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How I Improved My Self-Esteem

My journey, and the six steps that changed my life.


Meditation and Affirmations Are Key

Meditation and affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains, raise the level of feel-good hormones, and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons.

Meditation can give you the ability to step back from situations and see both the situation and yourself in an objective way, giving you much more perspective and helping you to react more calmly. It also enables us to meet, greet, and make friends with ourselves. I know it sounds silly, but once you start meditating you’ll see what I mean. Meditation allows us to get to know who we really are and to accept and embrace ourselves just as we are. We soon find that our doubts, insecurities or fears are really only superficial. This allows us to replace those things with a deeper place of trust, dignity and self-worth.

I like to start my daily meditation with affirmations. It has helped me to rewire my brain to be more confident and break out of negative thinking. Basically, whatever you tell yourself will become true in your own mind, which will also make it far more likely that other people will believe is, and it will manifest in your life.

How I Improved My Self-Esteem

What You Eat Influences Your Emotions

Modern science has proven that the microbiome in your gut (that’s the pounds of living bacteria in your gut that influences most functions in your body) have a huge effect on our emotions, energy, irritability, and even brain fog. Integrative doctors are now recommending a vegan diet instead of antidepressants. I know, it sounds like science-fiction — but it works!

Not sure where to start? There are lots of vegan cookbooks, but the one that made me feel great is called Eating Clean, by blogger Amie Valpone. I followed the Eating Clean detox diet for three months, combined with the following three tips, and felt like a new, much healthier and happier person at the end of it.

What do you do to boost your self-esteem?

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  1. Najam Sethit

    Thanks posting this article. I feel better after reading this article.

  2. Wanda Lwis

    This is such a great post! May I add something? These are just things I did to have the self-esteem I have right now. Love and accept yourself just the way you are. Don’t be someone you’re not because you will get frustrated along the way. Also, dwell with the positive things about you.

  3. Anjela Queen

    Some people struggle with problems in their self-esteem but some struggle with problems in too much self-confidence. Haha! Too much of anything is bad just like what they say. Have the exact amount of self-esteem by following these 6 steps. If we sum up all the steps, it’s really about feeling good about yourself no matter how rough the situation is.

  4. Gloria Lili

    I definitely agree with “removing weeds.” It might be a tough one but we have to evaluate our inner circle, including our friends and family. We have to get away from those individuals who put us down and shred our confidence.

  5. Marjory Brooks

    For me, the perfect way to boost self-esteem is thinking about where I want to go and what’s important to me 😉

  6. Maria Rapier

    Focus on your OWN expectations rather than what you think others have for you!

  7. Oxi Harger

    Wonderful article! I think it’s natural for humans to fear failure and rejection, the real challenge is act and take action despite these.

  8. Florence Frederick

    Thank you for generous sharing of your insights and experiences. I always look forward to your motivational and inspiring articles!

  9. Joyce McAllister

    Thanks for the awesome article! If you have high level of self-esteem, you’ll be able to achieve even the impossible. And I think it’s all in the mind. If you visualize yourself as you want it to be, you’ll definitely will. As Napoleon Hill once said, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

  10. Helen Boone

    I agree with all these, I wanted to surround myself with positive people and have clear-cut goals and outlook in life 😉

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