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4 Essentials for a Classic Wardrobe


As a wannabe fashion designer, I’m pinning my future career on these words from style icon and eight-time Oscar winner for costume design Edith Head: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” Agreed, Edith.

Your wardrobe may be ready for an impromptu trip to St. Tropez or Aspen. But it’s not really a wardrobe until you have everyday pieces that, every once in a while, make you feel like you’re a movie star on vacation. Find staples and classics that you love and that flatter. Buy them in a few colors or just buy a backup or two. It gives your style a signature that people will remember. (It also makes getting dressed for brunch while hungover on a Sunday morning a little easier.)

Build yourself a classic wardrobe with these timeless pieces made famous by the following four fashion demigods:

Diane Von Furstenberg

4 Essentials for a Classic Wardrobe

4 Essentials for a Classic WardrobeLet’s not pull punches. Diane’s legendary wrap dresses have been flattering our less-than-taut tummies since 1974. They are still incredibly forgiving to almost every shape with a deep, wide V neckline that flatters any bustline. Diane taught us that an hourglass shape isn’t necessarily a genetic blessing but an easily cared for jersey knit and a cinched waist.

“Feel like a woman; Wear a dress.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

If you can’t afford Diane’s classic prints and luxe fabrics, look for a wrap dress that feels great to the touch; that’s a good indication that it will look like and make you feel like a million bucks when you put it on. For those of you who are on the more modest side (or plan on wearing it to work), you might want to stitch on a snap or mini hook to keep the front together and the cleavage minimal.

4 Essentials for a Classic Wardrobe

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  1. Brett Lee

    This is what women should have in their closets. Never goes out of style

  2. Eloise Ferris

    You can never go wrong in this list! You can just mix-and-match and you’re all set!

  3. Genie Mackenzie

    This is what I call true fashion that NEVER really fades! btw, I’m a Coco Chanel fan ❤

  4. April Henry

    Wearing this type of clothes is effortlessly classy. It makes women look more proffesional

  5. Lana Wiliam

    I’d like to have these clothes like these!!

  6. Kate Hudson my fashion icon! I love her so much!!

  7. I love Coco’s saying, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” 💕

  8. Jurik Smith

    It doesn’t necessarily to have that specific brand in your clothes. You can have the same style by the Thrift Shop. It’s how you wear THE CLOTHES is what matters.

  9. Anila William

    The Classic Coco Chanel style! An investment of having one for yourself!

  10. Jenifer Jeni

    The LBD is everything! I have like 5 of those and have one in my luggage whenever I travel.

  11. I know more women read urbanette, but I wouldn’t mind sharing staples for men 😀

  12. I love DVF. I think I have more than ten wrap around dresses. Sheesh.

  13. Francis Woods

    I adore Kate Hudson. I didn’t realize she had her own line of clothing. She’s my fitspro inspiration 🙂

    • I’m surprised she has her own line as well! But at her age, she is terribly fit its unnerving! But I meant that in an inspiration kind of way 😀

      • Girls, calm down. I saw Kate Hudson the other weekend getting her workout in this boxing gym. Perhaps we should all go check it out?

  14. I love that leopard DVF dress! *MUST have!* Doesn’t look like it’s from this season though 🙁 So sad…

  15. I love that you mentioned sweats as a staple in any wardrobe. I’ve been working from home these past couple of days and I didn’t want to dress up so much when doing errands but at the same time, I did not want to dress up. Period. I am also trying to invest on a really great LBD. Though I have a couple now, I still feel like they aren’t THE LBD of LBDs.

    • ditto on the sweats, it’s like the epitomy of everyday American classic~

  16. Christine Muchoe

    I definitely need to check out Kate Hudson’s line! Looks awesome. I totally agree with what you said about having statement pieces but my problem is finding somewhere to wear them.

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