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Why I Decluttered and Redecorated — and Why You Should Too


Leverage What You Already Have

It’s tempting to rush out and buy new storage bins and containers to start de-cluttering. However, you should use what you already have around the house and then assess what you need to buy. Start organizing one room at a time and resist the urge to pull apart the rest of the house until the first room is completely done. This way you’ll have a better sense of accomplishment and a better idea of what types of tools and resources you need to tackle the rest of your home.

Why I Decluttered and Redecorated — and Why You Should Too

Make piles of what you want to donate, throw away and store for later. Bag up what’s leaving the house and arrange to have it removed as quickly as possible. Remember items like electronics, furniture, and artwork can be donated or sold on eBay or Craigslist to make some extra money and pay for those storage bins you might need later.

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A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Allen Kathleen

    I love you, Hilary. Your articles are inspiring even for us, men. You are an indeed talented person.

  2. Betty Campbell

    This is very helpful. For people who aren’t into cleaning their homes, you should follow what Hilary said. There’s nothing wrong with removing the clutter in your place. After all, it will reflect on your personality, not mine, nor Hilary’s.

  3. Kathryn Gibson

    I can’t imagine Hilary being lazy and unorganized. Haha! You are an inspiration to me. I love your ideas and advice. More power to your magazine!

  4. Linda Williams

    Wow. Slow clap for you, Hilary. Because of that dream, you become a better person. Without that dream, there is no article like this. Thanks to your dream. Lol

  5. Rosetta Armendariz

    Decluttering is a requirement. Who would want to live in a dirty apartment, right? Be responsible enough in cleaning your space. Throwing out your old stuff could be hard, but you have to let it go.

  6. Yes! Pinterest has so much to offer when it comes in DIYs. I love that page, as they encourage people to be more creative.

  7. Olive Williams

    We always have a garage sale after we cleaned our home. It was hard at first to let go some of your important stuff, but you’ll get used to it.

  8. Candis Melton

    Why would I remove my television inside my room? Lol. It doesn’t give me stress. In fact, it is my stress reliever. I don’t think, television, and other electronic gadgets are involve in this.

  9. Patricia Montague

    Cleaning is tiring, but there’s a good thing with cleaning. Having a clean house/apartment is very satisfying. Make your home livable, because your home will reflect your personality.

  10. Marina Josef

    I am more comfortable in a messy room. Whenever my mom cleans my room, some of my stuff get lost. I want my stuff to be where exactly I left them.

  11. Eloisa Clay

    They say that you can see the person’s personality by how they live. A messy person has a messy life, while an organized person has a bright future.

  12. Britni Baynes

    Am I the only person who find messy room satisfying? It’s easier for me to find stuff when it’s messy.That is why I hate cleaning my room. 😀

    • Zerin Martin

      You are not alone! I also think that it is easier to find stuff when it is messy. Like you know where you put the thing, and if it gets cleaned, it’s harder to find.

  13. Robert Patel

    Some people may think that cleaning the house is just for women, but I guess it’s for the both gender. As an independent person, I want everything to be organized. I hate seeing my stuff in every part of my apartment.

    • Caren Sipos

      Thumbs up for this. Cleaning is not only for women, we, men should also be responsible for our own.

  14. Jurik Smith

    There’s no way you can avoid messing your room/apartment. Even if you tried not to, you are going to. Leave them alone, let them do what they want to do.

  15. Juli Woods

    The kitchen is for food, not for your paper works. I hate seeing kitchens with papers on top of the table. Is that what are we going to eat? Paper works? 😡

  16. Lusi Martin

    Having a strategy, and a plan will help you in your cleaning. Know what are the things that you need to get rid off, and which are not. Re-use your storage bin, or you can use a garbage bag for the mean time.

  17. Jessi Agusta

    I wish I dream something like that, so I can have the energy to clean my room. Lol. I hate decluttering. Haha! 😑 Help me, please!

  18. Anila William

    Office stuff should be in your office area, not in your room neither in your kitchen. Don’t stick to the messy people are the creative ones, I should say lazy ones though.

    • Honey Smith

      I guess there’s no rule when to do your office work? You set your won rules, and I set mine. I think there’s nothing wrong with putting some paper works at the kitchen table.

  19. Nancy Smith

    Thanks for this article! I’m planning to clean my room, and I have no idea what to do with my old stuff that is still usable. I think I will just sell them online.

  20. Yuliya Bruce

    Clutter are stress! I hate seeing clutter in my room. My mom raised me as a well-organized person. I want my daughter to adopt that trait of mine too.

  21. Maria Bruce

    My friend is very organized when it comes to her room. Her stuff is properly stacked. I envy her for being like that. My room is messy.

  22. Quin Meri

    Doing something that you love will make your work lighter. Declutter is hard if you’re not into decluttering, but if you want to achieve a peaceful room, you must enjoy decluttering.

  23. Sherry Manust

    I love getting ideas on Pinterest! The ideas there are inspiring, and it makes you want to redecorate your room.

  24. Wilma Moore

    After reading this, I already have a suspect for my insomnia. Lol. I have a messy room, because of my paper works. I guess I will start cleaning my room now. Ciao! 😀

  25. Ani Hoker

    I think I have a Monica syndrome. If you watched friends, you know what I mean. Lol. I am a very organized person. Unorganized stuff is sore to my eyes.

    • Kimberly Holder

      I’ve watched friends, and I like Monica’s personality. She’s organized and hates dirt. Look how strong woman she is, in that series.

  26. Katherine Donnelly

    The best way for easier decluttering is to avoid having an attachment with the items. Stop reminiscing with that, because it takes too much time, and it can be a reason for keeping it.

  27. George Sumanta

    Hahaha! I remember my mom when she scolded me when I don’t want to clean my room. My body can’t move whenever she wants me to clean my room Haha!

  28. Luthi Sanders

    I like your idea of making a sacred space. I’m going to plan my next general cleaning, and I will make space for this one. You’re the best, Hilary.

    • Jeweli Prater

      That idea catches my eye too. Space where you can relax, and have the time to think. I like that.

  29. Marina Bozek

    Clutter are disgusting. I always declutter my apartment once a week. We can’t avoid messing around in our apartment, that is why even on my busy schedule, I always make time to clean my apartment.

  30. Angelo Henderso

    My mom keeps on telling me that I should clean my room. I hate cleaning my room. I don’t have any idea how my room gets so messy.

    • Jesse Wyss

      Moms are always like that. I used to hate my mom before, whenever she wanted me to clean my room. Now I understand why because I’m a mother too.

  31. Federica Pellman

    You’re preaching to the choir – I grew up in a tiny 3-room flat in London that I shared with my parents and 3 sisters. We had a bathtub in the kitchen, and the living room doubled as bedroom for my parents and my sister and I. My mother threw out anything that didn’t move. I am just like her. You can drop in on me anytime and my place will be spotless (although I prefer you call first so I can put on my mascara!) I don’t know how people live comfortably in clutter, let alone think and function efficiently. Mess makes me nervous. I could easily live in a monk cell with a bed, table and chair as long as it was tastefully done 🙂

  32. Selli Coaze

    I love it! Aside from you clean your room, you also helped other people by donating your old stuff. You have such a good heart, Hilary.

    • Lana Wiliam

      Of course, before you donate, ensure that those are still usable. Don’t donate items that you think is better in the trash bin.

  33. Cristina Joseff

    DIY creations are amazing. I always envy people who have their artistic side. I’m just a potato in a small apartment. Lol

  34. Wow! I like DIY-ing!! My not so very artistic side comes out whenever I’m doing a DIY. Share us your DIY ideas, Hilary. I would love to see your creations!

  35. I agree!! I can’t sleep every night. I thought I had this insomnia thing, but then I had the chance to clean my room. Now, I feel comfortable and peaceful.

  36. Ana Brose

    Clutter is very irritating to my eyes. 😡 I am not comfortable whenever I see something unorganized inside my apartment.

    • Hena Taylor

      Seeing a pile of trash makes me want to explode. I have OCD, and I want everything in order., and clean.

  37. Paul Daiz

    I am doing the same way. I don’t force myself to clean the whole apartment in one day. Make a plan to make your cleaning easy, and lighter.

  38. Michelle Lee

    I love natural look! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  39. Jodi Thil

    Whenver I declutter, I feel like I have a higher level of self care!

  40. Evelyn Harris

    I used to have some really good declutter and tidy-up books with some great tips, but now, I can’t lay my hands on them…

  41. Lancy Stanford

    I badly need this!

  42. Alena Martin

    Books, paints and various art/craft items are the obstacles to me being tidy 😂🤣

  43. Bela Christo

    I appreciate that you gave tips on how to declutter. But your title is a bit a misleading. From the title, I was expecting for “more benefits” of decluttering!

  44. I agree with that study that clutter tends to create depression. I get depressed when my husband starts to make a huge mess and not clean up afterwards. 😛

  45. Francis Woods

    OMG such a cute story and photo!! You make great points and were SUCH a cute kid, Hilary!

  46. Arabella Clarington

    I love your childhood story 🙂 And I really find your tips extremely helpful.

    I train my daughter to pick up after herself, clean her room and be organized. I believe that having a “clutter-free” mindset at an early age can be very helpful.

    More often than not, when we decide to “declutter” we’re left with a question of “Where do I begin?!” The idea of “decluttering” and “redecorating” makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious. But in fact, it doesn’t have to be hard as some make it out to be. It should be enjoyable and should help us explore and reveal our creative side 🙂

  47. Trish Potter

    I’ve read before that clutter is the hallmark of a creative mind, if so, then I’m quite creative! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a streamlined, minimalist, de-cluttered home environment. I don’t want my living space to be model home/hotel room like, instead I want a creative, lived-in space.

  48. Omg. I used to be really messy too. And then something happened at work that made me lose an important paper, and from then on, I told myself I need to organize my table, my work space. I can’t afford to make another mistake that might lead to me losing my job. 😀

    • Courtney Watson

      I can very much relate! An experience at work made me realized that I need to be organized.

  49. That photo of you as a child is SO CUTE! I love the tips too — I always have fresh flowers all over my home.

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