being happy!

  21. Courtney Watson

    I am an optimist! Way to go! Now I know why I have a good disposition. I honestly feel light every morning I wake up. I believe that as I mature, I learn to appreciate the things I have, the people who love me and who I love and that makes me truly happy!

  22. Jen Garcia

    It’s hard to be happy if you don’t understand the real meaning of true happiness. If you don’t know how to give a true and authentic smile.

    For me, being happy comes from within. Be true to yourself, if you’re sad, just let it be, show to people that you’re sad and don’t pretend, cry if you really want to. Then after that, true happiness will come. Just imagine, there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

    I just believe that you won’t be happy if you don’t feel the sadness. Just be yourself and for sure you’ll achieve true happiness.

  23. This is a great article. Thinking positively is the first step to change. Sometimes I worry a lot about the future, which can lead to negativity–this is something I need to keep in mind! 🙂

  24. Jen Spillane

    I agree that positive thinking goes a long way, and that clarity is really the key ingredient. It's hard to be sincerely positive if you're totally out to sea with your life. Clarity gives you a sense of direction and control, which is empowering and helps propel you towards the next step. When you know where you're going, you can actually go there!

  25. I agree that positive thinking has a lot to do with living a happier life. Being miserable and despair will never help any situation but only make things worse for you. Start on a new page in the morning and just tell yourself " Today will amazing" and think like that for the rest of the day, see how it affects your day. I'm going to start thinking positively for now on. I'm tired of dwelling, life is too beautiful to be upset at small petty things.

  26. Paula Lowe

    Whenever someone comes to me for advice, no matter what the subject, I always tell them about the importance of positivity and manifestation. Optimism is probably the most valuable lesson you can teach someone. It's applicable in every situation, can get you anywhere, and has immediate results.

  27. Darla

    “you may be a pessimist, refer to the 10 steps to bliss for advice.” No kidding. When I wake up in the morning, my first thought would be “Im gonna get hit by a bus today” or “someone’s gonna crash a plane into our building”. i never used to be like this. i think i need a boyfriend

  28. My personal secret to happiness:

    Good conversation with friends, DVDs and a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

  29. Love this article! It’s true that it takes more effort to be unhappy than it does to simply look at the brighter side in each of our lives! 

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