How To Become a Millionaire


Forget marriage. There are ways to gain millions other than marrying the filthy rich old man. Besides, weddings and divorces are costly processes. And then there’s the issue of your self-respect. Oh yeah, that. The answer? Rise up and be a fierce, independent woman with an empire of your own.

How To Become a Millionaire

1. Cultivate a Need

By need, we mean business. Get involved in a business or project that you are passionate about. Look at it as a necessity, an essential element of life that needs to be developed and sustained. The thing about choosing the project that you are most passionate about is that when you enjoy your work, you’ll devote your time and energy into it without feeling overworked. Your chosen business should be something that you are so passionate about doing that you get up in the morning needing to get to work.

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  1. Yeah… Forget marriage with a "wealthy, old man" to get rich. I personally believe that getting rich requires research, commitment and hard work. Due to my very busy schedule, I can't start a business (well, because of my belief that doing business need "full commitment"). So what I do is invest my money. And I agree with the article author, "don't put all your eggs in one basket" 🙂

  2. Hannah Mayers

    I totally agree with “Don’t Live the Millionaire Lifestyle.” Most of the time, when we are earning more, we tend to spend more. For me, discipline (self-discipline) specifically when it comes to spending is the secret to being a millionaire!

  3. Courtney Watson

    Investing really helps! As for starting a business, I believe that the business you’ll start should be something that you love doing (that is your hobby). For instance, you cannot (or it’s not advisable) to start a baking (or cooking business) if you don’t want to eat. This is just my opinion (and observation)!

  4. Saving is definitely an important part of building wealth, especially if the alternative is to spend it on luxury goods that won't give any economic return in the long run.

  5. I think the important way to become a millionaire is by SAVING. Which might be a very hard thing for people. It's even hard for people who are born into wealth. Spending lots of money on unnecessary things can be the downfall to your millions. I definitely agree that people should invest in the stock market but for new comers in stock, they shouldn't invest too much in case of loss. Things happen, stock market may crash, stocks may go down. So it is some of a risk. Do your research in companies first and watch them for sometime before going forth.

  6. Ansley Barrington

    Saving even just a little from your salary every month will help you heaps. In about 20 years, you’ll be  millionaire. 😀

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