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How I Improved My Self-Esteem

My journey, and the six steps that changed my life.


Learn to Say No

I used to feel obligated to go out of my way to help friends and to say Yes to everything they asked of me. This lead to me consistently being taken advantage of and feeling hurt, which lowered my self-esteem. Because I was so overly generous, even friends who normally wouldn’t ‘use’ me, ended up making me feel used, and it damaged our friendship. I learned the hard way that when a friendship is out of balance, it often spoils.

So the lesson is this: Don’t be a people pleaser. Recognize that you have enough value as a friend without giving them any extra benefits. And if you do nice things for a friend and it’s not reciprocated, then stop doing those things and see how your friend reacts. Givers, like me, can’t be friends with Takers or it’ll eventually suck you dry and drain your self-esteem. You need to put yourself first and be comfortable saying no.

Don’t be a people pleaser.

How I Improved My Self-Esteem

Dwelling On Problems Is Not Healthy

My husband helps me see situations in a better light, and when I’m going through a tough time he’s quick to point out that things aren’t nearly as bad as they appear to be. He helps me to focus on the positive and stop dwelling on the negative. If you dwell on the things that have gone wrong in your life, you’ll be stuck under a gray cloud.

When a tabloid journalist I’d never met wrote a bizarre article speculating about my personality, completely fictionalized, my mentor, Richard Branson, gave me good advice. He told me to forget about it, move on, and not to respond. If you move past the negative in your life and try to find the silver lining in every situation, then you’ll soon realize that other people can’t damage your self esteem.

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Reader Discussion: 156 Comments

  1. Eleanor Honea

    A lady who wears too much makeup everyday screams that she doesn’t have self-esteem. Society has put too much pressure on our women.

  2. Jennifer Baker

    They encourage pretty girls to be confident, but when a simple girl is confident but not that pretty, they bring her down. Wtf! Of course, everyone did this. But did that help you become better?

  3. Janice Way

    What is self-esteem and how do you take care of it? every time I get one, it dies within a few minutes. am I not feeding it correctly? LOL

  4. William Dean

    I wanted to build up my self my self-esteem and confidence, but I don’t know what to do! How and when do I start? How can I help myself?

    • Caroline Soloviev

      Start now! Trust yourself, make something that makes you feel good! Do something unusual that empowers you !

  5. Jamie Wurst

    But how can I change the way people treat me? Because that’s how I manage to fix my self-esteem issues.

  6. Alta Johnson

    I always doubted the compliments I received. I always thought of them as sarcasm. How can I determine the truth from a white lie?

  7. Laverne Pollard

    My friends knew about my anxiety but, they kept on bringing me down. Then one time, I took time for myself and they hated me for it. it ended our friendship, but I learned to be independent. But how can I express or share my problems when I don’t trust those people around me?

  8. David Robinson

    These social media are also one of the causes of a low self-esteem. People brag about themselves, which belittles those who have a low profile.

  9. Deanna Hurt

    I grew up alone since I’m an only child. I found it hard to talk to people because I had 0 confidence in me. I even hated talking in front of a crowd. But I was determined and I helped myself to overcome my shyness. Now, I’m a public speaker.

  10. Mary Fisher

    How can I remove those people who bring me down when they’re the only people I lean to? I don’t want to be alone.

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