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Want published writing samples? Well then, you must have a descriptive writing style and be hard-working, enthusiastic, a go-getter attitude and have a fresh outlook.

Articles will cover fashion, home décor, travel, sex/dating and other important issues for our readers. We’re looking for writers with a fun and personality-packed writing style to write, edit/improve articles and contribute to our popular magazine.

Please email us with your resume and appropriate (short and funny/creative) writing samples, and be prepared for us to contact you for additional on-the-spot samples.

Writing isn’t like a typical job, you need to build up your portfolio of published articles. You should be writing as much as you can possibly manage in your spare time. The more published articles you have under your belt (as long as they’re great), the more likely a big publication will hire you for a paying job. Many HR people at large publishers follow Urbanette writers.

Our writers need to spend 10 hours editing for every one published article. We all have to do our time editing and making the magazine better. When the magazine improves, it makes your writing samples worth more. Editing is also an essential exercise to improve your writing, and something very important to have on your resume. You’ll need to have a comedic and witty writing style to help us add spice to articles by inserting personality and edge. You can do minor edits to add personality, or major edits to articles to solidify their focus, etc.

Do a good job and you’ll get great published samples and a kick-ass reference letter.

Only apply if you fit these qualifications:

  • Have a creative writing style
  • Interested in women’s issues
  • Impeccable grammar and spelling
  • 100% reliable
  • Self-starting and hard-working
  • Independent, able to work remotely
  • Bonus: student or graduate in a related field (journalism, humanities, English)

Must haves: a descriptive and personality-filled writing style, attention to detail, hard-working, motivated, understand proper syntax, perfect grammar and punctuation skills. Please email us with your resume and an example of something you’ve edited (to make it less dry/more engaging), and be prepared for us to contact you for additional on-the-spot samples.

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Reader Discussion: 11 Comments

  1. Hi I am from the UK – Just celebrated my 5 year Freedom Anniversary after escaping domestc abuse – would love to write an article and/or publish my inspirational art and quotes – evie angel : )

  2. Hello!

    Is this open internationally? I’m from the UK but would love to write for you!

    Thank you

  3. I would love to help you and this Magazine grow and expand! I am a graphic Artist as well as a Photographer from NYC. I Love to work and travel. Any other work I am pretty flexible with my talents and what I can do. I hope to hear back from you all here at Urbanette!!

  4. Leah Collie


    I would like to apply for the social media/marketing intern position. I also have my own blog where I interview talented individuals as well, I would also like to apply for the interview position. Who should I e-mail? Thank you!

  5. Please Consider me an applicant for a graphic design/print design intern position. After reviewing your website, i would consider it a privilege to work with you and your team. I just recently became a senior in Graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. I take great pride in the design work i create and always strive to deliver effective, focused, and on-target designs that fits the clients needs and goals. I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my qualifications, goals and portfolio.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Dennis Garcia
    SVA Design Student

  6. I’m a freelance stylist I’m able to jump in anytime. Let me know how to apply

  7. Johnnie Chen Photography

    Hi. Do you need graphics design and photography?
    I can do photography and graphic design and magazine etc work. If you need someone please let me know. I can do part time only.

  8. Apply to Jennifer Roberts via email: jennifer

  9. David Rector

    I am the author of the hilarious comedy, wonderful love story and drama filled, Living in Atlanta. I would like to place an ad in Urbanette Magazine. How would I go about that process?

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