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The Everyday Elegance of Kate Spade Handbags

The perfect bag to bring traveling, to that garden party or to the beach.


When it comes to designing lively, funky and truly modern handbags and accessories, Kate Spade knows what she’s doing. Not for the timid, these handbags definitely stand out – but not in an “I’m wearing a designer handbag” way.

The Everyday Elegance of Kate Spade Handbags

The ‘Kate Spade New York‘ logo is a small, subtle impression on the front of the items and is not particularly noticeable, which in our opinion is a refreshing change from the usual audacious and cumbersome gold logos à la Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci. In fact, everything about Kate Spade’s designs is refreshing, from the bright colors to the unusual shapes and materials (Kate single-handedly brought the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ wicker basket/handbag into the New York style scene and made it desirable and funky).

The Everyday Elegance of Kate Spade Handbags

If you’re looking for a bag that gives the impression that it costs a fortune, this may not be it. Although the four Kate Spade bags we reviewed cost from $235. to $435. US–and they do look high quality–not many people recognized the bags as being ‘designer’ or ‘Kate Spade’. In fact, someone even said of her small $40 black purse “I got my bag yesterday and look – we match! We’ve got nearly identical bags!” (Actually, not quite, dear.)

A Kate Spade handbag is the perfect bag to bring traveling, to that garden party or to the beach. They’re not nighttime or black tie bags (unless you’re in the Hamptons) — they’re something much more practical, durable and fun.

Kate’s simple yet elegant and non-pretentious designs may have been influenced by the fact that when she arrived in New York she had $2 in her pocket. That didn’t stop her from becoming the Fashion Editor at Mademoiselle and eventually starting her own handbag company with her husband, Andy Spade. Kate (Katherine Noel Brosnahan) used her first name and her husband’s last name to create a new, groundbreaking, line of handbags that made simple and understated chic.The Everyday Elegance of Kate Spade Handbags

Kate Spade has a celebrity following that rivals Chanel’s and shows no sign of slowing down; no doubt due to do with the fact that her bags have some serious personality going for them.

Every time we brought a bag somewhere people commented on how unique or ‘nice’ the bags were. Guys who normally never notice a new hairstyle let alone a woman’s handbag were commenting on the funky design of the 60’s-retro inspired ‘Chantelle’ Kate Spade handbag. Even a stewardess on the way to London, who asked if I could put my bag under the seat for takeoff, added ‘That’s a really nice bag’.

The Everyday Elegance of Kate Spade Handbags

All of the bags are meticulously crafted in Italy and many are lined with a supple, soft suede. They wear well (especially the ‘crinkled leather’ styles) and, since Kate Spade handbags are both modern and classic–but not trendy–they will never go out of style. 

As for Kate’s other accessories, which include notepads, sunglasses, shoes and wallets, all are equally as bright and funky. Not to be overlooked, Kate Spade already has New York in the palm of her hand… next acquisition: the world.The Everyday Elegance of Kate Spade Handbags

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Reader Discussion: 7 Comments

  1. Simple, elegant and classy. I love that all my KS bags are bright colored and unique. They fit my personality and style perfectly. Thank you for this beautiful post, Hilary!

  2. Kate Spade is a chic alternative to glitzy designer handbags. I love the versatility of her collection, you can wear a cross-body bag for a night out or use it for the office. Kate Spade Saturday is also a nice collection as well with accessories and clothing 🙂

  3. These bags are so pretty and fun! I'm not normally into shopping for fancy bags, but her designs might have to be the exception; they're gorgeous. I love that they're practical and don't scream "expensive designer label."

  4. Joanne Samonte

    I have heard a lot about Kate Spade handbags, and by the looks of things, these are definitely going to be on my future wishlist!

  5. Jen Spillane

    Kate Spade has a great sense of fun. Although the products are always chic and elegant, there's still a hint of playfulness about them that I love. It's a very unique combination.

  6. Francis Woods

    I love Kate Spade's simple and elegant style. Her bags work for so many different age groups. I like that they're good, designer quality and also not too flashy.

  7. Wow – I had no idea that Kate SPade bags were this stylish. I just remember one my friend had that I didn't like. I'm definitely going to check out their line now – and for sure track down the blue bag from this article. #DesperatelyNeed!

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