Unique NYC Date Ideas


Unique NYC Date Ideas Meant To Impress


Unique NYC Date Ideas Meant To ImpressSince New York City is one of the busiest and most exciting cities in the world, just riding the subway together could count as an eventful first date. But that’s exactly the problem with the Big Apple: Finding a date spot is too easy. Sure, the Statue of Liberty will always take your breath away, and Central Park never disappoints, but can’t a gal enjoy a nice evening without being surrounded by thousands of sweaty, mouth-breathing tourists?

New York also just so happens to be one of the creative capitals of the world, drawing in artists and dreamers from all over. Don’t let those chain-smoking, skinny jeans-sporting, oversized lens-wearing hipster show you up. There’s a whole world outside of Times Square! Read on for a few of our favorite date night spots:

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Sarah enlightens us on a daily basis with the newest trends as (and often before) they transpire. She is the consummate globe trotter. Having traveled to over 70 countries, she earns her living writing, blogging and modeling while on the road. In her spare time she gets manicures, suntans on yachts in Greece, shops for even more shoes, and lives in the limelight. She loves photography, elephants, sailboats, bangles and ballet flats.


  1. Carrie Bleau

    The Sex museum catches my attention. I hope you indicate the exact location of the museum so we can know where to find this amazing place.

  2. Marina Josef

    At last! A place where we can have a fancy and romantic date. I’m getting bored dating around time square. It’s time to level up our dating style.

  3. Marina Bozek

    I’m going to buy tickets to the broadway now! Yay! I really want to watch a broadway musical with my love, but apparently, I’m single.

  4. Jesse Wyss

    I love the time square and central park, but let’s give chance to the tourist. I love your tips, I will go there if I have some spare time. I hope you include the address of these places.

  5. Thanks, Urbanette! We’re planning to have a date this weekend and I want to go somewhere more exciting. More power to you, guys!

  6. Alena Martin

    I hope I find someone who would bring me here! I love these places.

  7. Selli Coaze

    Is the sex museum that you are indicating in this article is the one that I read here? The one that is located in Miami?

  8. Hena Taylor

    I’m single, but I will surely visit these places if I have a date. That is a must! Especially the sex museum lol.

  9. Jessi Agusta

    I would love to try the dance class, but I think my partner is not into dancing.

  10. Bela Christo

    Lol, I guess my boyfriend will get pissed off if we go to dine in the dark. Hahaha!

  11. Cristina Joseff

    Haha! To spruce up our dinner together, we will definitely try this dine in the dark. I can’t imagine our situation when we eat. Hahaha

  12. Maria Bruce

    Instead of watching movies together, I love the idea of watching broadway musical. Classic dating.

  13. Ana Brose

    The Roosevelt Island reminds me of The Walking Dead feels.

  14. I didn’t know there’s a museum of sex in America! Lol. Can’t wait to go there with my gals.

  15. Wilma Moore

    My husband will surely enjoy the museum of sex. Lol. I will too.

  16. Evelyn Harris

    Wait, what?! Museum about sex and stuff? Lol! I like that. Hehehe

  17. Will definitely love to gaze at the Top of the Standard with my husband. Thanks, Urbanette for sharing these places!

  18. Ani Hoker

    Whoa! How elegant is the Top of the Standard? Pretty sure, it’s expensive to date in there.

  19. Katherine Donnelly

    It’s true, I want a date where we can both enjoy the night. NYC is the busiest place in the world, how can I enjoy a simple date in that?

  20. Britni Baynes

    I love broadway shows!!!!! I wanna go there!!! I didn’t know we have something like this in NYC.

  21. Lancy Stanford

    I love the ideas! Will definitely go to these places with my date.

  22. Christine Muchoe

    Definitely looking up those 2 shows and dinner in the dark! Great ideas! Thanks 🙂

  23. Gabrielle Williams

    I’m going to keep this article in my metaphorical back-pocket to impress my hubby – thanks! 😉

  24. Wow! These are all really great. Now, I just gotta find the right guy to take me!! In a city with a million different options, it’s really helpful to have a guide like this to help narrow the search. Standard dinner/drinks is so uninspiring, so it’s great to have some suggestions the next time I meet a cutie 😉

  25. I love NYC! I don’t even mind just sitting down in the middle of the city being surrounded by bright lights and buildings. But I think my favorite from all of the date suggestiongs will be to visit Roosevelt Island. It gives me a reason to cling onto my date’s hands and arms 😉

  26. I think the concept of the Museum of Sex is awesome, and some of the exhibits were very interesting and intriguing. One exhibit included various sex scandals that had been in the news, and full length posters of the conversations were hung up. Another exhibit on pornography and positions was mildly exciting and for sure interesting to look at with your significant other. The animal exhibit was pretty interesting. I never knew a duck penis looked like an intestine. LOL.

  27. Great tips! This’ll give me more things to do when I visit next month 🙂

  28. Sarah Evanston

    I’m definitely going to try a dance class. What a great date idea! NOw to find a guy who’d be okay with that… 😉

  29. Hannah Mayers

    I love the Queen of the Night thing. Totally agree about the baby pig though. 🙁 I’d love to see Book of Mormon. I just tried to book it (thanks for the idea), but it’s booked up for months! Dang!

  30. I just booked Queen of the Night on your recommendation. It better be good!! LOL

  31. WOW – Queen of the Night looks incredible!! I’m booking it right now. Going to go this week 🙂

  32. What fun ideas! I've definitely always wanted to see Book of Mormon.

  33. Interesting options. I definitely never heard of blind folded dinning and going to Roosevelt island as an option for a date. I personally enjoy musicals and would love to go see a show. If someone took me to a Broadway show, I'll probably love them forever lol

  34. Street Art is an awesome date idea, because there are lots of displays all over New York City and you can go at anytime. (perfect for a summer date stroll with my bf!)

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