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Why I Decluttered and Redecorated — and Why You Should Too

Three easy ways to declutter and redecorate for your mental health and peace of mind.


Get Rid of Stress

Take a moment to think about stress triggers around your house. If you’re not sleeping well, a cluttered bedroom full of electronics and paperwork may be the culprit. Organize your closet, remove unnecessary items like your computer and TV and focus on making your bedroom a sanctuary of rest. Then, incorporate fresh flowers, a hanging crystal to catch the sunlight and soft window shades to let in natural light.

Why I Decluttered and Redecorated — and Why You Should Too

Other clutter culprits might include the kitchen. It’s easy to let mail stack up, food to sit out and dishes to pile up. But, a kitchen is often the gathering spot of the home for friends and family. Treat it with respect by keeping it clean, putting away all gadgets and dishes and clearing away unnecessary knickknacks. Instead, place a bowl of fresh lemons on the counter as a centerpiece, open the windows and consider doing some home decor DIY projects, like repainting your kitchen with warm, soothing colors to create the gathering space you deserve.

Check out Home Decor Ideas We Love and some fun home decor DIY Projects on Pinterest, and re-pin ideas to start your own idea board.

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Reader Discussion: 63 Comments

  1. Chris Moris

    I want to donate my old clothes. Any suggestion where I can donate them?

  2. Martin Juyes

    Wow! Can I earn money from my old stuff? I used to throw my old stuff before because I am no good at selling online. I guess it’s time to try online selling, and start earning more bucks.

  3. James Hannks

    Cleanliness is important. It’s not just about how it will affect your brain, but your health as well. A pile of clutter can hold unhealthy elements that can harm your health. Stay healthy, stay clean.

  4. Jonathon Swift

    My sister has a messy room, and my mom always scolds at her. Haha, I love seeing them fighting because of her room. Love you, sis!

  5. Brett Lee

    If a woman is messy in her room, she has a messy life. Having a messy room for me is a turn-off. I don’t want to have a girlfriend who doesn’t know how to clean.

  6. Allen Kathleen

    I love you, Hilary. Your articles are inspiring even for us, men. You are an indeed talented person.

  7. Betty Campbell

    This is very helpful. For people who aren’t into cleaning their homes, you should follow what Hilary said. There’s nothing wrong with removing the clutter in your place. After all, it will reflect on your personality, not mine, nor Hilary’s.

  8. Kathryn Gibson

    I can’t imagine Hilary being lazy and unorganized. Haha! You are an inspiration to me. I love your ideas and advice. More power to your magazine!

  9. Linda Williams

    Wow. Slow clap for you, Hilary. Because of that dream, you become a better person. Without that dream, there is no article like this. Thanks to your dream. Lol

  10. Rosetta Armendariz

    Decluttering is a requirement. Who would want to live in a dirty apartment, right? Be responsible enough in cleaning your space. Throwing out your old stuff could be hard, but you have to let it go.

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