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7 Steps to Prevent Infidelity

Our best common-sense tips for preventing infidelity in the workplace and elsewhere.


4. Protect your marriage by discussing relationship issues at home.

If you do need to talk to someone else about your marriage, be sure that person is a friend of the marriage, and not someone you find attractive. If the friend is knocking marriage in general, respond with something positive about your own relationship.

7 Steps to Prevent Infidelity

Cheaters say the danger developed because emotional intimacy grew over time with someone they worked with.

5. Don’t go over the line when you’re on-line with Internet friends.

Discuss your online friendships with your partner and show him/her your email if they’re interested. Invite them to join in your correspondence so your Internet friends won’t get any wrong ideas. And definitely don’t exchange sexual fantasies online (i.e., don’t be an Anthony Weiner!).

6. Keep old flames from reigniting.

If a former lover is coming to the class reunion, invite your partner to come along. If you value your marriage, think twice about having lunch with an old flame.

7 Steps to Prevent Infidelity

7. Make sure your friends are supportive of your marriage.

Surround yourself with friends who are happily married and who don’t believe in fooling around.

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Shirley P. Glass, Ph.D. is the author of NOT "Just Friends": Protect Your Relationship from Infidelity and Heal the Trauma of Betrayal.

Reader Discussion: 132 Comments

  1. Kathryn Gibson

    I am very much interested to know how does infidelity lead to divorce and why is it biblically permissible to divorce on the grounds of adultery.

  2. Monique Malick

    How can one person openly communicate when the other (my husband) continues to repeat “I don’t want to talk about it” and stonewalls me with a slippery rocky slope of silence?

  3. Jonathon Swift

    During our 26 years together I had no idea. He was sweet loving treated me good was a good provider and good father. But his family always treated me like crap. So no I disagree there is nothing I did wrong to make him do this. I did everything right in what I thought was a marriage. I showed my husband love trust and respect. And he took advantage of me and play me for a fool. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. My mistake was blindly trusting a liar a stranger I thought loved me.

  4. Candis Melton

    People cheat because their insecure selfish and have no respect for the other person or the relationship. It’s a character flaw. There is nothing the other person can do to prevent anything their partner does. Cheaters are liars period. I have been cheated on repeatedly in my marriage for years unbeknownst to me because I trusted my husband and believed all his lies. My whole relationship was based on lies with a stranger. Looking back to the very beginning when we met when I actually caught him. His behavior was always the same. I met him in a bar when he was seeing a married woman unbeknownst to me at the time. He chased me hard for 6 months then pressure me to marry him. He lied to me about working late, going to visit guy friends etc and like a fool I trusted him every time we were apart. Only to find out years later from his mother that she knew all along what he was doing because he was bringing women he met in bars to meet her and the rest of his family

  5. Patricia Montague

    This evening I learned in a letter that my wife of 26 years says she loves me but is not in love with me and her feeling have changed over the years. Brad, she may be leaving me. We had a civil conversation about it and she said she wants some space. I asked her if she is seeing anybody, and by the silence in the air, that gave me the answer. I asked her how long. She said it hasn’t been long. I always thought we were very much in love. After a heart to heart talk, I asked her to give our marriage another chance. I don’t want to lose her. I am in complete shock. I am determined in winning her heart back, whatever it takes, without pushing her further away. She says she’s not going anywhere for the moment, so I’ve got some time to work on the marriage!

  6. Carol Joyner

    One thing that’s sad is you can’t stop or prevent someone from cheating.all you can do is continually be the best possible option, also to be with someone who values commitment trust and honesty.

  7. Olive Williams

    Great advice for preventing infidelity in marriage

  8. Carrie Bleau

    Most people feel like they cannot be open and honest with their partners without hurting them.

  9. Mariam McLeish

    Good intentions are not enough to protect a marriage from the temptations in today’s workplace, to which both men and women fall prey. It is natural to feel an attraction toward someone of the opposite sex, even in happy marriages. But when a man neglects his primary responsibility and allows himself to act on an instinctive attraction — even in his thoughts — he has already violated his marriage vows.

  10. Sherry Manust

    I found a few weeks ago my husband is cheating on me.the way he was behaving was giving me red flags but when i asked him something he would go mad at me yell and be cold the would be better in few days this used to happened only when he used to go out of town for work when I wanted to accompany him he would make excuse or get angry at me this has been going for past 3 yrs but now he stopped going out of town now those women come to where we live and he has sex with them i am davestated and dont know what to do if I ask him anything he gets mad at me starts yelling and screaming how to handle this not ready gor counseling which I have been asking him for 4 yrs.

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