5 Signs He’s Lying To You


In a relationship, it’s quite normal for our partners to lie about certain things that they don’t want us to find out. Though they may sound convincing, since they may have hours, or even days, of practice; their bodies might say otherwise. Paying attention to the minute body language that points to an effort towards a lie is the perfect cue for us to get a clearer picture of what the truth is.

Don’t Break Eye Contact

5 Signs He’s Lying To YouOur eyes are perfect indicators of our emotions. Whether we are happy, sad or angry, our eyes would be first to show the emotion for everyone to see. When you think that your partner is lying to you, then this is the perfect time to maintain eye contact while he is talking. A guilty person will usually avert his eyes when you stare straight into theirs. This is a clear indication that your partner is not telling you everything.

He Looks Like He’s in a Sauna

If your partner was just caught lying then they he will likely start to break into sweat. Normally, a guilty person would turn red at the slightest provocation; beads of perspiration would show up on their forehead or neck. Also, try to observe the emotional responses, either through facial expression or the eyes. Usually, a lying partner’s expression wouldn’t match the expected emotion linked with the words that come out of his mouth.

5 Signs He’s Lying To You

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  1. Well… Some people just develop the “skill” and “art” of lying and that will make it very hard or almost impossible to catch lying men.

    I guess, we then need to develop the excellent skills in catching them LOL!

  2. Randie Cadiogan

    “Habitual” liars are hard to catch! If they are used to doing that, they become experts… They are able to “hide” the “obvious” signs. LOL

  3. Courtney Watson

    A frequent liar somehow develop “expertise” and if he’s already an expert, it would be a bit difficult to identify a lying man. An example I can give is eye contact, if he’s used in lying, he can still look directly into your eyes without you noticing that he’s not telling the truth! (And I’m citing this example based on personal experience) LOL 😉

  4. Hannah Mayers

    It’s easy to catch a “lying man” if he’s not used in doing that. But for “expert liars,” it’s a bit hard to know if they are saying the truth or not.

  5. Jen Garcia

    Lies… lies… lies… oh! these destroy relationships!

    Both men and women lie (admit it) LOL

    But, most of the time, men lie more than women (sorry to sound a bit biased) but I’m just stating this based on my experience.

    Anyway, whoever lies more doesn’t matter, what matters is we learn how to distinguish whether we are being told a lie or a truth and these signs are really helpful!

  6. Joanne Samonte

    “What you don’t know won’t hurt….” Sometimes we tend to keep secrets so as not to hurt… But keeping a secret is different from lying.

    I personally believe that keeping a secret is forgivable, but telling a lie is definitely inexcusable… 

    And yeah… these signs are definitely to watch out for

  7. To add on to number one, another sign of lying is absolutely unbroken eye contact. During conversation, it's normal for a person's eyes to flicker away a few times, so if his/her eyes don't waver at all, it could be suspicious as well.
    In the end, though, I think trust and open communication are the most important things!

  8. Sometimes we tend to keep secrets from our partners, or tell little whit lies but it’s not intentional to hurt the other person. I can automatically tell when my bf is lying,although he doesn’t really move around or lose eye contact with me.

  9. Keep your voice down..that’s the best piece of advice as my voice tends to get pretty hoarse if I catch someone lying straight to my face.

  10. Ansley Barrington

    Body language is so fun. It can make anyone totally predictable! Eye contact and him getting defensive/angry are definitely common ones to catch.

  11. Great article…

  12. Gabrielle Williams

    See if his stories check out. Ask friends. Let him tell you the story. See if there’s consistency! 🙂

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