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Why the Modern Medical System Sucks

The reason most doctors are incompetent and how to find real cures through great doctors.


I’ve had various health issues over the years – who hasn’t? From annoyingly-persistent rashes to migraines (check out my tips for migraines), I felt as though I couldn’t escape my various health issues. The many doctors and specialists I saw in NYC kept pushing ineffective and often dangerous prescriptions at me to merely mask my symptoms, but not to cure the underlying cause.

Why the Modern Medical System SucksDermatologists: Botox, Botox, and More Botox

I found that dermatologists nowadays –even the ones who say they practice medical dermatology (ie. they claim to treat a lot of rashes)– actually spend the vast majority of their time creating their own gimmicky skin care lines, and pumping fillers or Botox into people’s faces. Why? Because it’s far more profitable and there’s incredible demand. The problem is, all these cosmetic procedures simply leave no time for learning about actual medical issues like rashes or skin conditions.

Doctors perspective: Why bother finding the root cause of something when it’s so much effort and so unprofitable for me and my big-pharma pals??

Big Pharma Bribes & Laziness

In my experience, the vast majority of doctors simply have no idea how to look for the root cause of health issues. Instead of being curious and reading the latest (non-big-pharma-pushed) research and articles, the majority of doctors stop reading up on medical issues after med school and rely on big pharma reps to give them their info. The big pharma reps then reward them with African safaris and luxury golf trips when they sell enough of their pills. Whether the patient may, or may not, benefit –or be harmed– by taking them, has become more of an afterthought.

Why the Modern Medical System Sucks

And that’s why, after seeing about 30 doctors, dermatologists and specialists (including a neurologist and a dermatologist who teaches at Columbia U) over the course of a year, I ended up with a bunch of prescription products that did me no good (in fact, several creams thinned my skin and one painkiller almost killed me, but that’s another story).

Natural Medicine

So after all those specialists and modern western medicine, I still had a rash and migraines. Why? Because I had yet to discover the healing wonders of naturopathic medicine. What is naturopathic medicine? Basically, instead of putting a bandaid on the symptoms with a prescription (which is likely to cause even more problems), the holistic approach is to do tests and use natural supplements to figure out the actual root cause of the health issues. ie. WHY do I have a rash? What is causing it?… and then treat the cause, instead of the symptoms.

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Reader Discussion: 4 Comments

  1. I was lucky to have the most amazing doctor as a kid, who always looked for the causes and treated my siblings and I really well every time. As a result I always know what qualities to look for! I agree with Jen that it's all about finding what works best for you and your body.

  2. Sara E Liz

    I think a lot of people forget that when it comes down to the wire, the medical industry is a business. This makes me less trustworthy of western medicine. Patching up our problems with endless pills is NOT the way to go, so I totally agree that homeopathy is the way to go in many cases (not all though).

  3. Jen Spillane

    Interesting article. I have to play the devil's advocate here. While I'm sure that there are some doctors whose priorities are not where we'd like them to be, this is certainly not true of all doctors. It sounds like you had a terrible experience, and I can relate. I too have had persistent problems with eczema, migraines and non-eczema rashes. I went through a very frustrating year of failed attempts to diagnose and treat my conditions. However, I did eventually find a handful of fantastic doctors who not only did not push drugs on me, but refused to prescribe anything until we got to the bottom of the problem. It turns out the migraines are hereditary, but I can lessen the chance of them occurring by watching my "triggers": caffeine, alcohol and sugar (which, really, I should be doing anyway ; ). The eczema and rashes were both the result of a contact allergy. I had never considered this before because I only use all-natural, organic products. Turns out, even these have a slew of chemicals that can be harmful, and in my case, certainly are. Often homeopathic medicine is presented as an alternative when the conventional system has failed, but I think there's a lot to be said for homeopathic medicine in its own right. I think there is also a lot to be said for an integrated approach, as both are imperfect sciences. In any case, I'm glad you have found the solution that works for you!

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