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A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food


Calling all the history and adventure lovers! A trip to Jordan may be that one thing you need to do before you get too old for walking rocky, long distances. And honestly, even if you are not a history lover and just super interested in adventure and exploring, you’re going to love Jordan.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The lost city of Petra, in the country of Jordan

Situated between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Jordan is a beautiful country, overflowing with history and practically covered in a deluge of the Roman Empire, the origin of Islam and Christianity and, later, the Byzantine Empire.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Camel rides are common in the city of Petra

Here are some reasons you would want to consider visiting Jordan:

  • You love history to the moon and back.
  • You want to go on an adventure and hike and explore unduly terrain (and maybe get ahead on your New Year’s resolution to walk more every day).
  • You love architecture. Jordan is filled with ancient architecture influenced by Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Catholicism and Islam.
  • You want to rejuvenate your skin. The Dead Sea is not only a perfect place to swim for non-swimmers, but it also has many minerals that are wonderful for your skin. And need I mention the Dead Sea mud? That thing left my skin feeling like a soft silky pillow that I couldn’t stop touching.
  • You love Indiana Jones. If you go to Jordan you’ll practically feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie; and at some sites you may even feel like you are in the Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter.

But of course, there’s this huge question that needs to be addressed:

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Jordan is a varied country with lots to explore

Is Jordan Safe?

Yes it is! It is actually one of the safest countries in Asia, and definitely safer than a lot of countries around the world. Jordan has not been affected by the ISIS war, it’s still a thriving place for history and diverse culture. Jordan earns its main economy through tourism, so it takes tourist facilities and the safety of tourists very seriously. So (and I am saying this out of experience) you’ll be fine walking the streets at one in the morning, especially in tourist attracting places like Amman and Jerash.

So, does Jordan sound like your next possible travel destination? If yes, then here’s an itinerary that will make your trip unforgettable:

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Paakhi lives in the United Arab Emirates and is an avid reader of historical fiction. She is a passionate feminist and blogs about politics and feminist issues. She likes to listen to music and document her life in a series of journals she will probably never show to anyone.


  1. Dana Rosatti

    Thanks for the info.. I actually had no idea it was so easy to get to & there were so many facilities in the area. Yes this is definitely at the top of my bucket list and yes I will get there one day… your information will definitely come in handy when I do ?

  2. Nicky Bryan

    Was in Petra in November 2014. I saw very bad cases of animal abuse (donkeys being electrocuted with tazers, exhausted horses having to race up and down the site, very young children beating animals) Despite the beauty of the site I felt sicknened by the cruelty and the greed of the locals. Petra should be seen but any animal ride should be avoided.

  3. Your guide on Petra is of immense help. I am trying to put together a trip to Petra. I have few questions. Did you book a private vehicle from Amman and drove all the way to Petra or took local vehicle from the hotel to move between Petra, Wadi rum and Amman? The site guides should we take from travel agent or get one from the tourist center? Could you share which travel agent you used in Jordan? Thanks!

  4. Hi. Great post and great tips for Petra. I am thinking to visit Petra in the beginning of 2017 July. I know that is too hot, right? And do you think that one day is too much to visit Amman? I am thinking to do a 3 day trip. Arrive on thursday visit Amman and maybe in the same day travel to Petra. So i would have friday and saturday morning to visit Petra. Do you think that is enough?

  5. Sasha Rosswell

    Hi, I too enjoyed Petra so much, that I am going back next November. I noticed our entry ticket was a day and night ticket. Can you stay in there overnight or just visit at night?

  6. Nancy Musselman

    Very helpful. I don’t have any set plans yet, but do hope to visit Petra sometime, so this guide is perfect for me. Some very interesting info – Thanks for the brilliant article. Keep up the great work, and safe travels! 🙂

  7. Great advice Lucy! Will definitely bookmark this for when I finally get the chance to go there!

  8. Diana Hewitt

    I have not yet been to Petra but my brother has and raved about it. Your way of writing is very easy to read and imagine being there which is a talent and I look forward to you next post. All the best. 🙂

  9. Brenda Nelson

    These are good tips! I didn’t rent a car while I was in Jordan but will keep these in mind since I definitely want to return there with my daughter.

  10. Emma Blackwood

    Petra has been there for ever – a fantastic place to visit. I went there last year from Aqaba to Petra by a private car and a driver it is only 3 hours in a very nice scenic road trough the kings high way. Petra is a must see place.

  11. Jennifer McSween

    Thanks for a great article Paakhi. I’m just planning my visit now for May. Could you tell me how long it would take to visit the Monastery on day 2 from the Visitor’s Centre at the entrance? Day 1 will be visiting everything up to the museum. Could we ride donkeys as far as the museum on day 2 and then walk up to the Monastery or would you recommend another alternative? Any help you can provide would be so great!

    Thank you!

  12. I love this article. Really you described it very well. And the photos are so beautiful! Thanks for the post..!

  13. Jae Medina

    Thanks for the article. It was more informative and clear than info from the oficial Petra website! Really appreciate it.

  14. Local Petra Guide

    Great Article , if you want to Go to Petra from Amman you either hire a driver and a car , or go from Abdali station at 6:30 Am all year round, also there is a local bus from the south station it goes when it is full only from Morning till after noon ,

    Have a safe Trip

  15. Hi there! Your blog was so helpful because I’ll be spending 3 days in the Holy Land and I really wanted to make sure that I was prepared. Thank you again for writing this!

  16. Lana Urie

    I just wanted to tell you I had tears in my eyes as I scrolled down to look at your scenic photos. I am currently planning a trip with my sister to visit Jordan, and after seeing your photos, I absolutely cannot wait.
    I was stressing about what/what not to pack for my trip, but you have helped assuaged some of my fears. Thank you so very much. Have a blessed day.

  17. My family is leaving for Middle East in a week. We will visit Jordan, Egypt and UAE. I’d appreciate your packing tips – since I’ll be traveling with my two teenage daughters, (12 and 15), should I be aware of anything else? My girls are well traveled and respectful, so I’m not worried, but is any “teenage” behavior considered inappropriate, for example: wearing headphones and listening to music?

  18. Elin Hanks

    I am traveling to Jordan with my family…… I need help about the dress code, so I can carry my swimwear, jeans, scarf and some tops to go along my pants. For a week how many pants and blouses do I need to carry? Please help me in my packing!

  19. Monica Collins

    Thanks so much, this is great article for women travelling to the middle east for the first time. A novice myself, this is an invaluable guide that covers a difficult topic – brilliant!

  20. Fantastic post! I love Jordan. I was there 2 years ago. I packed so much clothes that I had 2 suitcases instead of one. I thought that it was appropriate to take everything and to decide when I am there. It was bad bad idea. I hope you didn`t do my mistake. Best regards!

  21. Shannon Bradley

    Thank you for such an informative post! SO helpful!! As ever, you save the day. Thank you!! 🙂

  22. Helena Stevens

    Such a useful post. I often find myself looking for outfit inspiration when packing, especially when you want to make sure you’re dressing appropriate. Jordan looks amazing! You’ve convinced me I need to go!

  23. Debbie Jones

    I’m embarrassed to say that I would never have even considered Jordan to be a desirable travel destination but these pictures look amazing! What a great trip. Love the pictures from Petra and the spice market. So cool!!! Definitely going to check out!

  24. Evelyn Sandler

    These are great tips not only for travelers, but just for those of us (like me) that could use an education! I didn’t really understand what was acceptable dress for women in Jordan at all. Interesting info and definitely helpful for anyone traveling to that country. Great post!

  25. I did a study abroad in the Middle East for a few months and we had a pretty strict dress code – the emphasis was covering the skin in order to respect the culture. I had such a blast over there. LOVED the spice shops and Petra was one of the most amazing experiences ever!

  26. Ingrid Winston

    This is great info to take in easily and quickly. I actually didn’t know that Jordan even got cool..learned something new!

  27. Felicia Stewart

    Great post. Went there recently and we loved Jordan- the culture, history and hospitality. We had no idea that Jordan had so much Biodiversity from pine forests with a Mediterranean climate in the north to snorkeling in the Red Sea in the south

  28. Jordan is pretty high on my list, I’d love to get there someday soon. Nice overview. Thanks! 🙂

  29. Petra is pretty… definitely want to check it out!

    • Teresa Tanner

      I hear ya! All this talk about Jordan makes me want to see it for myself. ?

  30. Carol Warren

    I’d go just for the olives. Seriously, every time I read something about Jordan it goes up a notch on my bucket list.

    • Susanna Milton

      Same here. I think Petra would be really fun to photograph.

  31. Christina Cavanaugh

    I am planning a visit to Jordan during the month of Sept 2016 form the 9th for 3-4 days. Is there any one travelling during the same period?

  32. Amelia Beckons

    This blog is so helpful and definitely gives me an insight into what my experience may be like. I am wanting to visit my friend in Jordan who is a student in Irbid in october. I am a little concerned with the conflict and political state in that part of the world but according to you there dosent seem to be much to worry about. Once again, this blog is so helpful and interesting to read!

  33. Julia MacLean

    We plan to visit Jordan next April. Would you please give me a name of the company you used for driver and car service? Thank you.

  34. Dorothy Harris

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for all of the information. I planned my trip already, but still had many questions. You’ve answered a lot of them. Thank you gain for the info. Love the pictures too!

  35. Gwen Keaton

    My friend and I are starting to book hotels and finalize an itinerary but we had a few more questions given we only have 4 days 5 nights in Jordan. Is this feasible or too ambitious? Your blog was very helpful and since you’ve traveled, any insight would be much appreciated!

    • Gwen Keaton

      Also, if you used a particular taxi service or driver, would you mind sharing that info?

  36. Danielle Wilson

    I am wondering if you have any thoughts as to whether a solo female traveler would be reasonably comfortable/safe in Jordan? I’ve wanted to go for some time now, even more so after reading your posts. ? I’d like to visit Petra and go trekking in Wadi Rum, but am fairly certain I’d get a lot of strange looks.

  37. We are planning a three day trip to Jordan and then to Greece. The situation in Jordan seems fluid. We are going through Istanbul and getting to Amman in the early morning. Should we hire a driver to take us to Petra or drive ourselves. Syria has heated up since January and we are wondering if it is still safe. Don’t know how often you check this website, but we would love to hear your recommendations.

    • I would recommend hiring a taxi service, because that is what I did and I found it very comfortable. The journey and walking can be a bit tiring sometimes so a little nap in the taxi while you’re travelling is really helpful

  38. Betty O'Leary

    Fantastic post and excellent quick useful information… cheers!

  39. Irene Morales

    Thanks for the really thorough overview. Jordan looks amazing – who doesn’t dream about visiting Petra after seeing Indiana Jones? ?

  40. Jordan sounds like an amazing place. I’ve always found the Middle East and it’s history intriguing, and now I only want to go more. Are you visiting any more Middle Eastern countries?

  41. Lauren Gilson

    Jordan has been on my bucket list for a while now and I’m really hoping this year might be the year when I finally get to visit it. This entry was so useful and interesting to read! Thanks for it!

  42. This is probably the most comprehensive and concise guide to traveling Jordan. Really a great resource. You have inspired me to keep up with my destination guides. I think Im going to check out Our Last Best chance and find out why Jordanians love the king so much.

  43. Winona Miller

    I am so happy to have found your article! My husband and I are currently traveling the US and seeing all 50 states before moving on to our travels abroad. I love finding posts like this one and imagining our abroad time! Jordan was definitely not on my list before, but it is now!

  44. Carolyn Robertson

    Wow, thanks for all of the great travel planning tips! Jordan is a place that I would love to visit…maybe if I can get my husband to read your post, I can convince him that it is safe! The food looks amazing, and I love the idea of spending the night in a bedouin camp and hiking for a couple days around Petra!

  45. Aimz Berkiová

    I will go to Israel and Jordan ( Aman and Petra) next december, and I would like to know about the possibility of swimming in Death Sea…?

  46. Kimberly Vigil

    Jordan, the name itself sounds enchanting, luxurious and magnificent. Well this was what me and my boyfriend experienced. Jordan-adventures provided a very comprehensive custom and private tour. My favorite was the Dead Sea which is our first stop At Petra every turn we took got us gasping and wowing. I can only recommend that you visit this wonderful country.

  47. Alice Harris

    Great article. Seems like you guys had some fun ?. I’ve been toying with the idea of visiting Jordan last summer. This definitely got me more exciting about the country. I wish 8 days is long enough to see the main sights.

  48. Jenny Garett

    Thanks, Paakhi. This looks awesome, especially Petra! Definitely something I would like to do. I’d love to hike and I feel that Jordan is a perfect destination. Thanks for sharing things about a country I didn’t know much about. I’ll have to add it to my list of places to visit!

  49. I know that Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water on Earth and nothing can live in it. But I wonder, is it true that it can make you float due to its HIGH salt content?!

  50. Thanks for sharing insights about a country I didn’t know much about, Paakhi! Do you know much about hiking in Jordan? I’m planning a travel challenge with friends and I’m actually considering walking around Fiji, but now I’m considering Jordan! It would be great to hear any suggestions you might have!

    • Jordan is definitely a great place to hike, especially Petra. But Petra does have a lot of rocky terrain and mountainous features, so be ready for a lot of workout. I would recommend going around the spring time as the weather is best then!

  51. I’ve been hearing about Jordan from a friend who was courageous enough to visit. Well, I find him courageous because I personally think of Middle East countries as unsafe travel destinations. Anyway, he was very ecstatic when he shared his “Skydive Jordan” experience. What can you say about this activity?

    • I haven’t been personally been skydiving in Jordan. But during my stay at Dead Sea, there were skydiving adventure activities available. It is definitely something I would want to check out the next time I visit Jordan.

  52. I love history! And yes, Jordan is part of my travel list! I think traveling to Jordan will detach me from reality. I mean I’m going to discover things that “ordinary” travel destinations can’t give…

  53. When I think about “Middle East” countries I feel like, “why would I dare spend money and visit those places?!”

    But reading that part where you mentioned “Jordan is safe” (and sharing your story) makes me want to reconsider.

  54. I’ve read somewhere that Jordan has world class street cafes, I mean fantastic cafes where I can drink and socialize. Is it true?

    I’d like to know because when I travel, I make sure to find a spot where I (with my family or friends) can hang out even just for an hour and simply enjoy my surroundings — observing people walk, mingle, etc.

    • There are definitely many street cafes in Amman, Jordan. The best one that I went to was the Hammas Street Café. Their falafels were amazing!

  55. You got me excited! Well, Jordan is an unexpected travel destination (at least in my opinion). This article answered questions like: Where is Jordan? What’s in there? What are the tourist destinations? What it’s like?

    Awesome photos! It felt like I personally visited 😉

  56. I’ve been thinking about adding Jordan and Turkey to my next year’s travel bucket list. Safety and dress codes are my concerns. But your article just confirmed that “yeah, Jordan SHOULD be included.” Gorgeous photos! I’m going to have my boyfriend read this (so he would be decided about traveling to Jordan).

  57. It’s fantastic to know that Jordan doesn’t have a dress code. I love your photos!

    I honestly didn’t expect beautiful hotels! I’m so amazed!

  58. I have read a LOT about Jordan, from historical books to personal accounts of travel. I personally think that exploring and visiting Jordan means traveling off the beaten path.

  59. Jordan is one of the places I’d like to explore in the future. However, I’m part of the majority who have safety issues.

    Reading this article and discovering Jordan through amazing photos, I’m motivated to planning my trip soon. Thanks!

  60. Thanks for writing about Jordan! I might consider traveling there 🙂 Tons of amazing activities to do. But yeah, my basic concern is “safety.” Will start researching more about tourists’ safety in Jordan.

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