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10 Incredible Sights For Your Travel Bucket List


10 Incredible Sights For Your Travel Bucket List

Glowworm Caves: Waitomo, New Zealand

Okay, so glowworms. In a cave. Can you even picture anything more magical than that?! Mother Nature was totally showing off when she decided to exclusively bless the already gorgeous country with the glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa. Imagine slowly drifting through the sparkling Glowworm Grotto, surrounded by a galaxy of biological luminescence… If you’re more of an adventurous type, black water rafting through this breathtaking cavern will most likely be the most memorable thing you ever do.

10 Incredible Sights For Your Travel Bucket List

Provence: France

One of the more popular European destinations, Provence is perfect for anyone seeking a fairy tale adventure. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, fields of purple lavender, and picturesque vineyards, are many grand chateaux and villages you can visit. Enjoy a glass of local Chinon while pretending that you’re French royalty.

10 Incredible Sights For Your Travel Bucket List

Benagil Sea Cave: Algarve, Portugal

You’ll feel like an explorer who’s just discovered the world’s most magical location when you make it to the picturesque Benagil Sea Cave. Sea caves are formed through the constant erosion caused by waves and the one close to Benagil Beach is absolutely glorious. The options of getting to this epic cave are few, either take a boat or brave the swim from the beach. Just be sure to go around midday when the sun illuminates the cavern and you’ll truly be able to revel in all of its glory.

10 Incredible Sights For Your Travel Bucket List

Galapagos Islands: Ecuador

The awe-inspiring beauty and friendly animals just may make you think differently about the world. This isolated group of twenty volcanic islands and its fragile ecosystem has taken on almost mythological status as a showcase of biodiversity. Yet you don’t have to be an evolutionary biologist or an ornithologist to appreciate one of the few places left on the planet where the human footprint is kept to a minimum. About 80% of the land birds you will see, 97% of the reptiles and land mammals, 20% of marine life, and more than 30% of the plants can only be found here and do not exist elsewhere on Earth.

10 Incredible Sights For Your Travel Bucket List

Bryce Canyon: Bryce, Utah, USA

There’s literally no place in the world quite like this national park. Hoodoos (tall, lanky pillars of rock) are the results of erosion and the spectacular highlights of this special place. Visit any time of year; during rain, snow, or a clear star-filled night — regardless of the elements the gorgeous geological hotspot will leave you breathless.

Whether you’re a first time traveler or you’re experienced, these top places should be on your bucket list so you can experience the joy and wonder of this beautiful planet. Which place are you visiting first?

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Kristy is a keen traveler who has traveled to many parts of the world. Currently, she works for Limousine Royalty, but is planning her next travel adventure to Europe. She enjoys her job and loves to see the new sights of the world. In her life time, she hopes to see every part of the world before she explores the afterlife.


  1. Robert Patel

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  9. Katherine Donnelly

    Is it wrong to admit that I have vegas on my bucket list??

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    • Ani Hoker

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  12. Hena Taylor

    i didn’t realize how many species live in the galapagos. crazy…

  13. Elisabeth Wallace

    I can only afford to visit places near my home for now. they’ll have to stay on my bucket list for a while 🙁

  14. Sherry Manust

    I want to visit all of these like right now!

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    Prince Edward Island is another good one

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    you should add cinque terre to your next list!

    • Marina Bozek

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    The photos of Provence are stunning. I can almost smell the lavendar from here 😉

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    WOW, I had no idea Utah could look like that!!

    • Selli Coaze

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    I want to go to the Pink Lake. Flights looks far and expensive though 🙁

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    I should go to the galapagos now before they sink from climate change

    • Lusi Martin

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    It looks chilly in Chile, lol

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      I think I’d go to Chile in the summer

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    Is Croatia safe?

    • Wilma Moore

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